The repression against student solidarity actions with Palestine continues to intensify. After two students from the Political Science Institute were arrested on Tuesday morning (Sciences Po) of Paris during an action in front of its faculty, the Police acted again during the night with a brutal eviction and mass arrests at the Sorbonne.

After vacating the amphitheater of the mythical Sorbonne, occupied by students in solidarity with Palestine and against an imminent attack by Israel on the Gazan city of Rafah, at least 88 people were arrested. “The occupation had brought together around a hundred people, the vast majority of whom were arrested. They were seen boarding police vans around the Sorbonne, and this lasted for several hours. It is possible that more than 70 of them were detained. them,” declared one of the students involved who witnessed the events Revolution Permanente.

Thus, while the massacre in Gaza accelerates with the preparation of the land invasion of Rafah, the French government decided to brutally and massively repress students in solidarity with Palestine.

Faced with this large-scale offensive, which constitutes a repressive leap, French students are preparing to show massive solidarity starting tomorrow. Seeking to prevent unified concentrations from being held to demand immediate freedom, the Police, together with the Government, decided to distribute the detained students in several different police stations in the capital.

Faced with this jump in repression against students and activists, different organizations, among which are the Palestinian committees of Ile-de-France, Révolution Permanente (part of the International Network La Izquierda Diario), La Francia Insumisa, Les Écologists, UNEF, Solidaires Étudiant-es and the FSE are calling to mobilize this Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. (in France) in the Town Hall Square to ask for the release.

While camps in universities and actions in solidarity of students with the Palestinian people multiply throughout the world, governments are determined to maintain their support for the Zionist stadium in Israel.

As so many times in history, students lead the way.


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