The Amsterdam AEX started the second trading day of the week strongly with an increase of 0.66 percent. This means that the largest stock market index in the Netherlands follows the American S&P 500 and Nasdaq, which achieved increases of 1 and 2 percent yesterday.

Bitcoin is currently stealing the show again with a price increase of 1.77 percent over the past 24 hours.

AEX price in the plus

With today’s rise, the Amsterdam AEX comes very close to its all-time high. This was reached on April 12 and currently stands at 897.12 points. If the positive momentum continues in this way, it could set a new price record this week.

Today, the figures from the commodities house AMG can still cause volatility in the AEX price. The expectations for the raw material producer’s figures are not good. ING analysts expect a 60% drop in the company’s EBITDA.

These expectations are usually already incorporated in the price of a share, so they do not necessarily have to lead to a huge decline.

Volatility can only occur if the actual figures are below or above expectations. In that respect, this is one to keep an eye on if you invest in the Amsterdam AEX.

Disney presents quarterly figures

Before the stock markets open in America, it is the turn of the big Disney to report its quarterly figures. In October, Disney’s shares started a special recovery, which lifted the price level by 50 percent.

Analysts expect Disney to show a small revenue increase compared to the same quarter a year ago. Most attention will be paid to developments regarding Disney+, the company’s streaming service that competes with the major Netflix.

Disney had to lose subscribers in the previous quarter, which may be the result of high inflation in the United States. Consumers have to make choices and unsubscribing from a streaming service is of course an easy way to save money.

In any case, we are looking forward to another interesting trading day, because the positive momentum of the past few days seems to be continuing.


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