President Bashar Al-Assad ratified this Sunday (5) the firm support of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, which has governed his country since 1963, for the struggle and resistance of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupier.

This position of Al-Assad was expressed in his speech given after his re-election as general secretary of the Party during a meeting of the Central Committee of this political institution at the Damascus Convention Palace.

“As long as the situation does not change and rights are not returned to the Palestinians and Syrians, our position will not change one bit,” said the official.

He added that Syria will not hesitate to offer everything in its power to the Palestinians and their resistance against Israel.

Regarding the current Israeli war against Gaza, Al-Assad believes that it has once again placed the Palestinian issue at the international forefront, as never seen before since this issue arose in 1948.

“The justice of this case has become obvious on a global level and Israel’s criminal truth has been revealed, to the point that support for the Israeli regime has declined on a global level, even in Western countries,” he said.

Assad added that Gaza revealed the truth of many regimes and distinguished the honest from the hypocrites in the world, and also exposed the West and its supposed values, civilization, humanity and civility, and also its demands for freedom and democracy.

“Proof of this is the repression of student demonstrations in American and European universities, despite these protests being organized under the rule of law and in accordance with the Constitution”, highlighted Al-Assad.

The Syrian president criticized the double standards of those who pushed for the approval of laws and sanctions against Syria in the US Congress, without doing anything to issue legislation that would hold Israel accountable for its genocide.

According to the president, world events have shown that those who do not have their own and sovereign decision have no hope in the future, and those who do not have strength have no value in this world, and those who do not resist in defense of their country do not deserve their homeland.

“Submission gives a false sense of security, perhaps of strength, and sometimes of existence, but only for a time, until the role of lackey is over and the required mission is completed, and then the submissive people and governments are dismissed ”, concluded the Syrian president.

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