With the Argentine economy in a rarely seen depression that is causing a leap into poverty, a few days before a new national para and in the midst of uncertainty due to the debate on the Bases law in the Senate, this Monday Javier Milei decided participate in the Milken Institute Forum, a global investor conference in which CEOs from major North American companies participate. Thousands of kilometers from the country, as part of his speech titled “Ode to Capitalism,” the president stated: “I am convinced, without the slightest doubt, that Argentina has all the conditions to be the new Mecca of the West,” leading to new extremes the policy of selling epic to try to cover up the lack of results.

In just five months of government, La Libertad Avanza cut the salaries of millions of retirees, caused salaries to fall and led the economy as a whole to sink to such a point that the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) expects the Argentina is the country with the greatest decline in its GDP in the world this year. However, Milei in Los Angeles (host city of the Milken Forum) addressed a plea to his audience by expressing: “Help me, you who are human progress incarnate, to make Argentina the new Rome of the 21st century.”

That is the objective behind the praise and fireworks, to get big businessmen to bring dollars to the country. The president even attempted a justification of investment opportunities based on the “convergence theory” according to which “developing” countries would grow faster than “developed” ones and would therefore tend to catch up with them, redistributing global production. An unverifiable vision if we take into account that the United States, with 4% of the world’s population, concentrates 25% of global GDP, after centuries of capitalism.

Before pleading for new investments for the country, the libertarian had once again defended the genocide carried out by the State of Israel in the Gaza Strip and attacked the brave American youth who have been taking over the campuses of dozens of universities to show solidarity with the Palestinian people: “As a civilization (…) we are choosing to distrust our own ability, deny our own virtue, our own identity and commit what is, clearly, collective suicide. Today, already too late in some places, we see with horror the fruits that these ideas are beginning to bear. For example, this week right here in the United States, with the tens of thousands of young people across university campuses, calling out Islamic terrorism and promoting anti-Semitism. That is, literally, the future elite of the West at odds with its own culture.”

The mention of Milei reflects the important political crisis unleashed in that country due to the determination of a youth that rejects the strategic alliance of the United States and Israel, does not allow itself to be fooled by the operation that tries to equate anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism and rejects the terrible massacre. .

Javier Milei prior to his speech at the Milken Institute Forum

Exuding liberal hatred, Milei also attacked Karl Marx, the day after the 206th anniversary of his birth: “Marx said, in that detestable pamphlet that he wrote with Engels, that capitalism carried within itself the germ of its own destruction. Let’s hope that, as with the rest of the things he wrote, he was wrong.” The anger (and fear) that he continues to generate in right-wingers like the President shows that his ideas are more alive than ever, in the face of a system that It only has to offer hunger, wars and genocides.

Upon leaving the Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, the Argentine president went to meet with Elon Musk, whom he had defined as his “friend” to “celebrate his effort to set foot on Mars.” For capitalists, in their expansionist desire, the importance is placed on reaching another planet, perhaps there they can be cleared of bad omens. But while Trump, Bolsonaro or Milei attack communism, and see its ghost everywhere, youth and workers advance in organizing to change the system from its roots.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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