On Monday night, the UTA announced that it is joining the CGT strike. In the statement it assures that “as a consequence of the measures of the National Government taken directly against the working people, and openly aimed at violating basic individual rights, the Unión Tranviarios Automotor joins the claim of the entire society, and adheres to the measure established by the CGT for next May 9”.

The data is important, since Roberto Fernández’s leadership sometimes does not participate in general strikes or does so partially. This affects the participation in the strike of thousands of workers who are forced by companies to go to their jobs, especially if they are informal.

The union is not part of the CATT, where most of the CGT transport unions are located, but it also has a strong internal relationship between the official sector and the opposition of Miguel Bustunduy, who opened up to found another union.

Furthermore, the UTA is in the middle of a conflict over its joint ventures, which were not recognized by the national government, which led to a strong strike two weeks ago. However, there was no solution. The companies want more subsidies and tariffs, the government remains in its position and the union leadership is willing for the salary increase to come at the expense of an increase in the ticket or public money.

In this framework, self-convened mobilizations of opposition sectors have been taking place, such as those seen these weeks in front of the union and in Puente Saavedra. This discomfort, together with the government’s tough stance prior to the hearing that will be held on Friday, May 10, has led the leadership to confirm the strike. But Fernández’s words cannot be trusted. Experience warns. Furthermore, it is necessary that all lines stop, beyond the internal ones of the lists of bureaucratic sectors. It is important that all the lines stop, calling assemblies so that the workers can discuss how to achieve their increase but also how to be part of the common struggle of the working people.

The CGT has a responsibility to ensure that the strike is total.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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