The far-right government of Israel had been threatening for months to attack the town of Rafah, in the extreme south of Gaza and where more than a million Palestinians from other areas of the Strip have taken refuge. This Monday, the Army announced the forced evacuation of the residents of eastern Rafah and has intensified its bombings against that area, forcing the Palestinians to flee again with their few belongings and the Islamist group Hamas to accept a ceasefire proposal. fire that the international mediators – Egypt, Qatar and the United States – put on the table last weekend.

On Monday night, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that they are attacking “Hamas terrorist targets” in eastern Rafah, the same area from which they have urged Palestinians to leave early on Monday. . The military has asked to evacuate the neighborhoods of Al Shuka, Al Salam, Al Janina, Taba Zaraa and Al Yarmouk, and go to the so-called “humanitarian zone” of Al Mawasi, located northwest of the urban center of Rafah, warning civilians with pamphlets dropped from the air, text messages on their cell phones and radio announcements, all in Arabic.


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