The PTS-FITU deputy intervened in the Budget and Finance commission of the lower house. There she denounced the attempt to disguise the norm that had half a sanction a week ago. She warned that “if there are changes in the Senate, later the Chamber of Deputies can insist on the original version again.” And she called for massive mobilization on the day it is discussed in the Senate so that the law is completely rejected.

  • “The Monetary Fund has been asking for a long time that the percentage that retirements represent of the GDP falls. He has been expressly requesting that the moratorium be ended. Furthermore, in the first quarter of the year, six times more debt interest was paid than what was dedicated to university education. It is a very important piece of information, within the framework of university claims. More was also paid in debt interest than in pensions. The money needed in our country, for example for university education or for the payment of pensions, must come, among other things, from non-payment to the Fund.”
  • Senate / Base Law


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