Shortly before 9 p.m., not a fly was flying on the Mondelez Pacheco lines. Not a machine was moving. The strike had been prepared with talks in the dining rooms and sectors. The image of the Oreos braked on the machine was a symbol of those who move the country. Thus begins a new general strike on May 9. A strike that the CGT and the CTA delayed as long as they could but ended up being imposed due to the anger generated by all of Milei’s attacks.

It wasn’t just Mondelez. Before 10 p.m., machines began to stop in many companies. We receive reports from the Coca-Cola plant in Pompeya, from the Tire factories, from steel plants such as SIAT and others from the Techint group, from the headlands of many bus terminals. In Fate the company sent all the buses and they arrived empty. Just two rams that can’t carry a deck.

The shift change was the signal to start the strike. And it started strongly. Before the big media and the government began to operate with the verse that the pressures and blackmail, of the lack of transportation, tens of thousands of workers spoke out.

Mondelez Pacheco.  Shortly before 10 p.m. the factory was already paralyzed.
Mondelez Pacheco. Shortly before 10 p.m. the factory was already paralyzed.

We must carry out a forceful strike and prepare for the defeat of the Bases Law and all the adjustment

The strike will formally begin at midnight this Thursday. The last union to confirm its membership was the UTA, although companies such as the DOTA group are pushing to make the service work. The data is important because the strike on January 24, in addition to being partial, did not help millions of precarious, informal workers or workers with “ram” unions to adhere to the measure.

The leaders of the CGT and the CTA assured that the measure will be “total.” However, in some places sectors of activists are going to participate in actions so that the strike is effective.

The left has been putting forward three central ideas. First, that the general strike on May 9 has to be total and forceful. It will be a clear message for a government that insists on moving forward with its “chainsaw” and “blender” plans against working people. We are going to put all our strength into that.

Second, which has to raise all the demands of the working people. An emergency increase for salaries, pensions and social plans, the end of layoffs, the approval of all joint ventures and the fight for a salary that covers the family basket, the rejection of all adjustment measures and the Milei laws, non-payment of the debt, among other demands.

Third, and very importantly, it must give us strength to advance in a key battle: the defeat of the Bases Law and the annulment of the DNU. That is why we demand from the CGT, the CTA and all the unions an active strike with mobilization when the Bases and Fiscal Law is discussed in the Senate.

In that case we raise an alert: the Peronist blocs and the UCR set the axis or try to create the illusion that the Senate “corrects” some aspects of the bill that comes from the Deputies. If this happens, the Law has to “return” for its treatment of the rules to the chamber of origin. As the national deputy of the PTS-Left Front, Christian Castillo, denounced, it is a deception: “the articles of the Omnibus Law and the fiscal package that are rejected by less than 2/3 can be replaced in Deputies by a majority of those present. If the entire law is not rejected, it is a mimicry of opposition.” That is why we are going for his total defeat in the Senate and in the streets.

Picket at Fate, the San Fernando tire factory
Picket at Fate, the San Fernando tire factory

No pact, no trap

This May 9 will be a key day. He will be able to bring into play the strength of the working class to paralyze the country. We are the ones who make freight and passenger transportation, energy, schools and hospitals, fields work, who produce all the wealth and have the capacity to paralyze the country and change history.

The left, together with combative unionism, social organizations and neighborhood assemblies, come to the front of the resistance. But also demanding that the union centers convene a plan of struggle. It is the only possible way. The only language that the “libertarian” right understands that comes for all our rights and achievements. But also those who want to use us to pressure and negotiate their interests.

That is why from the left, while we are on the front line of each struggle and each strike, we denounce the passivity of the union leaders who have been letting the attacks and the Law pass in Deputies. Also the deputies of Unión por la Patria limited themselves to voting against, without appealing to mobilization. Its political objective is to administer the country at the service of the IMF and big businessmen but with a little more state regulation, as we saw in the previous government. They do not want to defeat the entire Milei plan with the action of working people.

Let’s take the strike as a day of struggle but also to propose to millions a way for the working class to stand up and the businessmen and their governments to pay for the crisis.


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