The Amsterdam AEX reached a new all-time high yesterday, then fell sharply and is now cautiously recovering. For today there is an increase of just over 0.20 percent on the signs in Amsterdam. In that respect, the bulls are still in control.

5-minute chart AEX. Source: Tradingview

Important moment for the fair

We are in an important phase for the Amsterdam AEX. After reaching the all-time high, it is crucial for the stock market that we maintain positive sentiment worldwide.

Rapid interest rate cuts, or at least the prospect of such cuts, seem important for this. Last week, interest rate expectations in America fell considerably, after the US central bank indicated that despite inflation, it still expects some interest rate cuts this year.

In addition, the American labor market weakened last Friday, causing interest rates to fall further and prices to continue to rise. We are now seeing interest rates rise cautiously again, putting some pressure on the financial markets.

US interest rates at the end of 2024 (orange) versus bitcoin. Source: Tradingview

The Bitcoin price in particular is currently suffering from this and the American stock markets also seem to be suffering from this. In that respect, next week could be crucial for the markets.

Crucial week coming up for the market

Next week promises to be a volatile one for the AEX price and the rest of the financial markets. Then there will be American inflation data on the program again.

It would be fantastic for the market if it comes in lower than expected, because then there is a chance that prices will jump. After all, lower than expected inflation means that we can start lowering interest rates more quickly, which is positive for risk assets such as Bitcoin and the AEX.

There is little exciting on the program this week, except for some important data from the American labor market. If it were to arrive weaker than expected, it could also provide a boost to the prices of financial assets.

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