Man trims his hedge with a chainsaw on a rope

Some people just don't like doing things the easy (and safe) way. Like this guy who trims his hedge by swinging a chainsaw on a rope around his head.

This is Steve McGranahan - who calls himself 'The World's Strongest Redneck - and spends his free time doing dangerous things like this.

Last year he filmed himself trimming his hedges with a lawnmower on a stick, so this year he wanted to go one better and came up with the chainsaw plus rope idea.

In the three minute video Steve (a future Darwin Award winner if ever we saw one) can be seen launching the chainsaw and then swirling it around his head so that it trims his hedge.
Speaking on YouTube, Steve said: "People say I live dangerous all the time doing crazy stuff. That's because I live on the hedge."

Steve McGranahan    
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