Recession has made us befriend our neighbours‎

275x250.jpgThe recession in Britain has sparked a level of comradeship amongst neighbours not seen since WWII, is has been claimed.

A recent study found that millions of homeowners are currently enjoying a better relationship with those who live nearby than in previous years.

It's claimed this is due to the common hardship suffered by the entire nation and the conversations neighbours have shared about their situations.

40% of those polled said they now regularly chat to their neighbours over the garden fence about how the recession has affected them.

And one-in-ten said they've made new friends as a result of recession bonding… until they need something more than a cup of sugar.
A spokesperson for Taylor Wimpey, which commissioned the study, said: "Britons have a reputation for pulling together when times are hard.

"Shared concerns about the economy and how it is affecting our day to day lives have led to an increase in those 'over-the-garden-fence' conversations and encouraged neighbours to look out for each other more.

"Fewer of us today live in the area where we were born and brought up, so
family members can often be miles rather than streets away.

"That makes forging strong communities in the areas where we live all the
more important."

Taylor Wimpey   
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