GoCompare again named most irritating TV advert

275x250.jpgAdverts staring the twirly moustached GoCompare opera singer have for the second year running seen being named as the most irritating.

A survey of 1,000 British TV viewers found that 59 percent of us find tubby 'Gio Compario' annoying whenever he pops up between shows.

That's even more than the 48% who find the annoyingly catchy jingle from Webuyanycar.com irritating, and the 42% irked by the Injurylawyers4U.co.uk ads featuring ex-Bill star Billy Murray.

Other adverts making it into the Top 10 most hated ads of 2010 from Marketing Magazine, included Cheryl Cole for L'Oreal Elvive and the faux radio station advertisements from Halifax.

Keep reading to see the full horror of the top 10… and don't blame us if you start humming the annoying jingles after watching them all.
Top 10 most irritating ads of 2010

1. Gocompare.com

2. Webuyanycar.com

3. Injurylawyers4U.co.uk

4. Cashmygold.co.uk

5. Halifax

6. Foxy Bingo

7. Nintendo

8. Moonpig.com

9. Moneysupermarket.com

10= Microsoft Windows 7

10= L'Oreal Elvive

Marketing Magazine
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