Top 10 most pointless iPhone apps revealed

A talking cat, flying cow and a pretend pint of beer have been named and shamed as the 'Most pointless iPhone applications ever invented'.
Also making the top ten was the Cat Piano, a lighter app and Hold On!, which requires users to press a button down for as long as they can.
A crude app called Rate a Fart, where the smart phone gives the owner's flatulence a score out of ten, was also named.
However, while these apps are considered totally pointless, the average iPhone user admits spending 10 minutes a day on them - or 2.5 days a year.

People said the most common place to browse apps is in waiting rooms -- which is obviously a lie, but would you want to tell researcher what you do in the loo.
The 'Talking Tom' app emerged as the overall winner of the most pointless apps. It shows a cartoon cat purring, drinking milk and repeating whatever its owner says.
iBeer, which allows users to simulate drinking a glass of beer, complete with sounds effects, was voted second most pointless.
In third place was Fat Booth, which allows people to convert perfectly normal pictures of themselves in to a more overweight image.
Coming in fourth was Cat Piano - which as it sounds, is a cat playing the piano.
Completing the top five was the Zippo Lighter application which allows you to customise your lighter and with a flipping motion open the lid and ignite the flame.

1.            Talking Tom    (Cartoon cat repeating what you say and pulling faces)
2.            iBeer                          (Simulates drinking beer)
3.            Fat Booth                   (Morph pictures of yourself in to a much larger body)
4.            Cat Piano                   (Cat playing the piano)
5.            Zippo Lighter               (Virtual lighter)
6.            Cow Toss                   (You drag a cow and toss it)
7.            Colour Tilt                   (You tilt your phone and the colours change)
8.            Hold On!                     (You press and hold a button for as long as you can)
9.            Woohoo                     (Press a button and it yells woohoo)
10.          Rate a fart                   (Will rate the sound of your fart)
The world's most pointless apps emerged in a study of 4,000 iPhone users by Subway, a spokesperson said: "In a short space of time, phone apps have become a huge part of many people's everyday lives.
"It's great to see that on the whole they are useful and make our lives easier, but amazing to see the amount of time people are spending on completely pointless apps.
"Some of these apps are great fun and if it helps people relax during downtime, then we're all for it."

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