Vintage style adverts for Facebook and Twitter

275x250.jpg Designers have created a set of amazing faux vintage adverts for websites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Skype.

Intended to capture the essence and enthusiasm of the golden age American advertising the ads are actually promote a series of 'Everything Aged Fast' media seminars.

Created by a Brazilian agency they take the modern sites and consider how they would have been advertised if they'd existed in the 1950s.

Slightly weird is the fact that while many people in the 50s had high-tech visions of the future, nothing like the internet, let alone Facebook was considered, though they did say we'd have jet-packs by now… WHERE ARE OUR JET-PACKS?
Makers say the adverts were created with the thought that what's new today, is old tomorrow and how the tools in communication are quickly outdated.

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