New York man builds his own nuclear reactor

275x250.jpg A web designer from New York has revealed a home-made nuclear reactor which he's constructed himself in a Brooklyn warehouse.

Mark Suppes is said to be the 38th independent physicist in the world to achieve nuclear fusion from a self-built reactor.

The 32-year-old amateur physicist says the device cost him £25,000 and he built it because he sees it as a possible future energy technology.

Suppes and other "fusioneers" are hoping to work out how to create more power from fusion then the process currently consumes. But the odd news of their neighbours activities will no doubt concern local residents... then again, this is Brooklyn.
275x250.jpg Fusion reactors are legal in the US and are said to pose no radioactive threat - unlike nuclear fission reactions - because they don't use uranium or plutonium.

Prometheus Fusion   

Images by Mark Suppes / Prometheus Fusion - released under Creative Commons  
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