Fish and chips flavoured ice cream released

275x250.jpg A bizarre ice cream flavoured to taste like fish and chips has been released to get Brits eating something other than vanilla.

A recent survey found that nine out of ten Brits opt for the traditional taste rather than more adventurous flavours. As a result ice cream makers created this…

The cod-flavoured ice cream - which is being launched nationwide - is coated in a vanilla and pepper batter and comes served with potato ice cream chips.

But it's not the sole odd flavour on offer at plaices -- others include Barratt Refreshers, Vimto and Golden Syrup Sponge.
Jenny Bostock, of Fredericks Dairies which came up with the ice cream said: "The unique Fish & Chip flavour may sound like a surprising combination, but it tastes delicious and will certainly raise a smile with our customers.”

Fredericks Dairies        
National Ice Cream Week   

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