Evil Clown service to scare at birthday parties

275x250.jpg A bizarre service has launched in Switzerland where people can hire an 'Evil Clown' to stalk (and presumably terrify) their friends and family.

Dominic Deville says his Evil Clown service has been extremely popular as a birthday 'treat' since he launched it late last year.

For £400 (an ominous 666 Swiss francs) one of his terrifying-looking clowns will follow their victim for a week playing tricks on them.

Pranks include late night phone calls, leaving 'odd items' in your letterbox and generally lurking around where-ever you go… Personally I would head for the nearest circus.
275x250.jpg Then, on the victim's birthday, the clown will throw a cake into their face and end their week of terror.

Speaking of how he came up with the idea Deville said: "Last year I was looking for a spooky birthday present for a friend and couldn't find anything, so I came up with this.

"I've always been a huge fan of stephen Kings "it" with Pennywise the clown and "The Game" with Michael Douglas -- so the idea just evolved from there.

"My pal was scared to death, but he loved every minute of it. So I decided to make it into a business."

Deville added that as the service can get a bit scary, it is only open to those over 18-years-old.

Evil Clown @ clockworx.ch   

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