Text: Carlos Ventura

In a business context marked by constant changes and challenges, Banco Sabadell, through the Company of the Year Awards, reaffirms its commitment to the productive fabric and to all the initiatives that try to value the relevance of the contribution of this group for the prosperity of the national economy.

Companies in all sectors seek to promote innovation and their digital transformation, knowing that these two elements have become pillars of efficiency and growth. At Banco Sabadell we recognize and understand the importance of this commitment and, therefore, we put all our know how at the service of the business fabric of our country.

Sustainability is also consolidated as a cornerstone of business development. At the entity we are aware of the fundamental role that the business fabric plays in building a greener future, so the promotion of responsible practices or the implementation of positive social and environmental impact initiatives are key to our vision. The objective is to accompany and go hand in hand in the development of strategies that allow the model to be adapted to European recommendations and regulations.

Faced with any challenge, we search and find the best alternatives. To do this, we have specialists who serve the business segment capable of offering advice with great added value, whatever the size or sector of activity. It is well known that historically we are the businessmen’s bank, so we know its particularities very well and we speak the same language.

Specialization is precisely the core of our strategy. The high degree of knowledge and the great capillarity of our network are elements of differentiation that have allowed us to achieve over the years a strong reputation as an entity focused on the needs of the business sector. All this together with clear values, which involve focusing on closeness, trust, transparency and commitment.

In fact, it is worth noting the way in which our clients talk about Banco Sabadell, how they have been supported over time and the quality of the service they receive. Our network’s ability to establish fruitful and lasting relationships with companies is one of our strengths.

In short, we recognize the important contribution of businessmen, since they are a fundamental pillar for the growth of the country. Your effort and commitment are essential and we understand that having the support of a committed financial partner becomes an invaluable asset for anyone who aspires to achieve the path to corporate excellence.

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