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Uninvited guests are not normally welcome at weddings, but John and Frances Canning decided to make an exception when one turned up on their big day… because it was the Queen.

The royal wedding-chasher -- who had been attending a Diamond Jubilee event with the Lord Mayor at Manchester Town Hall -- decided to pop in and see the wedding which was taking place in the same venue.

When John and Frances had booked the venue, they didn't know the Royals (Prince Phillip was there too) would be there, but when they found out they wrote a letter to Buckingham Palace.

However, after the lady in waiting replied thanking him for the invitation and saying that unfortunately the Queen would not be able to attend, they didn't expect to see her.

275x250.jpg A theme park has hired an real-life Inuit family to help them test a new 4-D cinema which will be showing Ice Age The 4D Experience.

Bosses at Alton Towers decided that the only way to test their screen (which will feature icy conditions) was to fly in a family from Nunavut, located in northern Canada, to test the effects.

So the Inuit family -- who spent the winter months in sub-zero temperatures of up to -30°C -- made the 96-hour trip to Staffordshire to watch the 3D footage which is brought to life with a variety of special effects designed to chill the audience.

Katherine Duckworth from Alton Towers Resort commented, “We’re thrilled the Inuit family has agreed to trial the new attraction for us. 

For most people, testing their new iPad 3 might involve looking at images on that high-resolution screen or seeing how fast the internet access is -- bit not for Richard Ryan.

Instead the gun-owning Apple fan decided to shoot his new gadget with a series of weapons including a Tech Assassin HK53 assault rifle.

His resulting slow-motion video -- filmed on a shooting range -- shows the iPad 3 being set up and them targeted with the guns.

When the first weapon doesn't quite do the damage Ryan was hoping for, he opts for something with a little more firepower. The result? An iPad no amount of AppleCare could help.

A one-armed pole dancer has scooped the top prize at the International Pole Championships in Hong Kong.

Deborah Roach from Australia took the 'Ultimate Pole' title despite only having one arm to help her swing around the pole.

She only took up pole dancing in 2006 after apparently being inspired by a circus-themed show and by 2009 she was winning competitions against able-bodied dancers.

275x250.jpg Some people are only happy if they have the latest technology and the newest gizmo, but not Jason Bognacki -- he enjoys shooting on a 100-year-old camera.

Admittedly Bognacki wanted digital images so has to hack his ageing camera to his DSLR, but it's still a 1919 Piccolette Contessa-Nettel folder.

And the results are pretty impressive, sure they have an old-timey feel to them, but what do you expect from an almost 100-year-old camera.

Bognacki snapped some lovely photos of his dog and shots of streets which look like they could have come straight off an iPhone with the Instagram app.

Doctors in the US has come up with an interesting way to get men to have a vasectomy --  offering a free pizza and telling them they'll be able to watch basketball while recovering.

The Urology Associates of Cape Cod have produces an advert which suggests a vasectomy is a great excuse to sit on the sofa watching sports.

The 30 second advert even suggests that men book themselves in for the 15-minute procedure on a date which means they will get a week's worth of rest by watching the NCAA's college basketball tournament.

A handwritten letter from a schoolboy -- thanking a TV weatherman for visiting his school -- has gone viral online… but it was more awesome than a monkey in a bacon tuxedo.

More specifically it told Texas weatherman Albert Ramon he was more awesome than a monkey in a bacon tuxedo riding a cyborg unicorn.

Just in case the impressively imaginative wording wasn't enough, little Flint had also including a drawing of unicorn with donuts on his horn giving then to Ramon.

The lad also promised the meteorologist that should he ever become 'supreme Ultra-Lord of the universe' Ramon would not be made a slave. Awesome.

275x250.jpg A daredevil who plans to complete a sky-dive from 23 miles above the Earth has completed a  test flight and jump from a not too shabby 13 miles high.

Felix Baumgartner was carried -- the Red Bull Stratos capsule -- to the impressive height by a 100ft helium balloon in an ascent lasting about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Once there he ran through his 39-step safety checklist before manually depressurizing the capsule, opening the door and stepping off the external platform.

During the fall he reached a top speed of 364.4 miles per hour and continued to freefall for a total of three minutes and 43 seconds before deploying his parachute at 7,890ft.

A gorilla and rabbit have become best friends at a US zoo… yes you read that correctly a gorilla and rabbit really have become best friends.

Officials at a Pennsylvania zoo say the best buds have become inseparable since being introduced to each other last month.

Panda the Dutch rabbit had been put in the same enclosure as Samantha, a 47-year-old western lowland, because she is too old to be paired with another gorilla.

But while staff hoped seeing the rabbit would provide Samantha with a bit of stimulation, they did not expect her to start caring for it an sharing meals with it.

275x250.jpg Last week we told you about the Fox News reporter who was caught sleeping during broadcast and thought nothing like that could happen here in Blighty.

Well it looks like we were wrong, because BBC News presenter Simon McCoy was recently seen by millions of viewers apparently asleep on his desk.

Viewers watching BBC breakfast saw the 50-year-old resting his head on his arms and slumped over his desk moments before he was due to deliver a bulletin.

It's not the first time McCoy has 'accidentally' amused viewers, he's previously been seen banging his desk during a piece on stock market news and performing push-ups.

275x250.jpg Durham County Council has reportedly announced that will ban using the number 13 on council houses… because superstitious residents think it's unlucky.

As such the number will not feature on any new builds or conversions in existing streets.

The move was introduced after the authority noticed that they and house-builders were having problems findind tennants and owners for number 13s.

A spokesperson for Durham County Council said the new street naming and numbering policy also meant streets should not be named after living people.

He added that in the past the council had been asked to re-number a property as 12a rather than 13 by developers or homeowners.

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