After the scandal generated by the scandalous increase in the income of the national senators, which came after the attempted increase by President Javier Milei himself and his ministers (who finally had to back down in the face of public repudiation), the head of the Peronist bench of Unión por la Patria, Javier Martinez, claimed in an interview in Futurock that “We need to recover the allowances of the senators and deputies.”

Far from what the vast majority of the population earns, national legislators earn millions of pesos. In the case of deputies, their allowance is around $2 million, plus a bonus for uprooting, while in the case of senators they reach the figure of 4.5 million with the new increase.

These millionaire incomes are what Martinez wants to continue increasing, as spokesperson for Unión por la Patria. Juliana Di Tullio had already expressed herself on X (Twitter) in the same vein.

While poverty is heading towards record figures, as well as indigence rates and the government does not give up in deepening the adjustment, Peronism appears very concerned about the “parity” of Congress. “It seems to me that the daily life, the quality, of the deputies is affected by all this. I want Congress to work well, for them to win accordingly,” said Martínez. A real joke for the workers who have been losing their source of work, for the poor families where food does not reach.

The deputy did not stop there and continued clarifying that the provincial deputies’ diet “is spent in Buenos Aires sleeping and eating” and continued: “I think we have to resolve it quickly because it affects daily parliamentary work. Furthermore, “Not all of them are owners, there are those who rent, there are those who requested loans like any Argentine.” The urgencies of the Peronist deputies are clear. What will be left then for working families, for retirees?

Martinez continued by asking: “Why wasn’t this topic talked about two years ago? They disengaged the deputies from the increase to the plant staff, so every time there is an increase it is an infernal mess where everyone gives their opinion and criticizes, they get indignant.” It is seen that the deputy finds it more comfortable to keep his privileges a secret and wants to avoid any questioning of his millionaire income, while keeping the harsh reality of millions completely naturalized. That a retiree earns $200,000 does not seem like such an urgent issue for Martinez, since in fact Alberto Fernández’s government continued to hit the income of older adults.

Only the Left Front has been questioning the privileged diets of deputies, senators and officials, fighting for them to be paid like a 30-year-old teacher. While they fight for this, even presenting different bills in this sense, the deputies of this political force have been collecting money in this way and donating the rest to ongoing workers’ and popular struggles.


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