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It costs women £500 after getting dumped

275x250.jpgThe average woman splashes out £500 reinventing herself after being dumped, research has revealed.

A recent study of 2,000 dumped women asked them what they'd done post-relationship to get their lives back on track.

More than half of those polled said they'd responded by 'reinventing themselves' and completely revamped their appearance.

As such, ditched damsels splash out the best part of £496.66 on hair-cuts and colours, a new wardrobe of clothes and shoes, gym memberships, spray tans, make-up and manicures.
But three quarters of ladies admitted the reinvention was worth every penny – as they felt a million dollars afterwards.

275x250.jpg House-proud Brits inspired by property TV shows from Grand Designs to MTV Cribs spend £1,171 per year sprucing up their homes, it's been found.

The survey discovered that in addition to the £58,550 over a lifetime -- we also spend 11 days per year dedicated to home improvements.

The cash sees huge amounts spent on non-functional decorations such as soft furnishings and items that they will never use, for fear of ruining them.

Almost a third of those polled state property TV shows such as Grand Designs, Kirstie's Homemade Home and Location, Location, Location has inspired them to put even more effort into the appearance of their homes.
And 14 percent of people admitted voyeuristic peeks inside celebrity homes made them covet luxurious items such as jacuzzis… not great if you live in a bed-sit in Slough.

275x250.jpgAmericans have been voted the "coolest nationality" in an international poll of 30,000 people around the world.

Icons which make America cool were found to be things such as the iPhone, Ray-Bans, Levi's, Harley Davidson and people like Jay-Z, Johnny Depp and President Obama.

Other nationalities found to be considered cool in the study by social network included Brazilians, Spanish and Italians.

And in bad news for Brits, they only came sixth in the poll, below the French. So much for Cool Britannia.

However, it could be worse, you could be Belgian! Thanks to Brussel sprouts, being the home of the EU and Herman Van Rompuy they were named the least cool nationality.

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