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275x250.jpgCar alarms and the dreaded PC egg timer have been voted the most irritating pieces of technology ever invented.

The screeching sirens, which often start in the middle of the night, just beat the 'loading' egg timer which appears on computer screens, for the top position.
Computers in general came third in the poll of 5,000 people while speed cameras were fourth.
Unhelpful and illogical automated phone systems which leave Brits confused and send them round in circles, came fifth.
It was also found that bits of technology drive us mad an average of four times a day… we are guessing it was more if you're a Windows user.

275x250.jpgAs bosses complain employees are using snow as an excuse not to go into work, it's been revealed Brits had 5.2m holiday days untaken in 2009.

It's estimated 18 percent of people had holidays still left to take before the end of the year - totalling 5.2 million days.

A survey found that 15 percent of workers had more than FIVE days of holiday not used, and that many will not be able to carry it forward or get paid for it.

Alison Couper, of, which carried out the poll, said "It's staggering to see how much holiday is left unclaimed.

"With over a third of people unable to carry their unused leave into the next calendar year, people should take the chance to use it."

275x250.jpgHaving a baby increases the number of friends a woman has by eight, it has been found.

Researchers claim that before falling pregnant the average woman has just three friends they feel comfortable sharing secrets with and relying on.

But those with children say they have an average of 11 good mates - most of who they meet because of their kids.

Waiting at the school playground is said to be the place most moms make new friends, followed by mother and baby groups and the local nursery.

One in 10 have say they have met new pals whilst sweating it out at the gym… while trying to get away from the kids.

275x250.jpgGetting a good night's sleep has been named as life's 'greatest little pleasure'.

A survey of over 3,000 Brits found that waking up feeling completely refreshed was the 'little pleasure' which brought people most joy.

Finding a £10 note in your pocket came second, followed by cuddling up to a loved-one in bed. Laughing so hard you end up crying was at number four while having a lie-in was fifth.

Other popular little things included getting a bargain, catching up with an old friend and making someone else smile.

In odd news, being stopped by some in the street and asked to answer some inane survey questions did not make it into the top 10.

275x250.jpgMore than a third of women who claim to currently be on a New Year's diet are secret scoffers, it has been found.

A massive 36 per cent of women who say they are watching their waistline, are actually hiding food or eating it in the dark.
Favourite places to stash food - revealed by a poll of 2,000 women - included handbags, under the bed and in clothes drawers.

And the women admitted to secretly eating it while in the car, walking down the street or even on a sun-bed - anywhere they think they won't get caught.

While it was also found the average diet lasts 15 weeks, 28 per cent of women admitted they have only stuck to a diet for 24 hours... some barely last between breakfast and lunch.

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