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Some people are more observant than others … but something tells us this man is not one of them. A bar worker accidentally fell down a 10ft hole behind a bare because he was distracted by a TV.

The man had apparently been doing the sound for bands which were performing and didn't notice the cellar access as he walked around behind the bar.

As a result he plummeted down the 10ft hole, leaving customers and staff wondering what had just happened as they scurried around trying to check that he was okay.

Luckily the man somehow escaped the incident with just a sprained ankle and knee.

When 81-year-old Cecilia Giménez thought that a painting of Jesus on the wall of her local church in the Spanish city of Borja needed restoring, she decided to offer her own artistic talents.

The problem, her artistic talent knows no beginning and the well-intentioned restoration saw the mural by 19th-century artist Elías García Martínez, ruined with bodge-job brushstrokes.

Described by some as "the worst restoration in history" the painting Ecce Homo at the church of la Misericordia de Borja has been said to now look more like a "bloated hedgehog" than the image of Jesus.

Professional restorers will now inspect the image to investigate whether it is possible to bring it back to its former glory. That said, the new version has gained more publicity than the original ever did.

275x250.jpg A woman was reportedly knocked unconscious when the portable toilet she was sitting in was pushed over by a group of young thugs.

The unfortunate woman had beed in Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway for the town's gala day celebrations when the need struck and she popped into the loo.

But as she was doing her business, a gang of youths toppled the loo before running off and the incident left the 27-year-old unconscious at around 22:45 on Saturday.

Luckily passers-by rescued her and she was taken to Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary where she was discharged, despite suffering from a severe bout of embarrassment.  

Police are currently trying to trace the toilet-tipping teens.

Everyone has got a favourite moment of the London 2012 Olympics so far, but ours isn't Bradley Wiggins taking gold … it's this moment with Borris Johnson.

The London Mayor had been appearing at Victoria Park and was due to make a grand entrance by speeding down a 320m long and 45-metre high zip wire towards a watching crowd.

But instead the PR stunt went wrong and he got stuck, and was left dangling over the crowd - waving a pair of Union flags - for nearly five minutes.

Speaking during the gaffe Johnson said: "Can you get me a rope. I think they need to test this on someone going a bit faster.

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