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A video of an apparently very unlucky man getting struck by lightning twice within a matter of minutes has become an online hit.

The clip starts off as mundane CCTV footage of a quiet residential street. But after a couple of people have passed across the screen an unfortunate jogger is seen been knocked to the ground by a bolt of lightning.

After lying on the floor for about 30 seconds he rolls over, stands up and begins to walk away… and is then promptly struck again, only to once more stand up and walk off.

However, experts say the video is likely fake as the chances of surviving a direct bolt of lightning are essentially zero… where as the chances of a YouTube video being fake are approximately 50 percent.

Three drunk man have been plucked from the English Channel after drifting out to sea in a rubber dinghy, armed only with a bottle of wine.

The trio - who set off from Littlehampton on Saturday evening - greeted coastguards with shouts of 'Bonjour' when they were found 11 hours later.

However, far from having reached France, the men were only 1.8 miles from the coast in their 7ft inflatable toy when they were rescued from the Atlantic 75 lifeboat Blue Peter 1.

A RNLI spokesperson said the confussed guys were disorientated having spent the night in darkness at sea, and were also suffering from hypothermia.

Which is hardly surprising given they were each dressed in shorts and t-shirts, with no lifejackets, no means of communication and only one paddle… which is one more than we'd have guessed.

A race-car driver who was forced to flee for his life when his V8 Supercar exploded in flames, has somehow escaped serious injury.

Karl Reindler had been competing in an event in Australia when he was rear-ended at an estimated speed of 150km/h.

This caused the V8 Supercar to jump into the air and the impact punctured the fuel cell prompting a massive fireball eruption.

The £400,000 came to a stop at the side of the Barbagallo Raceway track in Perth and as it continued to burn, fans feared the worst.

But somehow the 26-year-old driver managed to get out and run away from the burning vehicle, escaping with only burns to his hands and face.

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