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It's said more women are beginning to play video-games, but not this one -- the SEGA Toylet is very much only for men.

That's because the bizarre console is only fitted to urinals and is used by players peeing at a sensor to control the action

Toylet games consoles are currently being installed on the toilets at metro stations in Tokyo and will offer bladder-emptiers four mini-games.

As men target their pee, LCD screens above the urinal shows the games which rewards the strength, length and accuracy.

Games include ones to compete with previous 'players' to see who has the strongest flow or who can pee the longest… they undoubtedly cause many missed trains.

275x250.jpgResearchers have created a device which they claim could help people overcome their fear of the dentists - by canceling out the sound of the drill.

Experts at Brunel University say the anxiety-inducing sound can be eliminated by using their gadget which plugs into an MP3 player.

This then uses a microphone and adaptive filtering to cancel out the high-pitched drill noise, while allowing the patient to hear the music and what their dentist is saying.

It's hoped use of the device could encourage more people to visit the dentist as it's the sound of the drill which is said to prevent many people from seeking treatment.

The dental team are currently looking for an investor to help bring the device to market… but investors are probably too scared to meet them. 

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