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275x250.jpg A Silverback gorilla which has started walking around on his hind legs like a human has become an internet star after video of him was uploaded to YouTube.

More than 300,000 people have now watched clips of 21-year-old Ambam as he strolls around his enclosure at a zoo in Kent like it's the most normal thing in the world.

Keepers at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park say while it is not unheard of, it's certainly rare for a gorilla to walk on two legs, especially for the long distances Ambam manages.

They added it's thought he does it to gain an advantage when it comes to feeding time… we like to think it's because he wants to be a web celebrity.

275x250.jpg Cash-strapped Japanese tourists who can't afford to visit Europe themselves, have started sending their cuddly toys there on holiday instead, it's been claimed.

Bosses at 'Barcelona Toy Travel' say they've been inundated with requests from Japan to take soft toys on sight-seeing tours of the Spanish city.

The firm charges £60 to show a teddybear around Barcelona on a six-day trip and supplies owners with a selection of photos showing their beloved bear in front of various monuments.

A postcard is also sent back to the owner, followed by the well-travelled soft toy… which won't stop going on about Gaudi architecture. Don't you just hate pretentious teddy bears.

A man has surprised his air stewardess girlfriend by booking onto a flight she was working... and using the intercom to publicly ask her to marry him.

Joao Vieira also had a video-camera there to record the moment he used the microphone to ask 29-year-old Vera Silva for her hand in marriage.

It all happened on what the Portuguese air stewardess assumed would be a routine flight from Lisbon to Barcelona - little did she know her bloke had been working with her colleagues to plan the stunt.

So after sneaking Vieira onto the flight, cabin crew gave him the intercom microphone to pop the question.

After hearing her say yes, passengers cheered… and then cheekily asked if there would be complimentary Champagne on the flight to celebrate.

275x250.jpg A brave/stupid penguin escaped from a pool at Münster Zoo in Germany and ended up waddling around the lion enclosure.

Three-month-old African Penguin Leona is said to have somehow strolled out of her ice-covered pool and onto visitors paths and an ice-covered moat.

From there she climbed a snow-capped bank and jumped onto some nearby ice… which just so happened to be in the middle of the the lion enclosure.

Luckily staff at the German zoo noticed the feathered intruder before the lions - who were sleeping - and lured her to safety by throwing a trail of herrings.

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