275x250.jpg Parents with young babies often complain that because of their constant changing of dirty nappies and sleepless nights, they don't get enough time to do things like clean the house… well step forward the baby mop.

The baby map is an ingenious way of keeping your floors clean. It's a baby outfit with mop attachments on the arms and legs, so that as a baby crawls, it cleans where-ever it goes.

Makers say the $40 baby mop will teach your baby a strong work ethic early on in their life, encourage them not to drop food and give them a workout, causing them to sleep better.

It's also claimed the baby mop - which is available in sizes from 3 to 12 months -  will save you money on house cleaning costs and free you up to do things you enjoy.

275x250.jpg Chances are that you saw some good Halloween costumes this year, but did you see any as good as this baby who was dressed as Marty McFly from Back to the Future? Didn't think so.

Explaining the Cooper’s costume online, mother Cory Newton-Smith said: "It all started with a red puffy vest Cooper already had and a side comment from my husband about Marty McFly in late September.

"I’ve always loved Back to the Future, and love cars since I was little and grew up going to car shows with my Dad; what better way to tote my 1 year old son around on Halloween than in a transformed $25 Step2 push car.

"So, I spent a few weekends and nights in October recreating the iconic DeLorean with cardboard, tape, paint, and a little help with some EL lighting from my husband, Jeremy. The perfect costume for Cooper’s first Halloween!"

275x250.jpg Children out trick-or-treating in Manchester got more than a few sweets on Halloween, some were given packets of cocaine!

Greater Manchester Police say they were called to reports of trick-or-treaters in Royton being given packets of white powder amongst their sweets.

It was soon confirmed that the snap bags contained cocaine, not a sweet, and a 33-year-old man from Royton was charged with possession of class A drugs

Superintendent Catherine Hankinson said: “The parents and police acted quickly when this report was made, in the interests of public safety."

A video of a pair of twins falling asleep in their plates of spaghetti has become an online hit … as well it should.

22-month-old brothers who are sitting in high-chairs at a restaurant initially try to keep their eyes open as then enjoy their spaghetti bolognese. But tiredness soon wins over and the pair bob up and down, getting the messy sauce all over their faces.

Writing on YouTube mother Johanne Stetka said: "After a long morning of playing in the pool and building sand castles on the beach my twins could not stay awake to finish their lunch.

They were trying really hard and were really enjoying their food as you can see. Sleep v.s. tasty spaghetti.. sleep won! 

Crook steals iPhone from a baby (VIDEO)

CCTV footage has shown the moment a callous thief stole an iPhone from a 20-month-old baby, which had been given it to watch a cartoon.

Little Luella Reid had been handed the expensive phone to keep her quiet while out shopping in Ormskirk, Lancs and was watching Barney The Dinosaur.

But when the mothers back was turned, a man who had followed them into the store reached into the pram and grabbed the Apple iPhone.

Lancashire Police are now appealing for anyone who recognizes the man in the video to come forward.

Parents will try anything to stop their baby from crying, but we'd love to know how many failed attempts it took before these parents realized the Star Wars theme tune would calm their crying baby.

A video, which has gone viral on YouTube, shows the screaming baby called Sebastian instantly calm down when a mobile phone playing the Star Wars theme tune is placed in his cot.

Writing on YouTube Sebastians parents wrote: "We discovered by accident that the Star Wars Theme Song has magical abilities to calm the baby down. He was screaming and crying in the car one day, and the MP3 player started playing this song and he just stopped.

"Then, every time after that when he'd be crying for no reason (we knew his diaper was clean, tummy was full, etc.) and we'd play this song, he'd perk right up.

When the mother of these quadruplet brothers heard that teachers were having difficulty telling them apart, she shaved numbers out of their hair to help distinguish them.

So now the Chinese brothers are know to their teachers as 1, 2, 3 and 4 … and have the haircuts to prove it.

The barber is said to have printed the numbers onto sheets of paper before cutting them out, sticking them on the kids heads and cutting around them.

The parents behind the odd news don't blame the teachers for struggling to tell the boys apart, the father is said to have once punished number 3 for the bad conduct of number 2 … though he probably used their real names.

275x250.jpg An 11-year-old boy somehow managed to get through five airport security checks to board a plane and fly from Manchester to Rome on his own.

Liam Corcoran had been out shopping with his mom in Wythenshawe in south Manchester, when he decided to head to the airport and jump on a plane.

The plane-mad lad reportedly followed a family as they passed through Terminal 1 at Manchester Airport, and continued to pass through security checks unnoticed.

He even boarded a Jet2.com flight to Rome - despite not having a passport or boarding pass - and was not stopped by airport security staff, ground or cabin crew.

It was only noticed the boy was on the flight when other passengers raised concerns and after touching down in Rome the was put on an immediate return flight to Manchester.

A three-year-old girl has become an online hit after her dad filmed a video of her climbing a door frame.

Sofya Dickson from Leicestershire had been performing her trick when dad Peter decided he should film it and put it online for friends and family to see.

Writing on YouTube he said: "Not sure where Sofya got the idea for this but I should of known to be worried when she was quiet for 10 mins. Came downstairs and all I could hear was 'I can do it, I can do it'."

But he was shocked to find that more than 215,000 people have viewed the 38 second video of climbing Sofya and he's been fending off calls from international media.

275x250.jpg The typical new mom will lose 2.05 hours sleep a night throughout the first year of their baby’s life it's been found… that's the equivalent of an entire month.

A study of 1,091 mothers across the UK found that 98% of mothers experienced ‘broken sleep’ throughout the first year of their baby’s life with the typical bay waking 3.9 times.

When asked how long they were awake for whilst tending to their baby on each occasion, the study found that, on average, the respondents were awake for 31.6 minutes each time.

According to the study, prior to having children the respondents slept for an average of 7.8 hours a night. Therefore, if the average mother woke 3.9 times each night for 31.6 minutes at a time, they lost an average of 2.05 hours sleep a night

A kids mini-golf game in America got a considerable upgrade recently, when the guys from Improv Everywhere decided it should be treated the same as a pro event.

The serial pranksters had worked with ESPN to pull the stunt with involved surprising young golfers on Pier 25 in Lower Manhattan with caddies, an ESPN camera crew, and a huge crowd.

Improv Everywhere even had the Claret Jug from The Open Championship to present to the winner of the suddenly serious mini-golf contest. Not a replica, the actual jug that's been held by all of the Open champions.

The stunt - which was used to surprise five groups of golfers throughout the day - even saw commentators sitting at a desk and describing the action.

It's never too early to start exercising. That's clearly what this baby thinks -- either that or he is desperate to watch cartoons on YouTube.

Little Jonas has become an online hit after being filmed doing chin-up exercises on a desk, despite only being nine-months-old.

Then nappy-wearing youngster is seen repeatedly lifting himself off the floor to get a better view of a clip from The Jungle Book playing on the computer screen.

Writing on YouTube his mother joked "We're working on teaching him to rock climb now." At least we THINK she was joking.

Babies find the strangest things amusing, from ripping paper to bubble popping dogs… and now even a vacuum cleaner is apparently enough to leave them in fits of hysterics.

A video which is currently surging on YouTube shows a cute baby giggling as his mother used a vacuum cleaner on the floor and his T-shirt.

A two-year-old has become an online hit after being filmed strutting his stuff to Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock.

Little William Stokkebroe was attending a dance event in Denmark when he took to the floor in his check shirt and jeans and proceeded to show off his moves.

The pint-sized dancer even threw in a theatrical bow as he received a round of applause from the appreciative audience. If only he knew 5 million more would see him on YouTube.

But he should be good… his parents are world champion Latin dancers Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe and claim he learnt from watching them in the dance studio.

For many adults, learning to ski is one of the most difficult things they will do. Children however, find it considerably easier… like this little guy who can do it in his sleep.

Filmed by his dad the poor lad appears to have had such an exhausting day that he dozes off while still wearing his helmet and standing on his skis.

And while he rocks in his ski-boots for nearly a minute, the inevitable finally happens and he falls over backwards.

A handwritten letter from a schoolboy -- thanking a TV weatherman for visiting his school -- has gone viral online… but it was more awesome than a monkey in a bacon tuxedo.

More specifically it told Texas weatherman Albert Ramon he was more awesome than a monkey in a bacon tuxedo riding a cyborg unicorn.

Just in case the impressively imaginative wording wasn't enough, little Flint had also including a drawing of unicorn with donuts on his horn giving then to Ramon.

The lad also promised the meteorologist that should he ever become 'supreme Ultra-Lord of the universe' Ramon would not be made a slave. Awesome.

275x250.jpg School children in Birmingham have burst their way into the record books and made science history by taking part in the World’s Biggest Practical Science Lesson.

More than 250 pupils from Bishop Challoner Catholic College took part in the science lesson led by world bubble mastermind, Samsam Bubbleman, and hoped to master the science behind bubble-blowing.

Equipped with bubble swords, and under the watchful eye of an official Guinness World Records adjudicator, they were blown-away with a lesson in gravity and light refraction, producing thousands of gigantic soap spheres and bouncing bubbles.

Samsam said: "Today has been un-bubble-ievable! (oh yes he did!) I can’t think of a better way to celebrate The Big Bang Fair coming to Birmingham than blowing our way into the books of Guinness World Records.

Many parents rely on a strong cup of coffee to keep them going while looking after a baby -- and this mother has found a way to get a caffeine fix without taking her eyes off her little one.

In a video entitled 'Baby making coffee' -- which has gone viral on YouTube -- a little tot can be seen preparing a coffer for her mother… and looking very cute in the process.

Sitting on a kitchen work surface, the Baby Barista opens the coffee machine for fresh water to be poured in before flipping the lid and removing the pod before adding another.

She then hits the button to produce the cup of coffee… and given how cute she looks we're even willing to forgive her for using a pod system and not grinding fresh beans.

Dogs teach baby how to chew toys (VIDEO)

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks… but old dogs are perfectly capable of teaching tricks to babies, as this video shows.

Currently going viral, the video entitled 'Puggles teach baby to chew' starts off showing a dog munching on a toy, before panning over to a little boy lying on his belly.

After examining what the dog was doing the baby then proceeds to chew his toy in a very similar manner.

The video has already been viewed more than 140,000 times. It's not known if the dogs went on to teach the lad how to chase cats or pee up lamp-posts.

275x250.jpg A US man was left red-faced when he accidentally played a porn film rather than the Smurfs movie at his child’s birthday party.

The unnamed man had apparently rented "The Smurfs" DVD for the occasion before loading it into his laptop which was hooked up to a projector.

But when he tried to play the blue movie, children and parents instead saw a series of pornographic images flash up on the big screen.

Presumably trying to suggest his innocence, the man then contacted police himself and reported that someone had tampered with “The Smurfs” DVD.

However, officers said they could not find anything wrong with the Smurfs movie (which must be the first time anyone has said that) and that the porn was probably on the laptop.

275x250.jpg Millions of British children have never been to an art gallery, theatre or stage show, it was revealed yesterday.

The ‘culture starved’ generation emerged in a study carried out among 2,000 parents of five to 12-year-olds throughout the UK.

Incredibly, four in 10 children have never seen the inside of an art gallery, while 17 per cent haven’t visited a museum with their parents.

Culture can take many kinds of forms and it’s essential are children are encouraged to get involved with this at any early age.

It was also revealed that a quarter of children haven’t been to the theatre, while six in 10 have never heard or been to a classical music concert and one in 10 kids hasn’t even left their home town.

275x250.jpg A letter from a three-and-a-half-year-old girl who wanted to know why Tiger Bread was called that when it looks more like a giraffe has seen the product renamed.

Little Lily Robinson had initially written to Sainsbury's after being confused by the product in her mother's shopping basket and offering a new name for it.

And after customer service man Chris King (aged 27 1/3) replied saying "renaming tiger bread giraffe bread is a brilliant idea" the exchange went viral online.

Now, after a Facebook campaign the supermarket has announced it is officially renaming the loaf. Well done Lily!

275x250.jpg The Moon is the place British kids would most like to visit on their next summer holiday, it has been revealed.

A poll of 2,105 British families found that 47% of children would like a lunar holiday, ahead of Disney World (41%) Lapland (25%) and Australia (4%).

But unlikely vacations don't stop at the moon, of the top 10 destinations 6 were fictional places from various kid’s television shows and films.

Children also want to visit a host of fictional locations including Narnia, Hogwarts and Bikini Bottom -- suddenly the Moon doesn't look so unrealistic does it?

275x250.jpg Hit BBC children's TV show Rastamouse has the dubious honour of being the most complained about kids' TV show in 2011.

More than 200 people complained about the Bafta-nominated show -- which tells to all too familiar story about a crime-busting Rastafarian mouse.

Many claimed the patois-speaking puppet stereotyped black people and theat kids emulating the language used on the show could be accused of racism.

However, the BBC have defended the show saying: "We have had a huge amount of positive feedback about Rastamouse, which continues to be a hit with our young viewers."

275x250.jpg A dotty 82-year-old Japanese artist has created an artwork by getting children to decorate a totally white room with thousands of colourful spots.

Yayoi Kusama says she created her 'Obliteration Room' work as a way of getting visiting children to engage with an art gallery space.

As part of 'Look Now, See Forever' at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art a large room has been decorated like an apartment, but one which was entirely painted white.

But it didn't stay that way for long, because the kids were handed brighlty coloured stickers and told to redecorate as they saw fit.

This dad is desperate to be his daughters favourite parent… but she's not having any of it. As this battle of wits proves.

In this video -- which has gone viral on YouTube -- an Aussie dad can been heard asking his young daughter a series of innocent questions.

After asking her what noise a fish makes and where her ear is, he then slips in the query "Who is your favourite, Dad or Mum?"

Quick as a flash she says "Mum" prompting him to up his game in getting video proof of his parenting superiority by bribing her with sweets.

275x250.jpg A pilot in New Zealand couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a shark swimming/flying past him at 7,000ft.

He'd been preparing to land a passenger jet Christchurch International Airport when he spotted the 1.5m long shark staring back at him.

But there was no need to worry -- because the shark in question was actually an inflatable remote-controlled toy which had flown off.

The 'Air Swimmer' toys have been a popular present this Christmas and police have been bombarded with reports of escaped inflatable sharks.

Experts say that other than giving the pilot a shock, the helium-filled shark was unlikely to pose any threat to the flight.

275x250.jpg Six out of ten families will opt for board games over computer games this Christmas, a study has found.

While gadgets, gizmos and games consoles will feature on many wish lists this year, millions of families will still find time to dig out old classics such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble.
Most of those who will opt for board games said they preferred them because they ‘brought the family together’ and are ‘more fun’.
The study also found families are most like to reach for a board game at 2.28pm – once the presents have been opened and dinner has been served.
Which means the first board game related arguments should kick in at about 2.31pm.

In the right hands, a bag of flour can be used to create fantastic foods, but in the wrong hands it can be a weapon of mass destruction.

At least that's what one mother was probably thinking when she discovered her darling children had covered their entire home with the white powder.

A video showing the moment the unfortunate mom discovered the flour-based devastation -- along with her grinning young boys -- has now become a hit on YouTube.

Footage shows the mother repeatedly saying "Oh my gosh!" as she walks around the flour covered living room and hallways… and is a warning to parents everywhere.

275x250.jpg Parents of two children treat their youngest as the favourite, new research has found.

A study of 1,803 parents shows that 59 per cent of the time, parents will subconsciously choose the youngest child over the eldest.
In particular, mums and dads are more likely to side with a younger child in an argument, lavish them with more attention, let them have their own way and spend longer reading with them.
Younger children also benefit from more treats and cuddles, and their parents find it hard refusing them anything they want.
Of the 1,803 people questioned, only 23 per cent of parents were prepared to admit they DID have a favourite child – of these, 54 per cent chose their youngest child.

A video of a young boy being busted strutting his stuff to Smooth Criminal while he did the dishes has become an online hit.

Little Frankie had asked his dad to put the Michael Jackson hit on the stereo while he did the dishes… and it soon becomes clear why.

To start with the lad can be seen nodding his head to the music, before busting out a series of more and more impressive dance moves.

By the end of the footage -- shot by dad on a mobile phone -- he's really going for it… until he sees the camera and his laughing father.

275x250.jpg We've previously seen children's drawings turned into amazing artworks -- now they are being turned into cool toys.

The guys over at Child's Own Studio will take a drawing your child has done (or maybe you) and use it as a blueprint for a stuffed toy.

They will even use materials you provide yourself -- maybe a baby-grow or a former favourite blanket -- to make the distinctive and unique toy.

However, there is bad news, because the service has proven so popular Wandy Tsao says they are not taking any more orders this year. So back to the drawing board for Christmas… though not to draw a toy.

A video of a young baby breaking out of his cot and then trying to destroy the evidence has become an online hit.

The clip shows little baby Dayne being put in his cot along with his twin brother for a nap… but he apparenty has other ideas.

Once his mother -- who set up the camera to work out how wh was getting out -- has left the room Dayne looks at his brother, the two knowing what is about to happen.

He then vaults over the side of the cot and bangs down onto the carpet below… before quickly taking the camera out like a master crook.

A baby in Australia has survived a terrifying accident which saw a car plough into a newsagents and the pram he was lying in.

Remarkably, the 17-month-old baby boy was uninjured in the crash which saw his pram knocked upside down in the Sydney store.

The boy's mother -- who had been standing nearby -- raced to the pram after the smash and scooped the boy up clutching him in horror.

Police say the driver had veered off the road to avoid another car… but apparently not the newsagents.

A video of a young lad playing Angry Birds on an iPad for the first time has become an online hit.

And it's not hard to see why, because his reaction at seeing birds hurled at evil pigs is quite simply amazing!

Sitting on a sofa with the iPad on his legs the boy screams, throws his arms into the air… and then asks to see the explosions again.

Writing on YouTube his parents said: "My son loves our iPad, so I thought I'd show him Angry Birds. Didn't expect this reaction though…"

275x250.jpg A US couple have been accused of beating their 16-year-old daughter and forcing her to take part in a medieval-style duel.

It's been reported that the duo even made the girl dress in armour for the battle with her stepfather.

The pair are said to have fought for two hours with wooden swords and police say the stepfather beat the girl with a tree branch prior to the duel.

Reports also claim the girl was being punished for going to a party without the parents permission and that the couple are Renaissance enthusiasts.

They apparently enjoy recreating fights from the medieval era‚ and due to appear in court they could well be heading to the stocks themselves.

275x250.jpg Hackers reportedly took control of the Sesame Street YouTube page recently -- posting a series of sexually explicit clips.

Innocent video of puppets Bert, Ernie and Elmo were switched with pornographic ones‚ not featuring the puppets.

As a result of the hacker attack the Sesame Street page on YouTube was quickly removed "due to repeated or severe violations of community guidelines."

A spokesperson for Sesame Street said: "Our channel was compromised and we are presently working with YouTube/Google to restore our original content.

"We always strive to provide age-appropriate content for our viewers and hope to resolve this problem quickly."

An 11-year-old young lad from India has roller-skated his way into the Guinness Book of World Records… and under 20 cars.

Rohan Ajit Kokane set a new roller-skating limbo record by passing under a series of cars while on his wheels -- and decked out in green lycra and sweatbands.

After building up speed, Rohan did the splits -- so he was travelling while close the ground -- and whizzed through the 35cm tall gap under the parked vehicles.

It took 30 seconds for him to come to a standstill and having travelled 126ft 11in adjudicators said he'd broken the previous limbo record by more than 26ft… even if it wasn't a limbo as we know it.

275x250.jpgDespite most parents agonising over choosing the right names for their children, many end up regretting' the name, it's been found.

A study of more than 1,000 parents recently discovered that 8% wish they had picked another name for their little ones.

Of those, the majority, 53%, said they felt this way because they'd chosen a name that was ‘fashionable’ at the time, but wasn't now.

However 32%, of said they regretted their child’s first name because it had since become a very common name for children and it no longer felt unique.

While 41% of parents had decided upon a name before their child was born, 6% said it took them over a week of deliberating to pick.

To be honest we prefer it when this kind of thing backfires -- but here's a cute clip of little girl getting told she's going to Disneyland.

It was a week before Lily turned six-years-old and her mother asked her whether se wanted to open an early birthday present, unsurprisingly she said yes.

So she opened a pink bag full of Disney products and appeared pretty pleased with it too… then her mom revealed the 'real' present was that they were going to Disneyland.

Lily responded in the way seen on Disney TV adverts and went through an emotional range including shock, doubt, happiness and uncontrollable joy, all in about four seconds.

Is it just us, or do children seem to be doing everything earlier nowadays? -- You know, like this four-year-old girl driving a car in China.

A two and a half minute video is currently doing the rounds online showing the young motorist behind the wheel of her father's car in Jinal, Shandong Province, China.

During the clip, the little girl can be seen calmly driving along the freeway and even overtaking other vehicles as she is filmed from the passenger seat and given her directions.

Towards the end of the video the girl pulls over and her father takes over behind the wheel removing a device she had been using to reach the pedals. And to think it took us several attempts to pass our driving test.

car raceThere are an awful lot of Scalextric tracks, Rubiks cubes and comics hiding in British homes, according to a recent into our hoarding tendencies.

A survey of 1,000 people found that old toys were the things we find it hardest to trow away thanks to our emotional connection with them.

While people also find it hard to throw away clothes that no longer fit family photos and love letters, it's toys which take up the most space.

The most commonly hoarded toys are said to be Scalextric tracks, Rubiks cubes, Star Wars collectables, Micro Machines, Barbie and Pokemon cards.

So what have you got hidden away in your house? Let us know in the comments.

275x250.jpg Ben Faulks, a CBeebies TV presenter from the show 'Mr Bloom's Nursery' has become a hit with randy mothers who are lusting after him online.

Moms - who may be watching too much of the gardening show aimed at toddlers - have taken to internet discussion boards describing exactly what they'd like to do with his marrow.

Discussions about the unlikely sex icon on Netmums.com include the comments "He could have his devious way with me 'round back o’t’compostarium’ any day" and "He looks like he might be a bit dirty – and I’m not talking the soil type."

Other randy moms added, "How many of you ladies would be willing to cuddle his courgette?" and "He can bed me down for the night anytime."

How do you wake up in the morning? Chances are it's something as boring as the alarm on your mobile phone or the sun coming in through the window.

Well not this boy, his dad recently got him out of bed by squirting a water pistol at him while humming the theme from Doom.

In the 41 second clip - shot to look like the classic first-person shooter - the father can be seen approaching the lads bedroom armed with a loaded Super Soaker.

He then bursts in the door and starts spraying the young lad with water saying "Wake up son, good morning" between humming the theme. Instantly becoming the world's coolest dad.

275x250.jpgBritish parents spend over £1,400 per year in hush money for their children to keep their secrets, it has been found.

A recent survey of parents found that they imposing 83 'junior injunctions' each year by asking their children to keep secrets… often from the other parent.

And in order to keep their secrecy parents are willing to spend £27 each week on hush money and treats - ranging from new clothes to junk food.

The most common secret that parents ask kids to keep is a surprise gift for someone else, followed by their real age in order to pay a reduced price and being allowed to stay up beyond bedtime.

Slightly more worryingly five per cent of British parents were found to have asked their children to keep a secret when they had broken the law.

A young baseball fan who failed to get his hands on a foul ball during a recent game went into such a sulk that he became the focus of the live TV coverage.

The lad had been enjoying a recent Dodgers v Giants game when a foul ball came hurtling towards him.

However his enjoyment appeared to take a plunge when a woman sat in front of him made the catch and celebrated by waving the ball and he went into his best sulk angrily folding his arms.

His sulk was so severe the camera kept cutting to him and the announcers commentating on the game were talking more about him than the action on the field.

Here is a video of a young child saying the words 'fox' 'on' 'the' 'beach' - and that might not sound like much, but we defy you to press play and not laugh.

The 14 second clip of two-year-old Keira Roshuk has recently gone viral because well, it sounds like she's saying something completely different.

While we all know she's really saying "Fox on the Beach" all we can hear is "F**k the b***h" -- not exactly the sort of thing you expect a two-year-old to say.

And while we try to work out whether we should have included a bad language warning at the top of the article, why don't you check out so other kids saying  innocent phrases below.

275x250.jpgMore than half of British parents snoop on their children's online activity, a study has revealed.

Researchers found millions of mums and dads resort to checking up on their youngsters' goings-on on Facebook, looking through sent emails and internet history.
A recent study of 2,000 Brits found that 55 per cent of parents 'keep an eye' on a son or daughter by checking their social networking profile.
Four in ten parents admitted to regularly checking their children's social media status updates, 39% use Facebook to see who's been posting messages to their children, and 29% look through tagged images.
The number would probably be considerably higher… if so many parents didn't need to ask their children who to spy on someone online.

275x250.jpg David and Vitoria have had a baby girl and called her 'Harper Seven' prompting much online debate about where the name came from… so let's join in.

When David Beckham revealed the name on his Facebook page, many people questioned whether it was a case of Victoria giving a nod to fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar. But that was before it was pointed out that little Harper isn't the first celebrity off-spring with the name -- Dave Grohl, Neil Patrick Harris and Lisa Marie Presley got there first.

But it's also been suggested the name might have been inspired by a character from Disney series Wizards Of Waverly Place, which the Beckham boys are said to be fans of.

As for the name 'Seven' the general consensus is it's a celebration of Beckham's number when he played for Manchester United… though we like the idea he got it from George Costanza.

A boy in Brazil has baffled doctors by having an apparently magnetic chest. Paolo David has unsurprisingly also been given the nickname 'Magnet Boy'.

11-year-old Paulo is said to have discovered his odd ability after his father asked him to fetch a knife and fork and they suddenly stuck to his chest.

Since then the youngster and his family have had plenty of fun sticking scissors, spoons, coins, mobile phones and even saucepans to his 'magnetic' body.

Doctors say they're baffled by the magnetic properties of the young lad and have no idea what causes it… though they do enjoy sticking their clipboards to him.

275x250.jpg Little Rachel Warren was trying to copy her pet dog when she shoved her head through the garden gate… but unlike the rottweiler Tess, Rachel couldn't get back out.

As a result the four-year-old had to be rescued by firefighters who pried the black gate apart to release her.

Mom Carlene, from Brierley Hill in the West Midlands, says she was taking Rachel to nursery and had just put her reins on when she started pretending to be a dog and ran outside.

The next thing she knew, she heard a loud noise, went out to investigate and found her daughter lodged between the black railings.

275x250.jpg A dad and fitness expert has scored a publishing hit after writing a book telling other fathers how to turn their new babies into effective gym equipment.

Joshua Levitt says he came up with the idea for 'Baby Barbells' after realising there was less time to hit the gym following the birth of his own children.

When lying on his back and lifting his daughter up from his chest in a bid to soothe her, he realised he was getting a workout from the accidental baby bench press.

From there he developed an entire exercise routine, including moves called lullaby lunges and peek-a-boo pop-ups, which he claims will help keep new dads fit… especially if they have a porky baby.

275x250.jpg An artist has scored an online hit by recreating children's drawings of monsters as amazingly realistic painted artworks.

Dave Devries says he came up with the idea more than ten years ago when his niece filled his sketchbook with doodles and he wondered what it would be like if he painted them.

The illustrator and art director from New Jersey later decided to give it a go and used colour, texture and shading to give a 3D effect to the young artist's drawing.

And that was it, after seeing how cool the result was, he wanted to do more and got the kids of family and friends to produce their versions of monsters for him.

A video of a young boy - and rock star of the future - enjoying a bout of heavy metal music has become an online hit.

In the two minute clip the little lad can be seen strutting his stuff, spinning around and head-banging to Pantera "F***ing Hostile".

Proving popular with other rock-lovers the video has already been viewed more than 250,000 times since it was uploaded earlier this week.

Comments so far include 'I hope if I have kids they are as cool as this one' 'Parenting: You're doing it right' and 'Currently the greatest video on the Internet'.

A seven-year-old boy was pulled over by police after driving 20 miles at speeds of up to 50mph because he wanted to visit his dad's house.

Officer in Detroit say they were first alerted to the underage driver after other motorists noticed a "very young driver" on roads near Michigan.

Sure enough they soon located the four-foot-tall lad who was driving along at speeds of 50mph and they boxed him in and brought his Pontiac Sunfire to a standstill.

The boy told them he was staying with his mother but wanted to visit his dad and had already drive 20 miles in the right direction… and probably that driving a real car was easier than computer games.

275x250.jpgAlmost a quarter of British children are NEVER allowed to play outside unsupervised, a shocking study has revealed.

An astonishing 23.43% of parents admit they never let their youngsters play outdoors on their own without adult supervision for fear of what may happen.
While almost the same number (26%) of young children play out daily, many parents admit they are too scared to allow their kids outside, even if they're just outside their own home.

Almost three out of 10 parents (29.7%) admit they are concerned that busy streets means allowing their little ones to play outside unsupervised could risk their kids being injured.

The study also revealed that more than half of all children (56.77%) actually want to play outside more than they currently do… probably the ones without a PS3.

275x250.jpgThe sound of a whining child has been scientifically found to be the most annoying and distracting noise on the planet.

Researchers from Clark University in Massachusetts discovered the annoying properties of the noise after testing a series of sounds on volunteers.

The subjects were asked to complete a set of math problems while wearing headphones and listening to the various sounds - include a saw, conversation and crying.

It was found that people made the most mistakes - and got the least work done - when trying to block out the sound of a whiny infant.

It's said children are able to make their most annoying sounds between the ages of about 2 and 4 years old… which as the parent of younger baby is a terrifying thought.

275x250.jpg An artist has used hundreds of balloons to recreate scenes from his favourite childhood fairy tales and nursery rhymes - just don't go near them with a pin.

Larry Moss has dubbed his balloon-based art 'Airigami' and describes it as a mixture of sculpture, puppetry and origami.

Each of his pieces - which take scenes from stories like Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood - can use hundreds of balloons.

Other fairy tales given the balloon treatment include The Pied Piper, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, The Frog Prince, and The Princess and The Pea.

A video of a playful dog wanting a game of fetch with a pair of twin babies has become a hit online -- and it's not hard to see why.

In the two minute clip Marley, an eight year old Australian Labradoodle, can be seen presenting a pair of six-month-old girls with a ball.

Initially he seems surprised that little Lilly and Sophia don't want to take the ball and throw it for him so he tries dropping it for them.

When that doesn't work, he tried sitting and waiting patiently and even placing the chewed directly in the hands of the tots. But don't worry, there is a happy ending.

275x250.jpg Samuel L. Jackson has lent his dulcet tones to the audio version of 'Go The F**k To Sleep' -- a foul-mouthed nursery rhyme book which has become a hit with sleep deprived parents.

The 62-year-old Pulp Fiction star, says he was inspired to record the audio version of the book after he was told about it by his agent who has young twins.

'Go The F**k To Sleep' is a mock bedtime story by Adam Mansbach which is written for parents who realise snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don't always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland.

Each page of the book contains an illustration and radically honest verse which ends with a variation of the words 'Go The F**k To Sleep'… so maybe not one to read to your little angels.

275x250.jpg A video of a brave young lad staring into the mouth of hungry lioness, who appears to be trying to eat him, has become an online hit.

The clip shows one-year-old Trent Higley visiting Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs where he took an interest in the lions.

And the lions took an interest in him, specifically a lioness called Angie who looks like she wanted to munch on the tot for her dinner.

Angie can be seen repeatedly opening her jaw and trying to snare the youngster, who was luckily protected by a big thick sheet of secure glass. Even so, he was still being braver than we'd have been.

275x250.jpgA four-year-old artist has been dubbed a 'mini Picasso' after a prestigious New York gallery displayed an exhibition of her work.

Abstract works by little Aelita Andre - said to be the youngest professional painter in the world - can sell for up to £6,100 each and have been praised by art critics.

The Australian artist, who first started painting in play-group, says she is inspired and influenced by nature and outer space and loves creating big bold images.

She often incorporates bark, twigs, children’s toys, bird feathers, and other found objects into her paintings, which gallery bosses say lends "depth and texture" to the overall effect.

And visitors to the Agora Gallery in Manhattan seemed to enjoy her vivid and expressive works… but maybe they just didn't want to make a little girl cry.

275x250.jpg17% of British children think the Angel of the North is a star, 1 in 20 believing Stonehenge is in Egypt and 6% claiming the Outer Hebrides is a planet.

New research revealed today highlights that many British kids have limited knowledge of some of the best sights in the UK.

A study of 2,000 6-to-12-year-olds found some have an appalling lack of knowledge when it comes to British geography.

One in six kids believe the Outer Hebrides are in Nepal next to Mount Everest and one in ten couldn’t even pin-point the UK on a world map.

Asked about the Isles of Scilly, one in ten said ‘they didn’t exist’ and the same number thought they were a Greek Island… if only they were.

275x250.jpgOne in five dads doesn't get home from work before their children go to bed, a study has revealed.

Researchers found long office hours and an arduous commute home means millions of dads miss out on spending quality time with their kids in the evenings.
Worryingly, seven out of ten fathers said the long hours they were working to make ends meet was impacting on the quality of family life.
The study also found seven out of ten dads feel guilty about not being home in time to help out with bathing and bedtime.
It further emerged 1-in-4 dads have argued with their other half about the imbalance of their work-heavy lifestyle… though a 1-in-10 admit that they've stayed late at work to dodge the chores at home.

We're not sure how to describe this video, depending on how you like your viral videos, it's either a dog bursting bubbles, or a baby laughing at a dog bursting bubbles.

Either way it's absolutely great and if you don't enjoy it we're afraid to tell you you're dead on the inside.

In the minute-log clip a little girl called Molly can be seen laughing hysterically a her pet dog Bennie jumps around popping bubble with his mouth.

And that's it. But it's better than it sounds… as the 1,000,000 views it has received since being uploaded to YouTube earlier this month prove.

275x250.jpgMore than 6,000 Lego fans have spent four days building the world's tallest Lego-based tower in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The volunteers used 500,000 of the famous little bricks to construct the multicoloured monolith which measured 31.19m tall.

Bosses from Lego even sent officials from Denmark to oversee the rising of the structure from the shopping centre car-park.

And while most of the builders were children, they needed a bit of help getting the top brick in place, well it was 31m high and none of them had a crane operating licence.

Asked whether it had been hard work breaking the 2008 record which was set in Chilie, some of the Lego fans said it had been child's play.

Another day, another cute baby video here on Newslite. Today it's the turn of Chevelle, the world's littlest hip hop fan.

At the start of the clip, Chevelle gazes around in a slightly dazed state, as though she's just woken up, and to be honest she doesn't appear too happy.

But her apparent grumpiness doesn't last too long, as soon as her dad puts on the Kid Cudi hip-hop tune Cleveland Is The Reason on, she sparks into life.

Breaking out the hip hop gangsta moves Chevelle waves her arms around as her  impressed father exclaims "That's my boo!," and "She's going to be a STAR!"

If there's a better baby dancer out there, we're yet to see them… and if you have got the video proof, we want that YouTube link.

Maybe they're discussing whether the nappy and sock look is going to be the next big fashion trend.

Or they could be planning how to get an ice cream out of the freezer… all we know is these twin babies look like they are having one great conversation.

A video of two 17-month old boys chattering away to each other, appearing to have an unintelligible conversation has become a hit online.

Their parents say Sam and Wren sometimes sound like they have a secret language of their own, but that even they are not sure what was being discussed.

If there are any baby translators out there we would love to know exactly what is being said… though we're pretty convinced it's something about the odd socks.

275x250.jpgMillions of house proud mums won't let their kids paint or draw at home - in case they make a mess, it has been found.

Researchers say one in two mothers would rather ban messy children's pastimes than spend hours cleaning up after them.

In fact, many mums would rather their kids to watch TV and play computer games instead and half of the 2,000 polled said they're on edge if their children start drawing or painting in the house.

The study revealed the extent to which mums are obsessed with keeping the house tidy - with plaster of Paris, charcoal and modelling clay banned in one in ten homes.

One-in-five also said they won't even put their children's art work on display in the home because they are concerned that it will look untidy and won't match their decor. Really. 

275x250.jpgResearchers have discovered what parents have known for years - youngsters would rather watch TV or play computer games than go outside.

A study of 1,000 parents and 500 children found that most devote almost all their spare time to staring at screens rather than going outdoors.

Described as the 'Indoor Generation' it's said children actually spend twice as much leisure time indoors compared to being outside.

Asked what they enjoy doing most, children opted for going to the cinema, playing computer games and going online.

Bizarrely 70% of the parents quizzed said they thought the reason their kids stayed inside was bad weather… not that computer games are just much better now.

275x250.jpg The Royal Mail has released a set of stamps featuring cult TV shows including Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Stingray.

Specially commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of puppeteer Gerry Anderson's work, the stamps are sure to be a hit with retro TV fans.

Other TV shows commemorated with the stamps include Joe 90, Fireball XL5 and Supercar, which first aired in 1961.

We are sure the stamps would also be popular with children… if only they had ever heard of Tunderbirds… and still knew what stamps were for.

275x250.jpgOnly one in ten Brits is currently in the career they dreamed of as a child,  it has been found.

More than nine out of ten admit they are 'totally dissatisfied' with their current job and would 'quit tomorrow' if they had the chance.

Nearly two-thirds still harbour ambitions of pursuing their childhood dreams, with the majority having done so for more than ten years.

But a lack of contacts, courage and confidence means less than a fifth of the UK workforce has taken active steps towards making a career change.

In other news, if anyone knows how we can become a chocolate taster or astronaut (or an outer space chocolate taster) please let us know.

LEGO bricks named as the greatest ever toy

275x250.jpgA poll of 3,000 parents has seen LEGO voted as the greatest toy ever made.

The colourful building bricks, invented in 1949 by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen, were hailed as versatile and great value for money.

Slot car game Scalextric came second and was followed by the classic board game Monopoly - know as 'monotony' by some due to its reputation for being never ending.

Other top toys according to the parents included the Nintendo Wii, Play Doh, Barbie and the Etch-A-Sketch. They also liked Action Man, and Space Hoppers, and Twister…

Which sounds to us like there will be a few parents on Christmas morning desperately hoping their child gets bored quickly so they can have a play.

275x250.jpgThey're slightly more macabre than the typical teddy bear, but a range of 'roadkill' soft toys are expected to be a Christmas hit.

Created by designer Adam Arber the toys look like animals which have been run over -- complete with plush blood and guts.

Currently there are three squashed-looking gruesome characters, Twitch the Racoon, Grind the Rabbit and Splodge the Hedgehog.

All come with a body bag and an identity tag and their insides can be pulled out and then packed back inside.

Makers say they make perfect gifts for sociopaths… and could be ideal for traumatising your little one on Christmas morning, though they suggest not gifting them to under 14s.

275x250.jpgA gummy worm 128 times bigger than the usual sweet, measuring 26 inches long and packing 4,000 calories has gone on sale online.

The mega-sweet is identical to the two-tone ones you enjoyed as a child, but everything about it is bigger, including the £18 price.

With an impressive 5-inch girth the ribbed sweet contains 46 cubic inches of candy - that's the same as 128 regular gummy worms or 840 regular gummy bears.

The monster worm comes in a variety of flavours from pineapple and cherry to lemon and orange and each one contains almost double the recommended daily calorie intake.

Even makers of the world's largest Gummy worm agree it's not that healthy and don't advise eating it one sitting… though they do suggest carving it like a Christmas turkey. 

The average ten-year-old has a collection of toys worth almost £7,000 - but plays with just £330 worth of them, it has been claimed.

A study quizzed 3,000 parents about their children's toys and found the typical one owns 238, but play with just 12 'favourites' on a daily basis.

This means kids are enjoying just five per cent of their toys -- and mom and dad have wasted a fortune on noisy bits of plastic.

It was also found parents think their children end up picking the same toys day in and day out because they have too many to choose from.

The poll also revealed 35% of construction toys such as Lego rarely get used… unless you include when Dad plays with it on his own.

Hobbies such as stamp collecting, train spotting and model making are dying out, a study has revealed.

Researchers found the quintessential British pastimes are now considered 'boring' or 'for anoraks'.

Other hobbies which modern kids turn their noses up at include collecting marbles, completing jigsaws and constructing train sets.

Instead  youngsters now count 'watching television', 'playing computer games' or 'Facebooking', as their 'hobby'.

The trend emerged in a study of 1,000 adults and 1,000 children aged between 11 and 18… now we are not sure how they got the kids off Facebook for long enough to answer the question either.

Boffins claim they've cracked the secret which will enable them to create Willy Wonka style sweets which replicate three meals in a single stick of gum.

Scientist Dave Hart, from the Institute of Food Research, says he can turn Roald Dahl’s eccentric gourmet gum invention into reality -- and luckily, without the unpleasant side effects!

Working with a team from the National Science & Engineering Competition he says nanotechnology can be used to encapsulate and release flavours in a precisely controlled way.

Hart and his team are currently experimenting with boiled sweets which have different flavour layers separated with a tasteless gelatine and contain a final desert taste at the centre, encapsulated in a high-tech gel called Gellan.

While he says a chewing gum might be a few years away, it he proclaims his boiled sweets a success -- and he hasn't even turned any children into blueberries, or so he says.

This baby was born on a date to remember after arriving early on the tenth day, of the tenth month in the tenth year of the millennium… and at 10.10am and 10 seconds.

Little Niamh Bond couldn't wait any longer and was born eight weeks premature on what some have hailed as the luckiest day of the century.

The tiny tot weighed just 3lb 7oz when she was delivered at Good Hope Hospital, after her mom Keelie, 20, was rushed in on Saturday evening.

Niamh had not been due for another eight weeks -- but obviously thought it would be better to have a birthday no-one has an excuse for forgetting.

Proud Mum Keelie Hearne said she couldn't believe it when she realised the timing and was just glad her partner Dean Bond was there… yes, he arrived 10 minutes before Niamh was born.

A worrying number of British kids reckon Buzz Lightyear was the first person to walk on the moon and 24's Jack Bauer blew up the Houses of Parliament.
The terrifying statistics emerged from a study of 2,000 schoolchildren where they were asked about key events in history and the people involved.
Twenty percent of kids believe Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear was the first person to set foot on the moon rather than Neil Armstrong while others thought it was Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

One in twenty thought Jack Bauer was behind the Gunpowder plot and a third didn't know Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone (9% said it was Deal or No Deal's Noel Edmonds).
It also emerged one in twenty thought Christopher Columbus discovered liposuction, NOT America, while one in ten wrongly believe Rolf Harris painted the Mona Lisa.

Computer games where players control the action by swinging a remote control around are producing a unique brand of injuries, doctors claim.

Medics say using devices like the Nintendo Wii and the new Sony Playstation Move can lead to sprains in feet, shoulders and ankles.

Researchers from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia say there's a growing number of people admitted to hospital with games-console injuries each year.

But injuries are not limited to those overdoing it with their Wii -- many of the patients were to bystanders who had been clobbered by a swinging Wii-mote.

We are now wondering what game has caused the most injures. If you've come a cropper while Wii-ing let us know in the comments.

Toys R Us have revealed a list of the top selling toys from the past 25 years, including POGS, Transformers, Bratz Dolls and Go Go Pet Hamsters.

The store, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in the UK this month, looked back over sales figures to find the most popular toy from each year.

The toy giant say they have witnessed a dramatic shift. Two decades ago children were nagging their parents for football stickers, Sylvanian Families and Transformers Robots.
But in recent years some of the biggest sellers have been high-tech toys such as Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.
One thing which has remained consistent over the years… the increased nagging parents experience in the build-up to Christmas.

Parents will spend more than £5,000 on a baby before its first birthday, a study has revealed.

Nappies, clothes, nursery furniture and feeding equipment means mums and dads will part with a total of £5,213.25 during the pregnancy and the first 12 months.

And amazingly almost £1,500 of that is said to be splashed out on their baby… before it is even born on things like a pram, car seat and toys.

But the spending spree doesn't end there, the poll of 2,000 parents found nappies, clothes, toiletries and food see another £3,793 spent during the baby's first year.

The biggest chunk of the cash, £547, goes on buying furniture and a cot and getting the nursery decorated… and then redecorated when you find out it is a boy and not a girl.

275x250.jpgA pair of sisters who astounded doctors when they were born as black and white twins, have started their first day at school.

Marcia and Millie Biggs were near impossible to tell apart when they were first born in July 2006... but their incredible difference soon became apparent.

Amanda and the twins father Michael had been together 10 years when they conceived the girls through IVF treatment.

Marcia has inherited her mother's fair complexion and golden brown hair, while Millie takes after dad Michael, who is of Jamaican origin, with her tight dark curls and brown skin.

With Millie and Marcia now in their uniforms for the first time - they're one pair of twins who teachers shouldn't struggle to tell apart.

275x250.jpgThe average British parent will have recently spent £1,000 kitting out their children to go back to school, it has been found.

A survey of parents discovered the cost of school uniforms, accessories and additional activities soon add up to a wallet-busting and surprising amount.

95% confessed to spending £500 on new school clothing and gear this summer and 81% said they'd spent as much as £500 on school trips and activities like music classes or swimming lessons.  

Almost half of of those polled also said they felt pressured into spending more money on 'branded' products for their kids to take to school.

25% say this is so their kids fit in with peers while 10% say it was to stop bullying… because everybody knows a pair of Nike trainers will stop a fat ginger kid from being picked on.

275x250.jpg A German toy firm has started producing a range of cuddly-toys which each suffer a psychiatric disorder.

Creator Martin Kittsteiner, from Hamburg, says he came up with the idea for the soft toys after joking with his girlfriend about her teddy bear collection.

Between them they created and produced a collection of toys with mental illnesses ranging from depression and water phobia to bipolar disorder.

The £25 each toys are currently on sale online and Martin says they are proving a hit with children and adults… keep reading to discover the illnesses.

275x250.jpgToddlers named Rose and Corey are the hardest to handle, according to a study of parents.

Children bearing these monikers are said to be more likely to throw tantrums, kick up a fuss and argue with their parents.

The names emerged in a study of 3,000 parents of children who were asked to reveal the name of their youngsters and rate their behaviour.

The study also showed girls are marginally more difficult to handle than boys - with 58 per cent of girls often throwing tantrums compared to 56 per cent of boys.

Other big handfuls include girls named Sophia, Victoria, Faith and Isabel and boys  called Jay, Bailey, Kyle or Kian.

275x250.jpgTech-savvy schoolchildren are coming up with more extravagant excuses for failing to submit homework on time, it has been found.

Old favourites such as "the dog ate it" are being replaced by tech-laden excuses involving crashed computers, printer failures and broken email servers.

A survey of 500 teachers and 1,000 school pupils found three quarters of teachers are now hearing more tech-based excuses with eight in ten saying kids think they won't understand the tech.

The most common excuse for not handing in homework is now "I emailed it to you, but I got a bounce-back email" followed by "I deleted it by accident".

But home-work skiving traditionalists will be pleased, "The dog ate it" is still the third most popular… though no teacher has ever believed it.

275x250.jpgThe average mum is a master multi-tasker who carries out the roles of 23 different professions, a study has revealed.

Researchers found modern mothers have to be a cleaner, entertainer, chef and accountant, as well as travel agent, teacher and chamber maid.

On top of that they also have to have skills as a first-aider, dog walker, chauffeur and hairdresser.

The study also found the average mum works more than 13 hours a day while the kids are off school, getting out of bed at 7.16am and finally switching off at 8.41pm.

Personally we think moms carry out the duties of 24 different professions…  given the amount of time they spend watching soaps surely they could add TV critic to the list.

275x250.jpgMillions of parents admit fibbing to their kids to get them to eat more healthy foods, a study has revealed.

Researchers found eight out of ten mothers regularly wheel out old classics such as 'carrots will help you see in the dark' or 'crusts will make your hair curl'.

Other popular food fibs include 'eating vegetables will make you big and strong' and 'Spinach will give you muscles like Popeye'.

A cruel claim the ice-cream van only plays music when it has run out of lollies is also still commonly used.

What, what? You mean ice-cream vans playing music do still have ice-cream left? Suddenly my parents have some explaining to do.

275x250.jpg A pushchair which can be converted into a child-carrying bicycle in just 20 seconds has become a hit with eco-friendly mothers.

The £1,500 Taga Bike looks like a 'normal' pushchair but after a bit of twisting, folding and flipping becomes a fully functioning bike with a child-seat on the front.

Makers say this means parents can pedal from home to the local park or the shops and simply convert back to a stroller when there, leaving the car at home.

While we love the engineering feat which is the pushchair-bicycle, we can see one glaring problem… what if you want one, but haven't got a young child.

275x250.jpgMore than 20,000 children in America are injured each year when they go sledding, it has been found.

Research into sledging-related injuries from 1997-2007 found a shocking 229,023 under-19-year-olds had required hospital treatment.

Analysis of accidents found that the most common injuries were fractures (26%), followed by cuts and bruises (25%).

The study also revealed the majority of injuries occurred during a collision (51%), with the head was the most commonly injured body part (34%).

Use of motorised vehicles to pull sledges was also said to be one of the reasons for an increase in accidents… which is a shame given how much fun it is.

275x250.jpgThe average family will endure 84 arguments over the summer holidays, it has been found.

Parental bust-ups over money, how to occupy bored youngsters and fall-outs between the kids themselves means the average family bickers twice every day.

That's 14 rows each week and 84 over the six-week week holiday. And more than half of parents admit they argue more with the family over the summer holidays than at any other time of the year.

Oddly the study also revealed there is a most common time for the fights, with 2.38pm said to be when most rows break out, with each argument lasting an average of 7.19 minutes.

But while the majority of arguments are between the children in the family, more than one in five involve mum and dad… though those can last for days.

275x250.jpgLEGO has beaten off stiff competition from Barbie, Action Man and the Nintendo Game Boy to be named the most popular toy ever made.

The Danish building bricks - first launched in 1949 - have topped a poll to find the world's most cherished toy.

More than half of the 3,000 people aged between 20 and 40-years-old opted for the colourful bricks, which are still in demand today.

Men's top four toys were Lego, Game Boy, Transformers and Action Man, while women opted for the Barbie doll first, with Lego, My Little Pony, Game Boy and Sindy also scoring highly.

A spokesperson for LEGO said the win was something they hoped to build on… we bet it's not the first time they've used that line.

275x250.jpg An image on Google Street View of a girl's body lying face down on the pavement sparked panic among local residents that crime had gone undetected.

Families in Middle Road, St John’s, Worcester, feared something terrible had happened to a young girl on their doorstep, when they saw the shocking image online.

But they needn't have worried and contacted police -- because it was just a youngster playing a prank on her friend by pretending to be dead and not realising the Google car was passing.

Nine-year-old Azura - who says she didn't know the Google car was passing - had fallen over and was 'playing dead' as a prank on her friend… and inadvertently the internet.

275x250.jpgModern children have ditched traditional outdoor games in favour of high-tech gadgets a new study has revealed.

Youngsters no longer participate in time-honoured pastimes like conkers, hopscotch and marbles with over half of kids saying their favourite game is the Nintendo Wii.

Nearly three quarters of kids aged four to 11 have never played the playground favourite hopscotch, with ten percent of kids thinking it was a soft drink.

A whopping 93 percent of children surveyed said they would never play marbles and half had never even heard of the small glass balls.

Other well known games modern kids are unaware of include, Rock, Paper, Scissors (80%) and Tiddlywinks (50%) -- which makes us feel depressingly old.

275x250.jpgChildren who enjoy Popeye cartoons generally eat more vegetables than those who don't watch the classic show, it has been found.

Researchers at Mahidol University in Bangkok claim the type and amount of vegetables children eat can be directly linked to TV shows they watch.

Tests on four to five-years-olds found watching Popeye scoff spinach before beating up Bluto made kids want to eat more greens.

In fact the researchers claim the twenty six children in their study - which also saw them plant seeds and cook - doubled their vegetable intake as a result.

Next up the boffins will study the impact of watching Tom and Jerry on the level of infant frying pan attacks.

275x250.jpgA Facebook page called "I'm lost. Help me find my family" has been set up in a bid to reunite a tatty teddybear with his owner.

Cafe owner Liz Everett started the page after the lost bear was accidentally left in her Suffolk tearoom.

She said the threadbare bear was so adorable she knew he'd be missed and felt a Facebook page would be the best way of tracking down his owner.

And after posting pictures of 'Meare-Kat' on the beach and enjoying an ice-cream more than 1,000 people have joined the search and are asking their friends to help.

It's now hoped someone who know the forgetful family will see the campaign and Meare-Kat can be reunited with them… if he's not having too much fun at the seaside.

275x250.jpgNot content with their little darling only having one birthday each year, many parents have started celebrating 'half birthdays' too.

The half birthday celebration - which includes the usual parties and gift giving - is said to be the latest odd parenting trend.

Celebrated 182.5 days (half a year) after the real anniversary of a child's birth, the parties have become a hit with middle-class families.

And firms cashing in on the trend have even started producing special 'Happy Half Birthday' cakes and cards.

Let us know in the comment section if you're tempted to start celebrating half birthdays -- and if Queen Elizabeth II is reading this (and we know she does) your second birthday doesn't count.

275x250.jpgA woman who was told by doctors it was impossible for her to get pregnant says she's now due to give birth -- thanks to fertility statues.

Rachel Taylor and her husband Jon, from New Jersey, had been trying to have a baby for over three years when she first read about fertility statues on the internet.

Impressed by what she saw, Rachel decided to make a visit to Wisconsin where a pair of five-foot tall wooden statues from West Africa were on show at a Ripley’s Odditorium.

Because it was claimed the statues had helped over 1,000 women get pregnant Rachel said she didn't feel conspicuous about rubbing them.

And she says she was right not to -- because she is now due to have a baby boy in August… hopefully he won't look like the statues.

275x250.jpgA dating website which only accepts 'beautiful' members has launched a virtual sperm and egg bank for would-be parents who want attractive offspring.

Before joining BeautifulPeople.com would-be members have to pass a public beauty test with current daters decideding whether they are hot enough.

But now the controversial site has launched a service for less attractive couples wanting to have children who are more blessed in the looks department.

Users of the 'Beautiful Baby Service' can pick to receive sperm and eggs donated by 'officially attractive' users - guaranteeing better looking kids.

In odd news, the service can also be used to insure that your little one grows up to be inherently vain.

A Brazilian baby with remarkable dancing skills has become an online hit… and once you hit play, you'll see why.

Standing on a kitchen table wearing only a nappy, the little tot starts thrusting his hips in time to the music.

Within seconds he is pointing, waving his arms and pulling complicated dance moves which seem almost impossible for a child so young.

Perched precariously on the table he dances away as family members film him with mobile phones.

The video has now been watched by over 500,000 people online with many YouTubers suggesting the lad could be the reincarnation of Michael Jackson.

275x250.jpgThe average mum makes 11 new friends outside her original circle of friends at baby and toddler groups –- but can’t stand half of them.
Six-in-ten mums claim they have nothing in common with most new pals and are forced to talk about children 100 per cent of the time.
And 43 percent admit they would never have considered socialising with half of their ‘mum friends’ if they hadn’t started a family.
A third of mums say they get fed up with others thinking they know everything about raising children, and 32 per cent are frustrated they don’t share any hobbies or interests with their ‘mum friends’.

Mothers only consider two of the 11 new friends someone they will be long term pals with… though the odds are they don't feel the same way.

275x250.jpgAfter being revealed yesterday, the London 2012 Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville have faced harsh criticism online.

Olympic organisers say the odd-looking one-eyed creatures represent the UK's rich Olympic history, but not too many people seem to be picking up on that.

Instead people have described the pair as "partly blinded Teletubbies" and "the worst mascots ever" -- and that's before getting onto ones which pick up on the phallic design.

It's said the idea for the characters came from two drops of molten steel dropped while making the last girder for London's Olympic Stadium.

They're designed to be interactive (whatever that means) and even have their own Twitter pages -- so at least you know where to direct you insults.

275x250.jpgOne in five parents REGRET the names they have chosen for their children, it has been found.

19 per cent of those quizzed in a recent study said they were fed up with the sheer number of other children sharing the same moniker as their little one.
In hindsight mums and dads claim they wouldn’t have chosen names such as William, Oliver and Jack - which tend to be the most common.
For girls popular names Chloe, Ruby and Olivia are the ones which parents wish they had come up with an alternative for.
15% regret the names they pick because it's laughed at by friends and family… we can only image this percentage increase for celebrities.

This CCTV footage shows how an Australian dad saved his baby son by tightly holding onto him when an out-of-control car ploughed into them on the pavement.

Incredibly, Andrew Leach only suffered a broken leg in the horror crash, and little Haydn miraculously escaped without a scratch on him.

The accident happened near Sydney when an 82-year-old female driver suffered a suspected heart attack and lost control of her car.

As the video shows, her vehicle mounted the curb and headed straight towards the Leach family.

Andrew says he intentionally held his son tightly and lifted him out of the way of the accident knowing he would be hit and injured himself.

275x250.jpgHaving a baby increases the number of friends a woman has by eight, it has been found.

Researchers claim that before falling pregnant the average woman has just three friends they feel comfortable sharing secrets with and relying on.

But those with children say they have an average of 11 good mates - most of who they meet because of their kids.

Waiting at the school playground is said to be the place most moms make new friends, followed by mother and baby groups and the local nursery.

One in 10 have say they have met new pals whilst sweating it out at the gym… while trying to get away from the kids.

275x250.jpg The Dunn's are not your average family -- they spend their days driving speeding vehicles, jumping through windows and setting themselves on fire.

The family-of-five from Vancouver have appeared in countless Hollywood movies including Catwoman, Poltergeist and X-Men 2.

Parents Jim and Celia think nothing of watching their children Connor, 15, Ali 11 and Austin, 9, fighting, exploding and climbing up the sides of buildings.

Amazingly the kids have never (yet) been injured while doing the crazy stunts… though Dad Jim has broke his leg seven times.

275x250.jpgThe average parent spends more than a month of their life playing with their children's toys by themselves, it has been found.
Researchers claim mums and dads mess around with toys such as dolls, cars and action figures for at least 22 minutes per day - when not playing with their child.
This means they fiddle with games, bricks and dolls for two hours and 34 minutes every week, which equates to nearly five days a year.
That means that while the child is between the ages of four and 11, the average parent will play alone for one month and 10 days.
Many parents also get upset when a child wants to play with a toy they are fiddling with… especially if the child makes a taller Lego tower.

275x250.jpgEight out of ten mums admit they have started rolling out the tried and tested adages their parents used to deal with them when they were kids.

Researchers found 'Because I said so' and 'Wait and see' are the most common retorts fired at the children along with 'If someone asked you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?'

'It'll end in tears' and 'who's she, the cat's mother?', also emerged as common answers to annoying questions - much like they did for previous generations.

The study of 3,000 mums found more than half intentionally use some of their parent's best loved phrases because they think it worked to discipline them.

But 40 per cent of mums admitted sometimes repeating things their parents said even though they didn't really know what it meant.

275x250.jpgFour in 10 kids would rather receive expensive Christmas presents than spend time with Mum and Dad, it has been revealed.

A study has revealed that 13 million British children would prefer to receive a new games console, puppy or bike than undivided attention from their parents.

More than half of those polled said the very best thing about Christmas is seeing what presents are under the tree when they wake up.

However, 45 percent of kids admitted that having both mum and dad with them all day also makes Christmas special.

The most popular toys rivalling mum and dad's attention include computer games and mp3 players - which makes sense when you think about it, how could parents compete with a Nintendo Wii?

Hoodies get huge fangs on their arms

275x250.jpgThe idea of fang mouthed hoodies may sound pretty scary - luckily they are just the latest must-have item of clothing.

These hoodies are the brainchild of Ross Valory who came up with the idea after seeing his friends children crossing their arms elbows pointed out in front.

They opened and closed their arms in a chopping fashion, punctuated of course, by monster noises.

Ross thought it be cool if there was a shirt with a graphic on the sleeves that would form a face with a mouth that would open and close when you put your arms together.

He contacted a graphic artist and started creating the hoodies which allow kids to transform into geckos, sharks, raptors, frogs, dogs, cobras, gators, tigers and orcas.

275x250.jpgCelebrities are being warned to check for funny or odd translations of any unusual names they pick for their children.

The problem was highlighted after it was revealed that Kai Rooney - the name picked by  Wayne and Colleen Rooney for their new son - has different meanings around the world.

Kai means "pier" in Estonian, "probably" in Finnish and "stop it" in Yoruba -- making him Stop it Rooney.

Now a translation firm has launched a £1,000 service for other celebrities who worry they might make the same sort of mistake.

And they say stars including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, David and Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale should have all used it, find out why after the link.

275x250.jpgForty percent of parents say they feel inadequate and embarrassed when they can't answer questions their children ask.

Brain-teasers like "How is rain made?" and "Why is the sea salty?" are said to be the most embarrassing - because parents think they should know the answer.

A survey of over 3,000 parents found that 52 percent regularly have problems answering questions from their youngsters.

But a quarter say they have an easy solution, they make up an answer knowing their child will believe whatever they say. Another 24 percent try to distract the child by offering them something like sweets.

Hmmm, this could explain why my dad used to say so many things where "Just decided by God rolling a dice".

275x250.jpgBoffins have created a piece of software which can tell why a baby is crying - after listening to it for just five seconds.

But that's not all, that have now released it as an iPhone app meaning you can just hold your phone near the baby and find out whether it is hungry, tired, bored, stressed or angry.

Biloop Technologies in Barcelona say that in clinical tests their £5.99 'Cry Translator' app had a 96 percent accuracy level in correctly deciphering the meaning of a baby’s cry.

Maybe that other four percent were crying because their parents kept waving an iPhone over their head rather than giving them a teddy.

275x250.jpgOne in 20 children think Adolf Hitler coached Germany's national football team, a survey has revealed.

The poll of over 2,000 British kids - testing what the know about the world wars - also found one in six kids believed Auschwitz is a World War Two theme park.

Worryingly twelve per cent assumed McDonald's Golden Arches was the symbol of Remembrance Day and 40 percent didn't even know what day it fell on.

One in 20 of the nine to 15-year-olds also said they thought the Holocaust was the celebration at the end of the war.

On a slightly more encouraging not 70 percent of those polled said they would like to find out more about the world wars -- like who won.

Baby born on plane is named after airline

275x250.jpgA premature baby boy who was born on during a flight from Penang to Kuching, has been named after the airline Air Asia.

Mid-flight expectant mother Liew Siaw Hsia give birth at 2,000 feet with the help of a doctor who was handily on-board and the plane was diverted to Kuala Lumpur.

Air Asia later decided to reward mom - who hadn't been due for another 11 weeks - and her baby by offering them both free flights for life.

Now the 31-year-old mother has returned the favour by naming her child after the airline. He is called Asia Liew Ya Hang - 'Ya Hang' means AirAsia in Mandarin.

Still, it could have been worse… if they had taken a different flight he could have been called Steve Virgin by now.

Nightclub full of babes

(Funny News) Some nightclub events have a strict entry policy, not this one - you don't have to prove your age, in fact you don't even have to be able to talk, or stand up.

'Baby Loves Disco' is a nightclub event with a difference, despite being held in 'serious' venues and having a fully stocked bar, it is aimed at the under sevens. 

The events were first held on the east-coast of America but are now planned at nighclubs across the UK.

Pupils leave adverts in homework

(Funny News) Dopey school-children who are trying to cheat by downloading their homework from the internet are even leaving in adverts, say their teachers.

58% of teachers surveyed from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) say they have come across plagiarism by their pupils.

Some are so happy to cut-and-paste they are even forgetting to delete Google Adverts and references to the website they are copying from.

Scouts get PR badge

Scouts once learned how to tie knots and pitch tents but they will soon be taught in the dark arts of spin and public relations.

The UK Scout Association has this week introduced 40 new badges which also skate-boarding and street sports.

To be awarded the PR badge scouts will have to write press releases and visit media outlets.

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