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A video of a heavily pregnant woman with a baby apparently trying to burst out from her stomach Alien-style has become an online hit.

In the one and a half minute clip, the French mom-to-be is seen lying on her back as her unborn child kicks and wriggles inside.

This causes her stomach to contort and wobbly - much to the amusement of the mother, her partner and another child.

And the video has also become an online hit gaining more than 150,000 views of YouTube since it was uploaded earlier this week.

But while many viewers have been amused and drawing comparisons with the chest-busting creature from Alien -- several expectant mothers have been left terrified. 

275x250.jpgThe average British bloke looks like Peter Kay… but thinks he most resembles David Beckham, it has been found.

The TV funnyman was revealed as the typical man in the street's celebrity look-a-like by an iPhone app which measures facial contours before telling users which star they most resemble.

Using stats from over 27,000 downloads it was also said that more UK women look like Charlotte Church than any other female celeb.

David Cameron, Richard Hammond and Chris Moyles also emerged as top male celeb-a-likes while for women it was Kate Garraway and Cheryl Fergiso.

However, a poll of 3,000 revealed the majority of deluded blokes believe they share David Beckham's good looks... they also think they can play football like him.

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