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We've seen more than our fair share of escapee cows here at Newslite Towers, from ones on the run in New York to ones which ended un in swimming pools, but this is about the most bizarre yet.

After not getting the attention she wanted, Darcy the cow recently escaped from her pen in Colorado -- an a family-run farm -- and hoofed it down the road.

The four-year-old award-winning cow later turned up at a drive-thru window of a McDonald’s half a mile away where workers took photos and boasted about how fresh there meat was.

A video of a spider devouring a snake has become a YouTube hit… and no we didn't get the words snake and spider the wrong way around.

Filmed by Cairns kite surfer Ant Hadleigh in the forest of Cape York, the video shows a mid-air battle between a golden orb spider and a brown tree snake which was caught in a web.

Hadleigh says he thought the snake was going to be an easy winner, given its size advantage, but despite managing to attack the spider a couple of times, the arachnid’s had the advantage.

As the spider ate the snake one bite at a time Hadleigh was brave enough to hold his hand behind the attack to give a sense of scale… we hope all of his fingers are still intact.

A TV weatherman had to abandon plans to broadcast from an outside studio in Pennsylvania -- when two bears interrupted a live broadcast.

WNEP meteorologist Kurt Aaron was due to be give his forecast from the studio backyard during the 11pm show... and then the bears appeared.

So instead Aaron (quite sensibly) decided to hide out inside the studio and explain tp viewers what had happened.

"I walked out there, and I turn around and I hear the sound - and the bear's literally ten feet from me! And I ran like I stole something, I'm not gonna lie!" he said.

Don't you just hate it when you are walking down the road sending a text message and come fafe to face with a bear? What do you mean this has never happened to you?

Residents of La Crescenta in California had recently been warned about a 500 pound black bear wandering the neighbourhood… but it appears this guy hadn't got the memo.

A news crew from KTLA5 have been flying over the area to get footage of the bear when they spotted local resident Vaz Terdandenyan walking down the road.

Terdandenyan was so distracted by his mobile that he didn't notice the bear until he was fafe to face with it. Then he noticed it.

A video of a golden retriever saving a puppy from a swimming pool has become an online hit… and rightly so.

In the clip, a distressed little pup can be seen doing doggie paddle (obviously) in the middle of the pool after apparently being thrown in.

But within seconds the lifeguard dog mother has jumped in and helped the pup reach the side of the pool by supporting her above the water with her snout.

Then, as the little dog struggled to get out the mother climbed out of the pool ran around and grabbed it by its scruff before dragging it to safety.

275x250.jpg A businessman has reportedly crashed his beloved Ferrari Testarossa and caused £30,000 worth of damage by swerving to miss a hedgehog.

Joerg Daecher was travelling home from work at Eschershausen in Germany when he spotted the creature and tried to drive around it.

Unfortunately -- thanks to leaves on the road -- he lost control of the sports-car and crashed into a barrier after he spun out of control.

It has been estimated that damage to the car could cost £35,000 to repair.

On a more positive note, it's understood that the hedgehog managed to escape the accident uninjured… which we're sure makes Joerg feel better. 

275x250.jpg A hermit crab has moved into a bizarre new home… a shell made entirely of LEGO bricks. Well he does live in an aquarium at Legoland.

Harry, who lives in a rock pool at the Windsor attraction, is said to have surprised keepers by opting for the red, yellow and blue shell over more traditional abodes.

Senior Aquarist, Liane Riley explained; “Hermit crabs have soft bodies which need protecting, but they don’t have their own shells.

"They solve this problem by salvaging for empty sea shells and literally moving in but we decided to give Harry a wider choice and the model makers here created a special LEGO house just for him. 

An "exquisitely preserved" woolly mammoth has been discovered in a frozen cliff in Siberia, giving a important insight into the animals.

Named 'Yuka' by scientists, the creature is thought have been three or four years old when it was killed lions and humans who took over the kill at an early stage.

Since then it has spent more than 10,000 years it an icy tomb -- but amazingly its foot pads and "strawberry-blonde" hair are still clearly visible.

"Already there is dramatic evidence of a life-and-death struggle between Yuka and some top predator, probably a lion," said Prof Daniel Fisher of the University of Michigan.

275x250.jpg Because we think any day only gets better with the addition of racing miniature pig -- here's some little porkers doing their think at Pennywell Farm.

Bosses there say that it took months of planning the course and training the pigs, but that it was all worth it because miniature pig racing has been a massive hit with visitors.

With obstacles like Bacon’s Brook and the Trough to contend with the pint sized porkers have to be at the peak of their physical fitness and on sizzling good form and it was 9 month old Red Runt who triumphed in the first race.
Pennywell’s owner Chris Murray says: "The pigs have been hamming it up, the visitors have been all out in supporting them and it’s odds on we have a classic activity in the making."

Everyone knows dogs and cats fight… but did you know they sometimes do it with lightsabers? Well this video shows it so it must be true!

A video effects expert has taken a innocuous video of a cat and pitbull dog getting into a little scrape and added a helping of Star Wars weapons.

The result, a video which couldn't help but become a YouTube hit.

275x250.jpg It's that time of year again, animal charity PDSA has announced the line-up of pet finalists in its annual slimming competition Pet Fit Club.

This year the overweight animal contestants include 11 dogs, 5 cats and 2 rabbits… who are currently carrying a combined excess weight of over 24 stone.

And the 18 finalists include a ‘custard cream loving’ dog called Alfie; a 10.2kg Scottish cat called Maverick who is 85% overweight.

There is also food thief, Deco - a canine who likes cake but is carrying 57% extra body weight; Romeo the Labrador who has a penchant for roast dinners who is 47% overweight.

275x250.jpg As Olympic fever hits the the UK even the penguins at London Zoo are apparently getting in on the act… after getting their very own diving board installed.

The diving board was installed to celebrate ZSL London Zoo being awarded LOCOG’s Inspired by 2012 mark for its summer Animal Athletes programme.

As such the colony of 64 penguins can now practice their spectacular diving skills and keepers say they have already perfected their penguin-stroke and mastered the flipper-crawl.

Head Bird keeper, Adrian Walls said: “The penguins love nothing more than to show off their diving skills and really play up to the audiences. I think they love having their very own diving board.

275x250.jpg A little puppy called Beyonce -- which had to be revived by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions when she was born -- is thought to be the world's tiniest.

The Dachshund mix was part of a litter of five born earlier this month to a mother who had been taken in by The Grace Foundation, which takes in unwanted animals.

Bosses from the organisation have submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if Beyonce is the world's smallest puppy… or at least the smallest New York Times subscriber.

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