Women spend 4.5 months on the phone to mum

275x250.jpg The average woman will spend the equivalent of four-and-a-half months of her life chatting on the phone – to her mum, it emerged yesterday.

Research revealed most women make at least one call a day to their mum with the conversation lasting 21 minutes.

Incredibly, one in ten ring their mother at least three times a day, spending a total of 63 minutes chatting.

By contrast poor old dad is lucky to grab a brief chat with his daughter once every couple of days, with the call ending after just 15 minutes.

Topics of conversation with mum range from health issues and money worries to what’s happening in EastEnders, via gossip about other family members, work, food and shopping.
The timescale was calculated by taking into account a window of 25 years when mother and daughter are most likely to talk regularly.

It was compiled following a study carried out among 2,000 women by the UK’s Ovarian Cancer Action to highlight the important relationship between mothers and daughters and launch their new Take Ovarian Cancer Action Now! campaign.

Yesterday Gilda Witte, Ovarian Cancer Action’s chief executive, said: ”Mothers and daughters often enjoy a special relationship, so we commissioned this survey to give us insight that would help our health campaign, and it is clear they take every opportunity to talk to each other and share this critical information.

”It may seem hard on poor old dads at times, but we found that as much as women love their fathers, it’s mums that they confide in."

Ovarian Cancer Action     
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