Squirrel stashed hundreds of acorns in car engine

275x250.jpg When a driver in Hampshire couldn't start their car, they assumed there was a mechanical problem and called a rescue service.

But the fault was actually due to a squirrel preparing for winter by stashing hundreds of nuts in the air intake pipe and box.

AA man Andy Smith said: "When I looked over the car there was no obvious fault. I tried all the usual things but was left puzzled when nothing worked.

However, spotting an air pipe collapsing while the engine was being revved Andy took the air intake off and the cause of the problem became immediately apparent.
"The pipe and air box were literally rammed with acorns – they just poured out," he said.

"The air intake is about the width of a drinks can, so the squirrel obviously thought it made the perfect secret stash."

He used a handheld vacuum cleaner to clear out the last of the debris and, once reassembled, the car was as good as new. Before leaving, Andy briefed the member on how to check for any future squirrel sabotage.
Andy says: "It’s certainly one of the nuttiest breakdowns I’ve ever been out to – we couldn’t stop laughing – but I just hope the wee thing has plenty of other stashes buried away for the winter."

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