Thieves in New York chop down tree to steal bike

In proof that you need to be careful where you park your bike, thieves in Brooklyn chopped down a tree to steal a £40 bicycle.

The bizarre crime - they ended up ditching the bike after trying it - happened in the Brooklyn area of New York and was captured on camera.

Time-lapse footage shows a group of men looking at the chained up cycle in the early hours of the morning before disappearing and returning with an axe.

They then proceed to chop down the 20ft tree before laughing and walking away. One of the gang can then be seen returning to the scene of the crime and jumping on the bike.

But in an odd twist, after riding it for five seconds, he drops it and leaves. The sap. We still can't get the root of why, but knock on wood no more trees will be harmed in bike thefts.
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