“After the break, we are going to govern.” The second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, returned to the Catalan campaign this Sunday to send a message to the Socialist Party, whom polls place as the first force for next May 12. “It is good that the president has stopped, we work so that people can stop, but we must provide this pause with content,” she has defended in line with the messages that her political space has launched since last Monday Pedro Sánchez decided to continue after weigh his resignation for 5 days.

The leader of Sumar traveled to Catalonia this Sunday to support in Tarragona the candidate of the Comuns, Jéssica Albiach, who is fighting to maintain the eight seats that the coalition has in the Parliament of Catalonia, in the face of a fired-up PSC. Yolanda Díaz was also there last weekend and plans to return for the end of the campaign. The commons are the main ally that the Minister of Labor has in building her political platform.

This Sunday, Yolanda Díaz took the opportunity to send a message to the socialists, with whom they govern in the State. “I know these days were difficult, not because of the politicians. We cannot turn the problems of politicians into the problems of citizens. “We are a machine of citizen disaffection,” the Sumar leader has reproached, as she already warned Sánchez this week. And she has once again put duties on her coalition partner: reduce working hours without reducing wages, repeal the gag law and lower housing prices.

An issue, that of housing, on which the commons are basing a good part of the electoral campaign. “We are clear,” Albiach said in his speech. “We want a left-wing government but there will only be a government with the votes of the common people if housing is the first priority.”

“The time has come to do something fundamental,” Díaz explained. “We have to give peace of mind to families and not to investment funds,” he continued to demand the regulation of seasonal and tourist rentals, the two holes that the Housing Law approved last legislature does not cover and that the owners are taking advantage to circumvent price regulation. “Housing prices must be lowered. It is a factor of social exclusion in Spain. 50% of those who live in rent are at risk of social exclusion,” he said in his speech before about 200 people at the Palau de Congresos in Tarragona.

Both Yolanda Díaz and the candidate of the commons and the deputy of Sumar Aina Vidal have charged against the PSC for its defense of the Hard Rock project, a macro casino projected precisely in this province, Tarragona, near the Port Aventura facilities. A project that Artur Mas’ Government tried to approve and that has been postponed over time after various judicial and economic setbacks.

The last, the vote against the comuns to the budgets of the executive of Pere Aragonès that triggered the electoral call. Those of Jéssica Albiach refused to approve public accounts without the explicit commitment on the part of ERC and PSC that this project would not be approved at least until the drought that affects the community ceased and as long as the taxes planned for it were toughened. this type of installations.

“Catalonia is not built with failed policies, with a large macro casino,” Díaz said. “What hope do we give to citizens when we tell them that we are going to install 1,300 slot machines? I ask the PSC for consistency. It is not coherent that the PSOE in Madrid rejected an identical project. Even Felipe González positioned himself against Eurovegas,” he said. Vidal has also criticized that a former Minister of Health like Illa now proposes “casinos and precariousness.” “The planet has limits,” the Commons deputy has warned.

Díaz has also boasted about the latest measure announced by the Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun: the suppression of the National Bullfighting Award. A decision that has allowed Sumar to take a breath at a time when the minority partner in the coalition is experiencing difficulties in differentiating itself within the Government. And in the middle of a campaign in which the commoners experienced a certain decline in the polls. This weekend, however, a survey by the newspaper Ara gave them the possibility of achieving nine seats at the top of a range with a minimum of six.

“It is clear that the soul of the Government, the imagination, the passion… we contribute a little,” she claimed. “These days I have seen, very surprised, how Urtasun was questioned for doing what we should have done a long time ago. There is much left to do because bullfighting is a form of animal abuse. We are defenders of animalism, environmentalism and a dignified life for everyone. Today we have to come out strongly to say that our country is finally a little more normal,” she defended.

Ask Sánchez to recognize the State of Palestine this Tuesday

Díaz took advantage of his speech to demand from the President of the Government that the Council of Ministers recognize the State of Palestine at its meeting this Tuesday, seven months after the start of the latest escalation of the conflict with Israel. Sumar has long demanded that Spain make this decision bilaterally, without waiting for what the European Union does, but Sánchez wants to incorporate more surrounding countries before making that decision, to which he has already committed.

“They are murdering boys and girls in Palestine, while the international community babbles and does absolutely nothing,” Yolanda Díaz reproached this Sunday in her speech. “I want to recognize the president for his work for bilateral recognition and the involvement of many countries, but the time has come. I ask that next Tuesday we recognize the State of Palestine,” she claimed.

Source: www.eldiario.es

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