Prosecutors in New York will ask the judge Juan Merchanthis Thursday, to impose additional fines on Donald Trumpformer president of the United States, for allegedly violating a gag order during his criminal trial.

The order, which prohibits Trump from speaking about witnesses and jurors, was violated, according to the indictment, which asks for a total penalty of $4.000.

This amount would be added to the $9.000 already imposed on Tuesday, when Trump was found in contempt for comments on social media.

During the trial, which involves accusations of falsifying records to hide a payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels, Merchan warned that Trump could be arrested if he continued to defy the order.

The restriction seeks to prevent intimidation of witnesses and jurors in what is the first criminal trial of a former US president.

Trump criticizes the order as he believes it limits his freedom of expression and impedes his defense against political attacks.

He reiterated accusations that prosecutors, allegedly in collaboration with President Joe Biden, are trying to harm his re-election bid.

Trump also raised questions about a potential conflict of interest for Judge Merchan, whose daughter worked for Democratic politicians.

The former president, who faces other criminal charges, has pleaded not guilty in all cases, including the charges related to Daniels. The trial continues with the analysis of possible new violations of the gag order by Trump.

With information from Reuters


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