Woman escapes crazy accident… gets it on video

While we don't advise using a video camera while driving, it really didn't make much of a difference in his accident… and it made for some dramatic footage.

Wendy Cobb had been annoyed that two trucks driving ahead of her were holding up traffic in South Carolina, so she picked up a video camera and started filming them.

But she didn't expect what happened next. One of the trucks hit a piece of 2x4 which was sitting on the road, and kicked up up at her car, sending it flying straight at the windscreen.

While the wood dramatically smashed through the glass, Wendy was amazingly not injured in the terrifying accident, which is a stark reminder of the how quickly accidents can happen… and why you need to keep the camera rolling.

Since it was uploaded to YouTube the clip has been views more than 500,000 times and Wendy says it was posted because she hoped it would help her deal with the accident'

WendyCobb @ YouTube
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