Hotel made of 'tourism rubbish' opens in Madrid

275x250.jpg A bizarre hotel with walls made from bits of 'tourism junk' has opened in Madrid… and it's not as rubbish as you might think.

The 'Save the Beach Hotel' is the creation of German artist Ha Schult and is constructed from rubbish found on beaches and bought at European flea markets.

Dubbed the 'Garbage Hotel' it's designed to be a physical eco-statement about the massive amount of waste generated by mass tourism and consists of five rooms.

Walls are made from items including bottles, waste plastics, books and rubber tyres… which still sounds better than some of the hotels I've stayed in.
275x250.jpg Over this weekend the hotel will accommodate ten guest who have won the chance to stay there in raffles organised via social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of the hotel, Schult said: "The philosophy of this Hotel is that it shows the damages that we are causing to the sea and the coast.

"It reflects how things can end up if we do not take care of our planet. We live in the era of trash, and we run the risk of becoming trash. Do we really want such a world?"

A spokesperson added: "We wanted to show what our holidays could become if we don't clean our beaches."
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