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275x250.jpg John Savio is a fan of both his iPhone 4 and dressing up for Halloween, which is why selecting his costume was an easy decision.

Yes that's right, John will be attending Halloween parties dressed as the Apple gadget… but this isn't a cheap cardboard box affair.

He spent 40 hours crafting the custom costume using a 40 inch LED LCD panel which displays the screen from his 10x smaller handset and is powered by a battery.

There is even a LED light on the back and the screen can be used to video chat to friends via Facetime… ideal if John is boring you at a party telling you all about how he made it.

275x250.jpgToilet roll makers say they're set to revolutionise your bathroom... with the launch of the world's first tubeless rolls of toilet paper.

The firm behind Andrex have announced what it says is the world’s first toilet paper roll without a tube -- will go on sale in the US.

It's claimed doing away with the cardboard tube -- which has been the central fixture of rolled toilet paper for more than 100 years -- will massively reduce paper waste.

But the manufacturer claims the move has not been as simple as it sounds and they've had to develop a revolutionary way of winding the paper around itself.

While we applaud the environmental benefits this will have, we can't help but think glow in the dark loo roll was more impressive. And don't get us started on loo roll books.

275x250.jpg Most people are happy playing racing games on a PS3 or Xbox 360. But others want something special… like a £120,000 simulator.

A professional racing simulator used by Formula One teams is now being made available in time for Christmas, for hard-core gamers with a big budget.

The Hexatech is an interactive motion-based racing simulator which makers Cruden say offers full motion and realistic g-Force simulation.

It includes three 42 inch screens and allows users to race Formula One, NASCAR and rally cars… which makes the £120k a positive bargain, right?

275x250.jpgThe 1991 classic, Silence of the Lambs has been named the best cult film of all time, by the poll of 3,000 films fans.

Simon Pegg's 2007 comedy Hot Fuzz came in second place ahead of the 1980s hit Ferris Bueller's Day Off in third.

The Godfather trilogy was at number four with war time classic The Great Escape and sci-fi spectacular Bladerunner coming joint fifth.

Other top cult movies included, The Shining, the Alien Trilogy and Psycho

The survey also found one in five men judge potential partners on what movies they like… so please don't EVER say you think Sex and the City is an all-time classic.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A video of a pair of kittens suffering from a rare condition which causes them to faint has become a YouTube hit and been watched 700,000 times. (Stuff)

A sports reporter in San Francisco to cover the World Series seemed to get distracted during a live TV broadcast after realising nearby fans were smoking weed. (Huffington Post) Thanks Tom… that's potty.

An Australian man had a lucky escape when he got out of bed just minutes before a car crashed through his bedroom wall and landed on his bed. (Asylum)

People who work with dogs probably see being bitten and scratched in the line of duty an occupational hazzard… but we guess it's normally by the animals themselves rather than irate owners. (Naples News) Cheers Tim… that's some crazy b**ch!

Boffins say they could soon be able to use a sophisticated brain-machine interface to record and play back our dreams. Sounds like the stuff of nightmares. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpg The world's longest snake living in captivity -- a 24-foot python called Fluffy -- has died due to an apparent tumour, say keepers in Ohio.

18-years-old and weighing 300-pounds Fluffy held the title of longest snake by Guinness World Records and was a hit attraction at Columbus Zoo.

But a spokesperson for the US zoo, where Fluffy had lived since March 2007,  has confirmed workers yesterday found her dead due to an apparent tumour.

While the news will come as a blow to many fans of Fluffy, it will no doubt  be well received by the Ohio rabbit and mouse communities.

A scuba diver has used his video camera to fend off an 8ft long attacking shark -- and he's got the footage to prove it.

Scott MacNichol was out diving off the coast of Maine when he says a toothy porbeagle shark came hurtling towards him in an attack.

The 8ft long and 136kg shark focused the attack of Scott's videocamera - which it may have thought was food - and repeatedly tried to bite it.

But a screaming Scott, who'd been filming the ocean floor as part of an environmental assessment, refused to let go and even used the camera to fend off the shark.

Luckily the camera withstood the shark assault and continued filming -- giving us what we hope is the best insight we ever get into what it's like to get attacked by a shark.

275x250.jpgWe're think this can be filed in the "Headlines which can be answered with the word no" drawer -- but other people insist this really is a mobile phone in 1928.

Movie buff George Clarke says he found the odd clip on his Charlie Chaplin box set and claims it shows a woman chatting on her mobile… in 1928.

The footage is from a Charlie Chaplin promotional film (found in the extras section) and shows members of the public attending the premiere of The Circus.

One which caught George's attention is a woman who is seen with her hand up to the side of her face as she walks - as if holding a mobile - and appears to be having a conversation.

Online conspiracy theorists have suggested she could be a time traveller or a spy testing new technology… or she could just be calling her mom.

275x250.jpg An Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in the James Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball has been sold at auction for £2.6 million.

The iconic silver car is the sole remaining '007' DB5 and came complete with front-mounted machine guns, a bullet-proof shield and revolving number plates.

All the gadgets are in working order… though the machine-guns were never able to fire bullets and the ejector seat was only ever a special effect.

But this didn't stop two bidders from gunning for it at an RM Auctions event in London… though with just two bids and over in less than 10 minutes it was less exciting than a Roger Moore chase scene.

275x250.jpgA family member being attacked by a chicken, or having your hand trapped in a bowling ball, are just some of the odd excuses given for not going to work.

A survey of over 5,000 workers and employers by CareerBuilder has discovered the top 10 weird reasons people have used when calling in sick.

Other unusual reasons given included someone who said a cow had broken into their home and they were waiting for the insurance man and a hair transplant gone bad.

While the majority of employers said they believe workers when they say they’re feeling under the weather, 29 percent have checked up on an employee.

All of which makes us think our next excuse has to be so extravagant the boss wouldn't dare suggest we have made it up. Let us know your best excuse in the comments.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Presumably after running out of skin to cover in ink a US man has had his eyeballs tattooed. Matt Gone already has 98% of his body covered with ink. (Aol Weird News)

A US an recently woke up to discover he'd been shot in the knee… and that he'd done it himself while sleepwalking. (Daily CameraThanks Matt… who sent us this tip in his sleep.

Signs you live in a rough neighbourhood #16. Your entire local police force have resigned after gunmen launched a 15 minute attack on their brand new headquarters. (USA Today) (YouTube)

When a US family heard a knock on their door in the early hours of the morning they wondered who it could be -- they certainly weren't expecting the 7ft alligator which was waiting for breakfast. (Asylum)

You know how annoying it can be when you're at the pub with a mate and he's downing pints faster than you and claiming it's your round? Well you should never pop for a drink with Zhang Fengzhong. (Metro)

And finally, is this a UFO hovering over a theme park in LA? One roller coaster rider seems to think so. (NBC LA) Cheers Tara… who may have been on one too many rides.

275x250.jpg A man has won a place in the Guinness World Records for having a mouth so rubbery he can fit an entire Coke can in it... sideways.

Francisco Domingo Joaquim's mouth stretches to a massive 6.69-inch-long, which adjudicators from the famous record book say is the world's widest.

The 20-year-old record breaker from Sambizanga in Angola is said to have shot to fame after showing off his 'talent' at local markets and football games.

Dubbed the 'Jaw of Awe' he recently appeared on an Italian TV show where he managed not to out his foot in his mouth… but to be fair, he was busy putting everything from cups and saucers to beer bottles in there.

275x250.jpgOne in two men admit they won't order a soft drink in a pub because 'it's not manly enough', a study has found.

Researchers discovered millions of blokes buckle to peer pressure and order a beer at the bar when they would have happily enjoyed a soft drink.

One-in-ten went as far as to say they 'wouldn't dream' of ordering a non alcoholic beverage in front of their boozing mates.

Around 47 percent of the 2,00 men polled said doing so made them feel 'a bit of a wuss' and 17 percent were worried their mates would take the mickey.

More than half of men also thought it was harder for them to order a soft drink in the pub than a woman. Even though she actually wanted a glass of wine.

275x250.jpgA man who robbed a bookmakers in Manchester has ended up in jail -- because he didn't know when to take his mask off.

Lorenzo Mason had waved gun around and demanded cash from scared staff, but on his way out the robber made a school-boy error.

While in the store he had disguised himself with a scarf, but on his way out he took it off.

Unfortunately for him, he decided to reveal himself (so to speak) right in front of CCTV cameras and police were able to identify him.

In fact his mother recognised the image of him in the local paper and made him turn himself in… she probably wanted them to use a cuter photo.

275x250.jpgUS artist Scott Cully looks set to break his own world record by carving the largest ever pumpkin.

Working at New York Botanical Garden, Cully will carve a new record breaking 1,810.5 pound pumpkin which was grown by Chris Stevens from Wisconsin.

It will take him two days to cut the pumpkin into shape, going at a pace of 100 pounds per hour.

Two other giant pumpkins on display at the Botanical Garden include one weighing 1,725 pounds and one weighing 1,674.5 pounds.

Something tells us the restaurant at the New York Botanical Garden will be serving pumpkin soup for quite a while.

275x250.jpgJack has been replaced by Oliver as the most popular boys’ name in England and Wales -- after fourteen years at the top.

Statistics released by the Office for National Statistics also show that Olivia was the most popular name for girls born in 2009.

There were no new entries in the top ten for either boys’ or girls’ names compared with 2008, although there were regional variations in names’ popularity.

Other common names included Harry, Alfie and Joshua, for boys, while Ruby, Chloe and Emily, were popular for girls

There were 706,248 births recorded 2009, with 26,800 different boys’ names and 34,100 different girls’ names registered… which means some must be more interesting than Jack.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Researchers claim to have found proof that Christopher Columbus didn't introduce Syphilis to Europe. (Aol Weird News)

When locals saw a shadowy figure crouched over a grave in Russia, they assumed it was a grieving relative paying their respect… turns out it wasn't, it was hungry bears digging up corpses. (Guardian)

Most students survive on a diet of Pot Noodle and beans on toast - but a course at Bournemouth University is teaching students how to butcher roadkill. (Metro)

It's not even Halloween yet and your already bored of carving faces into pumpkins. If only there was something more interesting to do with them… like crush cars. (Asylum)

It doesn't look like Pamela Anderson in a swimming costume, but a robot lifeguard has gone on patrol in Malibu. (CNN)

275x250.jpgA tattooist in Australia has been charged with assault after allegedly inking a 40cm penis on the back of a 'friend' who he'd had an argument with.

Queensland Police say the 25-year-old victim had been visiting the tattooist at home when he was talked into getting a tat.

He asked for a yin and yang symbol with some dragons, but instead ended up with a 40cm penis on his back, it wasn't until it was finished he realised what had happened.

Cops say the man claimed he was also punched and thrown out of the house adding that he'd been in an argument with the 21-year-old tattooist prior to being inked.

Yes that's right, he agreed to let the man he'd just been arguing with, tattoo him. Oops.

A US man was left shocked when he went outside and found a runaway buffalo in his swimming pool.

Chris Nonnemaker had noticed a couple of holes in the cover on his swimming pool in Georgia and went to investigate.

When he got to the outdoor pool he realised there was something moving under the cover and pulled it back -- revealing the wet buffalo.

Nonnemaker called police and filmed them rescuing it as officers tied ropes to the beast and pulled it towards the shallow end.

It turned out the buffalo had escaped from a neighbour's property… he probably hadn't got a pool.

275x250.jpgA gummy worm 128 times bigger than the usual sweet, measuring 26 inches long and packing 4,000 calories has gone on sale online.

The mega-sweet is identical to the two-tone ones you enjoyed as a child, but everything about it is bigger, including the £18 price.

With an impressive 5-inch girth the ribbed sweet contains 46 cubic inches of candy - that's the same as 128 regular gummy worms or 840 regular gummy bears.

The monster worm comes in a variety of flavours from pineapple and cherry to lemon and orange and each one contains almost double the recommended daily calorie intake.

Even makers of the world's largest Gummy worm agree it's not that healthy and don't advise eating it one sitting… though they do suggest carving it like a Christmas turkey. 

200x190.jpgA bomb squad was called out to investigate a suspicious package left outside a Social Security office in Florida - and found it contained kittens.

Officers closed off the area surrounding the Social Security office east of Orlando, after staff there reported a suspicious package wrapped in tape.

The ten-man team, wearing protective suits, then proceeded to scan the white cardboard box with X-ray equipment to assess whether it was a bomb. It wasn't.

In fact, the scan revealed there were two kittens inside -- though that didn't stop one of bomb squad experts jumping as they opened the box and a kitten leaped out.

Only one of the two kittens was recovered as the other made a bolt for it and ran off… but that is still better than blowing them both up which almost happened.

275x250.jpg Today is a sad day for fans of psychic cephalopods -- Paul, the World Cup predicting oracle octopus, has died in his tank at an aquarium in Germany.

Paul shot to fame during the World Cup when he correctly predicted the winners of eight matches by eating mussels from a box draped in the flag of the team he thought would be victorious.

As a result of his 100% record all the way to the final, the eight-legged mystic mollusc became a hit with the media and there was even talk about a Hollywood movie being made about him.

But this morning staff at Sea Life Oberhausen say they were "devastated" to discover Paul had passed away overnight… no-one could have predicted it. Except for Paul.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Would you want to be buried in a shoe? How about a giant mobile phone or Coke bottle? Well in that case you might want to die in Ghana. (Aol Weird News)

A tattooist in Australia has been charged with assault after apparently inking a giant 40cm penis on the back of a 'friend' who he'd had an argument with. (Yahoo)

A driver had a lucky escape when he crashed a Lamborghini Gallardo at a race track in Texas. Richard Holt had reached 235mph when he hit the brakes, but a crosswind caused the sports-car to be launched into the air. (Asylum)

The sexuality of a celebrity isn't news. It really doesn't matter and we don't care… unless the star in question is Sesame Street's Bert, who has apparently hinted about his sexuality on Twitter. (Sky) (Twitter)

A bowling robot which is said to be able to bowl strikes on demand has taken on a professional bowler from the US -- and lost. (Huffington Post) (YouTube)

275x250.jpg A US weatherman has been left red-faced after realising the storms he was warning TV viewers about appeared on his map as a giant penis.

The blooper was broadcast on KLST in Texas as meteorologist Nick Kraynok told people about incoming thunderstorms hitting the region.

What he didn't realise at the time -- or if he did, he managed to keep a straight face -- was the 'suggestive' phallic weather graphic he was waving his hands over.

However a video of the forecast has become a hit on YouTube where one commenter said: "Don't worry, the whole thing shrinks down when that cold weather hits it."

275x250.jpgSony have finally stopped producing cassette Walkmans, first launched in 1979 -- leaving many people wondering what took so long.

The Japanese tech giant have announced they released their last cassette-based Walkmans in April of this year, and that when they are sold, no more will be produced.

This mean that despite selling more than 200 million units, cassette Walkmans will join floppy discs on the 2010 technology scrapheap.

The cassette Walkman was first introduced in 1979 with the classic TPS-L2 and soon became a world-wide hit allowing people to listen to music on the move for the first time.

In addition to their new MP3 models, Sony will continue to sell CD and MiniDisc versions of Walkmans… for now… but really, how long can they have left?

275x250.jpg X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole has come face-to-face with her life-size waxwork after it was revealed at Madame Tussauds in London.

The normally outspoken 27-year-old Geordie even says she was so impressed by the £150,000 wax double - wearing a long red Jean-Paul Gaultier dress - when she first saw it, she was lost for words.

However, the sculptors themselves were less impressed. At the public unveiling they realised Cheryl had a new tattoo on her upper thigh, which she'd failed to tell them about.

While the tattoo would currently be covered, Madame Tussauds say they plan to add it for when wax Cheryl is put into a shorter skirt… though we suspect their artists are just using this as an excuse to get a closer look.

275x250.jpgYes he's a fictional character used to sell car insurance, but that doesn't look like it will stop Aleksandr Orlov’s new ‘autobiography’ from becoming a best seller.

A book telling the 'life story' of the world's most famous meerkat looks set to become a hit after making it into Amazon's Top 100 pre-orders.

As a result the £9.99 publication is nows being tipped to become a Christmas best-seller with some book experts saying it could perform better than ones by Tony Blair or Jamie Oliver.

The blurb says the book tells the "full story of his ancestor's Journey of Courageousness from the Kalahari to Russia, the low-down on his life as entrepreneur and founder of comparethemeerkat.com and his love of grubs and cravats."

Sounds riveting, if you like reading about characters created by advertising men… personally we're holding out for the memoirs of the GoCompare opera singer.

275x250.jpgSleepy Brits don't wake-up fully until around 10am every morning, a study of snoozers has found.

Despite getting out of bed at an average of 6.40am, eight in ten Brits admit they don't feel properly awake for hours.

In fact, most of us say we only feel 100 per cent alert at 9.55am and have used tried and tested methods of waking ourselves up.

52 percent said they do not feel awake until after siting down to breakfast, while 17 percent say they resort to playing loud music.

Sixteen percent even have a cold shower first thing in the morning in an attempt to get their body going and one in ten do exercise… after which we would be ready to go back to bed.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Residents in the Austrian town of F***ing say they are fed up with receiving prank calls from drunken Brits asking 'Is that F***ing?' before laughing and hanging up. (Metro)

An unemployed security guard from Ecuador has won a Spanish siesta contest after being able to snooze for 17 minutes in a busy shopping centre. (ABC) Thanks James… now go back to sleep.

A US artist says he is trying to set the world record for going the most nights without sleep - a record so dangerous Guinness World Records wants no part in it - so far he claims to have been awake for 38 days. (Aol Weird News)

A navel-gazing librarian has collected his belly-button fluff for the past 26 year, as you do. Graham Barker now has 22.1 grams of lint which he keeps in jars. (Telegraph) Cheers David… please don't try this yourself.

You know that video of a policeman fleeing a pack of wolves on a Russian motorway which was reported in newspapers around the world? Well, err… it turns out it was a fake created to promote a brand of vodka. Oops. (Russia Today)

275x250.jpg Designers have created an 'airbag collar' for cyclists who don't want to be seen in a normal helmet -- but equally don't want to smash their head open.

The 'Hovding' helmet is the brainchild of Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin who received requests for a helmet which would not spoil your hair-do.

After six years, they say they've now perfected their odd helmet which looks like a scarf and only springs into action when accelerometers and gyro-meters inside detect sudden jolt.

It works much like an in-car airbag and speedily inflates with helium and wraps safely around the wearers head… though it may spoil their hair while saving their life.

Other than not wanting to end up in the lion enclosure, you've probably never given a second thought to what animals at the zoo eat.

But London Zoo has just revealed their annual food shopping list -- and if you thought your family eat like animals, their mega-order should put it into perspective.

Every week the zoo gets through more than a tonne of bananas and apples and each years their 600 different species eat nearly nine tonnes of meat.

Other items on their giant annual shopping list includes thirteen tonnes of carrots, four tonnes of eggs and two tonnes of cabbages.

Unusual foods also on the menu include 240 coconuts for the hyacinthine macaws and bearded pigs plus 78 kilos of popping corn for its four gorillas… who love movie night.

275x250.jpg A giant advertising billboard made from 110kg of cheese has been revealed in Covent Garden, London -- bizarrely to promote broadband internet services.

The 5m x 4m cheese sculpture features an image of Speedy Gonzales the cartoon mouse (the only link to cheese we can think of) and the text "Super Speedy Broadband."

Virgin Media say the billboard is made from 10 cheeses and took food artist, Prudence Staite and her 13-strong team eight days to create in a specially chilled studio.

Asked what they made of the advert, some passers-by thought it was 'grate' while others said it 'stinks' adding that the advertising men must be 'crackers'… sorry I camembert any more cheesy puns.

275x250.jpg The chances are her stay won't be as exciting as Ben Stiller's -- but it will certainly be longer. A woman has begun a month-long stay in a US museum.

After beating more than 1,500 applicants, Kate McGroarty has moved into the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry where she will live for 30 days.

During her stay the 24-year-old will have free run of the museum where she will be expected to mingle with visitors, but she also has private sleeping quarters.

The teacher and theatre artist, was picked as the museum resident because judges said she displayed "a true curiosity about science" … let's just hope she isn't too curious about what's beyond the exit door.

A joke about a male bus passenger insulting a woman's ugly baby has been voted the funniest gag ever told.

Researchers examined more than 1,000 jokes before whittling them down to a final 50 and getting 36,000 people to vote for their favourites.

Comedy genius Tommy Cooper had by far the most jokes in the list, which also includes gags by Peter Kay and Lee Evans.

Jokes ranged from the legendary one-liner about a zoo with just one dog being a 'shitzu' - to ones about wives, husbands, blondes and foreigners.

The study was carried out after Tim Vine's joke "I've just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I'll tell you what, never again." was voted the best of this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

WNWDW: Google Street View even locates God

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It turns out not even God can hide from Google. The all-knowing and omnipresent entity has reportedly been spotted on Google Street View (Aol Weird News)

We're not going to lie, we've found some pretty grim things in the back of our cars. But we have never reached back behind the passenger seat to discover a several month old corpse. (MSNBC) Thanks Tom.. Go and clean your car.

A 20-year-old student has become the police chief in a violent Mexico town, but she didn't have too much competition for the role, because the last police chief was kidnapped and beheaded. (Guardian)

Nick Robinson lost it while filming for the 6 O'Clock News. After talking to the camera he grabbed an anti-war placard, which had been waved behind him, and stamped on it. (Asylum)

We remember how much fun it was to launch a rocket as a child (to be honest it still would be) but we can barely imagine what it mush have been like to be responsible for launching 3200 at the same time. (Gizmodo)

A Chinese motorcyclist has not only somehow survived a horror crash with a truck at a busy intersection… he did it with some style.

The lucky/unlucky driver was speeding across a busy road in Wenzhou when he accidentally smashed into the side of a small truck.

As he collided with the vehicle, he was thrown from his bike -- but then something strange happened… he completed a 360 degree somersault and landed on his feet.

After dusting himself off, our gymnast biker friend inspected the wreckage of his motorbike and shook his head in sadness as other drivers sped around him.

If a guy coming off a bike and spinning around like an Olympic gymnast doesn't warrant slowing down for, we dread to think what it would take to stop traffic in China.

275x250.jpg British astronomers have spotted the oldest and most distant galaxy ever discovered in the universe. And unsurprisingly it's a long way off.

In fact boffins say the galaxy, catalogued as object UDFY38135539, is so far away light takes 13 billion years to reach Earth.

By analysing the faint glow of the galaxy scientists say they have found they're seeing it when the Universe was only about 600 million years old.

The team made the find by using the European Southern Observatory VLT in Chile and produced a simulation of what the era of reionisation would have looked like… they will get Bruce Forsyth to confirm whether it looks right.

People think nothing of holding a mobile phone to their mouth despite the fact most have more germs per square inch than doorknob or toilet seat.

But now - hoping this statistic will scare us - a device has been launched which promised to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria on phones and other gadgets.

The VIOlight is a £30 gadget cleaner which is said to decrease the number of E. coli, salmonella, listeria, and H1N1 virus germs on your phone.

It works by zapping your MP3 player, mobile phone or earbuds with a blue-violet light from a germicidal UV bulb for around three minutes.

However, we can see a problem, once our phones and other small gadgets are clean, how do we clean the germ infested bigger ones… like our new VIOlight?

Adriana Lima reveals her $2m diamond bra

Supermodel Adriana Lima brought part of New York to a standstill yesterday, by arriving at a lingerie store wearing a $2m bra.

Lima was modelling the Victoria's Secret 'Bombshell fantasy' bra -- also dubbed the bling-bra -- at their store in Soho.

The bra is encrusted with more than 3,000 cut white diamonds, light blue sapphires and oval-shaped topazes, all hand-set in 18 karat white gold.

Designed by Damiani it has a total carat weight of 142ct and the pattern is meant to be based on swirling stars and constellations.

Apparently 29-year-old Lima was also wearing a blue satin gown at the promotional event… we can't sae we noticed.

A TV cameraman filming the action at a US baseball game had the front of his camera smashed by a wayward bat which flew out of a player's hands.

Steve Angel had been shooting at the recent match between the Rangers and Yankees when Brett Gardner stepped up to the plate and smashed the ball.

Unfortunately for the cameraman it wasn't the only thing getting smashed -- the bat snapped off from the handle and came flying towards him hitting the front of his camera.

It knocked a hole straight through the front of the camera and left him (and viewers at home) looking through a snowflake/spiderweb effect of broken glass.

Angel, proving he is a consummate professional, continued to shoot the game on his broken HD camera and tried to line the action up with the hole.

The average ten-year-old has a collection of toys worth almost £7,000 - but plays with just £330 worth of them, it has been claimed.

A study quizzed 3,000 parents about their children's toys and found the typical one owns 238, but play with just 12 'favourites' on a daily basis.

This means kids are enjoying just five per cent of their toys -- and mom and dad have wasted a fortune on noisy bits of plastic.

It was also found parents think their children end up picking the same toys day in and day out because they have too many to choose from.

The poll also revealed 35% of construction toys such as Lego rarely get used… unless you include when Dad plays with it on his own.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A pet cat which stretches to a lengthy 48.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail bone has broken the Guinness world record for world's longest domestic cat. (Aol Weird News)

When Nick Fortey received a text message telling him to 'break a leg' on his wedding day, it appears he took it a bit too literally. He crashed his hired Harley Davidson on the way to the wedding and broke his leg in three places. (Telegraph)

A group of Canadian footballers ran into the stands at a game in Ontario and started brawling with opposition fans who had been shouting insults at them and throwing bottles of water during the game. (Asylum)

Don't want to suffer the risk of staying in a hotel room with noisy neighbours? Then why not rent out an entire hotel in Tokyo for just £425,078 per night? (Weird Asia News)

A US man on holiday in Disney World says he was forced to helplessly watch thieves raiding his home after installing a high-tech video surveillance system. (Daily Mail)

That's it, now you're really not going to find the UK's largest ever winning lottery ticket in the back of your kitchen drawer. The £113m jackpot has been claimed.

Camelot has confirmed the holder of the 9, 30, 35, 39, 46 ticket (with lucky stars six and eight) has finally come forward and after being verified, has been paid.

More than 1,000 people are said to have cheekily tried claiming they had the lotto ticket from Oct 8 -- which was thought to have been bought at a newsagents in Coventry.

A spokesperson for Camelot said the unnamed winner is currently deciding whether or not to go public with the windfall.

Either way the £113,019,926 prize will instantly make them the 589th on Britain's rich list… and our new best friend.

275x250.jpg Sometimes it's reassuring to know we're not the only ones who get lost -- it looks like it can even happen to the Google team in charge of mapping.

This photo - which appears on Google Street View - seems to show the driver of a Google car pulling over in Amsterdam to check where he is on a map.

Taken in the south east of the city, it shows three Google cars, each with a roof-mounted 360-degree camera, pulling over at the side of the road.

One of the drivers is pointing at the map as he talks on his mobile phone trying to locate himself… you'd have thought they could've given him an Android phone with Google Maps on it wouldn't you?

Scientists claim Rudyard Kipling was right when he suggested why leopards had rosette shaped markings and tigers have stripes.

The Jungle Book author said it was because leopards moved to an environment "full of trees and bushes and stripy, speckly, patchy-blatchy shadows."

And now researchers investigating the flank markings of 35 species of wild cats - by linking them to a mathematical model of pattern development - say he was correct.

The University of Bristol found that cats living in dense habitats, in the trees, and active at low light levels, are the most likely to be patterned.

This, they suggest, means that detailed aspects of patterning evolve for camouflage… or that leopards can change their spots.

275x250.jpg Space lovers have been given the chance to take one small scent for man - by buying 'scratch-and-sniff' art which smells like the MOON.

The off-beat art works allow owners take a giant sniff for mankind by having a lasting whiff of the Moon in their house.

Boffins created the prints by working with Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke, who said the moon dust-residue which attached to his space suit smelt 'like spent gunpowder'.  

Flavourist Steven Pearce took this description along with scientific reports of the make-up of the moon's surface, to produce the correct whiff. And it's not like you'll know if he got it wrong.

A Peruvian police officer had an amazingly lucky escape after being knocked off her motorcycle by a huge truck.

The female cop is said to have only suffered a broken shoulder and bruises
in the horror smash where she was a split second from death.

Identified locally as special forces officer Sonia Nalvarte, the cop had been crossing a major roadway when she found herself in the path of an 18-wheel truck.

As she collided with the front-right side of the cab she was knocked off the bike and almost ended up under the wheels.

While it's not too often you can refer to someone with a broken shoulder as being lucky, we think it's fair in this case.

Three quarters of bosses rarely believe that staff who call in sick have a genuine illness, it has been revealed.

Researchers found millions of managers are suspicious of workers who throw sickies - and many admit they think less of staff who take days off due to illness.

Nearly three in four said they were less likely to consider someone for promotion who threw regular sickies and would think twice about offering a pay rise to someone without 100% attendance.

The poll of 3,000 bosses also found 82 percent don't think a cold is a good enough reason to take time off, while 44 per cent expect someone to turn up even if they have a migraine.

In fact, a third of bosses say they'd like their workforce would go in, even if they were suffering a broken arm, sickness or diarrhoea. That stinks.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Police are on the hunt for a group of women who stole more then $3,000 worth of booze by by stashing pricey bottles in their underwear. Yes there is even CCTV footage. (Asylum)

Wantaway Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney will play an important role for his team tonight during their Champions League clash with Bursaspor -- but only on a new TV avert. (The Sun) (YouTube)

A Chinese man was left red-faced after getting his arm trapped down a toilet. Rescue workers say they man had dropped his mobile phone while using it on the loo and was trying to recover it. (Sky News) Thanks Mary… I hope you didn't email us from where I think you did.

A would-be burglar has been caught after donning a camouflage "moss suit" to help him break into a US rock museum. Police photographs have to be seen to be believed. (Aol Weird News)

A pet chimp which escaped from a house in the US went on a rampage during which it attacked a police car and smashed the windscreen. (Washington Post) (YouTube) Cheers Eric… stop monkeying around.

275x250.jpg Toast loving Laura Hadland has turned a photo of her mother-in-law into the world's largest toast mosaic - using a staggering 9,852 slices of bread.

The 27-year-old museum curator roped in 40 friends to help her make the massive mosaic out of 600 loaves of bread as an odd 50th birthday present.

Using nine toasters over six hours each slice was browned to a set degree before being carefully arranged to make the giant 32ft 8ins by 42ft 3ins picture of Sandra Whitfield.

Laura says her mother-in-law Sandra was amazed by the unique gift… and she now feels the toast of the town.

A quick fingered violinist has set a world record by playing Flight of the Bumblebee in a speedy one minute and 3.356 seconds.

39-year-old Oliver Lewis made his way through the famous Rimsky-Korsakov piece on the BBC One show Blue Peter.

Playing at 212 beats per minute (13 notes per second), he completed the piece in just one minute and 3.356 seconds - beating the previous record by almost a second.

Adjudicators from Guinness World Records said that after studying footage of his performance, they were happy he'd played to "concert level" accuracy.

However, if we went to see a concert and the performers sped through the music that quickly, we'd be pretty miffed.

A bizarre £15,000 stone sculpture of a giant Marmite jar has been unveiled in Staffordshire to celebrate the famous yeast spread.

Dubbed 'Monumite' and carved from Portland Stone, the Marmite shrine is positioned in the heart of Burton on Trent, overlooking the river.

A spokesperson said this is because Burton is Marmite’s spiritual home and a town which has been closely associated with the brewing industry for many centuries.

They now hope the odd sculpture will encourage fans of the love it or hate it salty spread to "congregate and worship" at the site.

Just one problem… where are those who make the "pilgrimage" meant to cook their toast?

Many people eat strange foods like bacon-flavored ice cream and visit odd places just because it gives them something to talk about, say scientists.

Researchers claim some people can't resist a chance to collect experiences
because they want to build a 'experience resume' of future conversation topics.

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research says consumers are increasingly attracted to activities such as staying in an ice hotel even though they know they will be unpleasant.

In a series of experiments, the researchers found a "productivity orientation" made participants more inclined to desire collectible experiences.

It's thought this could explain the popularity of Heston Blumenthal style gastronomic oddities which people boast about eating… even if they don't enjoy them.

Zoo keepers at Chessington World of Adventures have given a group of meerkats a pile of pumpkins - to get then in the mood for Halloween.

The pumpkins are just one of the tricks zoo-keepers use to treat the animals as part of their enrichment programme.

While the meerkats normally eat mealworms and crickets, they also enjoy fruit and vegetable so will munch their way through the smaller squashes,

However, they're currently enjoying taking it in turn to stand on top of the giant Sumo pumpkin, because it's the highest point in their enclosure.

Phew, and to think we got through all of that without saying 'Simples!' once, D'oh.

WNWDW: Kayaker impaled by jumping fish

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Kayaking is an extreme sport and as such has certain inherent dangers associated with it -- it's just that being impaled through the chest by jumping fish might not be the first to spring to mind. (CBS 4)

Cooks in Mexica have set a new world record by producing the longest ever enchilada which measures a massive 230ft long. (Metro)

A woman who tried to rob a jewellery store with a black bin bag on her head and using a wheelchair as her getaway vehicle as unsurprisingly been arrested. (MSNBC)

Maybe he was jealous of the attention Rachida Dati received after her inflation/fellatio blunder, because French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has made a similar mistake on TV, mixing genetic and genital. (Asylum)

Pterosaurs, giant, fearsome flying reptiles could fly almost 10,000 miles at a time, it has been claimed. (Aol Weird News)

Amazing footage of a unicorn running through the woods has been released by a science centre in Canada who said they were investigating the clip.

Staff at Ontario Science Centre issued a press release claiming a video was submitted them by a Toronto resident who accidentally caught the 'unicorn' on camera.

Peter Hickey-Jones was meant to have been filming a woodpecker when he saw the mythical horned creature and pointed his camera at it briefly.

A OSC spokesperson even said: "The Science Centre is reviewing the footage frame-by-frame to determine whether the claim is legitimate."

However, later -- when it was pointed out how coincidental the timing of the find was (they have an upcoming exhibition on mythical creatures) -- they finally admitted it was a fake.

275x250.jpg Kapow! The famous Batman logo has been found painted on the roof of a United States Air Force military base in Japan.

The massive logo was spotted in Okinawa using Google Maps and measures around 30m wide by 15m tall, appearing on the top of a building surrounded by F-22 Raptor.

Some have speculated the Batman logo suggests the US military is working with the comic book superhero on some sort of high-tech new weapon.

Unfortunately we think it's more likely to be because Kadena Air Base is used by the 44th Fighter Squadron… commonly known as 'The Bats'. 

Most firms dream of having their product become an online hit… but probably not if the whole internet is laughing at it.

But that's what has happened to clothes company J Crew after a picture of a pair of lace tights on their website made it look like the model had hairy legs.

Pictures of the £14 tights have been forwarded frantically around the internet and the product has been dubbed "Hairy Tights" because of the unshaved appearance.

However, fashion experts claim the tights are "An essential ingredient in the season's textural mash-up" and that the hairy effect only happens if views at a certain distance.

Normally they appear as a 'normal' pair of lace tights… which is a shame for women who thought they could get this seasons mush-have by not shaving.

Thomas Harris' The Silence of the Lambs has been voted the nation's scariest book of all time in a poll of 2,000 readers.

The chilling tale about cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter beat classics Dracula and The Shining to the top spot.

The novel became an instant bestseller following its publication in 1988, and its film adaptation, starring Anthony Hopkins, is still widely ranked among the best films ever made.

In second place is gothic horror story Dracula by Bram Stoker, while The Shining by Stephen King ranks third, followed by American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis in fourth.

Researchers said they were looking for horrifying books as opposed to horrifically written books… which is why The Da Vinci Code is nowhere to be seen.

Despite what PETA would have you believe, not all animals are cute and friendly. In fact some are psychopathic nut-jobs -- like a certain mountain goat.

A 63-year-old hiker has died in the US after he was attacked by an aggressive mountain goat on Klahhane Ridge in Olympic National Park.

Robert Boardman had been out walking with his wife in Washington when they were approached by the goat as they ate lunch.

He tried to shoo the crazed animal away, but the ram -- which was known to rangers as being aggressive -- charged and gored him in the leg.

Park rangers said they had tried conditioning the goat to be scared of people by shooting it with bean bags… maybe they just aggravated it.

WNWDW: Decomposing corpse wakes up

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Undertakers going to collect the body of an 89-year-old woman who was thought by police to have been dead and decomposing for several days received a shock... when she woke up in front of them. (HeraldSun)

The real reason journalists turn up for pre-match press conferences isn't to gain insight into an upcoming football game… it's the free sandwiches. And now, thanks to Ronaldo, the smoke bombes. (Yahoo) (YouTube)

They have a better quality of computer thief in Sweden. A university professor says days after his laptop was stolen the thief sent him back all of his important files on a USB memory stick. (Asylum)

Homer Simpson has been declared a true Catholic by the Vatican's official newspaper. Take that Ned Flanders. (Telegraph)

An Italian region is taking an odd approach to dealing with the problem of the local sex trade operating from a heavily wooded road… they are simply chopping down all the trees. (Aol Weird News)

Just minutes after passing his driving test, a teenager in Pennsylvania accidentally crashed through the glass doors of the DMV test centre. Oops.

The youngster hadn't even made it out of the car park after dropping his examiner off when the accident happened.

Authorities say that the teenager thought the car was in park, but it wasn't.

As a result he accidentally sped forward and crashed though the glass wall causing minor injuries to himself and three other people.

Before you ask, apparently it was too late to take the pass away from him. 

275x250.jpg Your calls won't sound any better, and there are no free minutes included, but this is the world's most expensive phone and is worth... £5 MILLION.

It's a custom decorated Apple iPhone 4 which has been decorated by designer Stuart Hughes, who has a habit of making making expensive gadgets even more pricey.

The bling phone features a bezel is handmade from rose gold with  500 individual diamonds while the rear is rose gold with and Apple logo made from 53 diamonds.

The home button is also made from one of two interchangeable 8ct diamonds‚ and no you can't get it free on you contract even if you sign up for 24 months.

275x250.jpgWind turbines should be painted purple to save the lives of thousands of bats and birds which are killed by them each year, claim scientists.

Boffins from Loughborough University say the current white colour of the the distinctive looking wind turbines attracts insects.

This in turn is said to attract larger predators which can easily get caught near  the spinning blades and are killed by a sudden change in air pressure causing their blood vessels to burst.

After a series of tests the team concluded white, light grey and yellow were the colours which attracted the most insects while purple saw the fewest.

What colour would you like to see the wind turbines painted? We think a psychedelic rainbow effect could brighten up our countryside.

When ordering a takeaway, most people have it delivered to their home, but not everyone, as this list of odd takeaway order destinations proves.

A takeaway ordering website has analysed their sales data to discover the strangest places people wanted their food delivering.

Bizarrely it was found previous orders had been delivered a sites including a swimming pool, a roundabout... and a graveyard.

Other strange delivery destinations included a garden centre, a library and the ship HMS Victory.

And some brave people even dared to order a takeaway to a slimming organisation and personal favorite a gym.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Spider-Goat, Spider-Goat… Goats in Italy have started climbing a near vertical dam wall in order to lick the stones for their salt and minerals. (The Sun)

Police in Florida have used a stun gun on an 18-year-old naked jogger who claimed to have 'super powers" -- and the whole incident was caught on camera. (NineMSN)

Spain launches nine day siesta contest to find the best post-luncheon sleepers. This is the sort of sport I could get into. (Stuff) Cheers David… if you're still awake.
Parts of New York came to a standstill yesterday as people flooded the FAA with calls claiming to have seen dozens of UFOs -- but were they just baloons. (Aol Weird News) Thanks Dan… our very own balloon boy.

A Russian man has come up with an ingenious way to get out of a traffic violation… offer the police officer who is giving you a ticket refuge from a pack of hungry looking wolves. (Asylum)

A Finnish newsreader has been sacked after he was caught drinking beer on live TV -- during a report about alcohol licensing laws.

As producers cut back to the studio camera from footage about Finland's alcohol licensing laws, host Kimmo Wilska was seen swigging from a bottle of beer.

After the footage was aired, his bosses were apparently quick to sack the boozy news reader, but he insists it was just a joke.

Kimmo claims he was pretending to drink from the bottle as a joke for colleagues in the studio and had not intended for it to be broadcast.

Fans of the news anchor have now started a Facebook campaign to get him his job back which 23,000 people have already joined… many of who think the news should be presented by a drink host anyway.

275x250.jpg A UK based photographer has spent three years touring the world in a bid to find some of the most disgusting meals ever prepared.

And if dishes like stir-fried Tarantula and deep-fred frog are anything to go by, it looks like he has more than succeeded.

Neil Setchfield has now complied the results of his gastronomic horror world tour into a book which is considerably more gruesome than most cook books.

Highlights of this 'extreme global cuisine' include delicacies such as crispy Dragonflies on a stick (above) and Frog porridge.

From 5am this morning Manchester Police have been posting live details of every incident they deal with to Twitter.

Bosses say the 24 hour move is part of a bid to show the public the complexities of modern policing which are often not seen.

It is also hoped people might question the sort of thing they contact police about after seeing a list of the numbered calls received by GMP.

Within the first eight hours alone there were more than 1,000 tweets sent, with incidents ranging from kids throwing eggs to serious crime.

Other things people contacted police about included 'Call 686' which reported a man shouting 'you're gorgeous' at a woman and 'Call 674' - a man who said his TV was broken.

Nearly five million British adults are scared of the dark, a study has revealed.

Researchers found around ten percent of the population are frightened by darkness -- and a quarter have been since they were young.

One-in-four of us is said to be so terrified we leave a bedside lamp light on all night to make ourselves feel safer.

Not only that, but six out of ten hate coming home to a dark house so much they even leave a light on when they go out.

The study - which was presumably conducted in a very well-lit room - also found one in five Brits has suffered a panic attack when they lights were turned off unexpectedly.

Drivers of BMWs have been named and shamed as the angriest motorists in Britain, it has been claimed.

A study asked 3,000 motorists to think about times they had suffered abuse by another driver and recall what sort of car the protagonist had been driving.

It was found motorists who own the flashy German built cars are more likely to tailgate, flick the finger and speed than anyone else on the road.

In fact, more than half of all UK drivers polled said they had suffered at the hands of a BMW driver, the second most angry drivers were said to be white van driver.

23% of drivers also said they have even been confronted by a motorist who got out of their car after an abusive exchange… that's those "How's my driving?" stickers for you.

WNWDW: Euthanised dog comes back to life

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When Matt Olivarez took his ailing Rottweiler to the the vet to be put down, he was understandably upset. The following morning - when it greeted him with a wagging tail and was very much alive - he didn't know how to feel. (AP)

Edinburgh is set to honour a 6ft tall 500-pound brown bear which served in the Polish Army with a £200,000 monument. (Aol Weird News)

A pair of martial arts-mad Chinese sisters are planing on hosting a three-day fighting festival in a bid to find husbands who could beat them in a brawl. (Metro)

67cm tall Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal, the world's smallest teenager, has today be en upgraded to the world's shortest man as he celebrates his 18th birthday. (Asylum)

An 8-year-old boy was left horrified when he watched his pet turtle - which he'd donated to a local aquarium after it outgrew a tank at home - being eaten by an alligator. (USA Today)

275x250.jpg A Dutch man has interrupted a current affairs talk-show on live TV...  by asking the hosts where the toilets were.

Student Barry Creemer shocked producers of the 'Pauw en Witteman' show when he stood up from his seat in the audience and walked in front of the cameras.

But it was when he then proceeded to ask the presenters of the show where the nearest toilets were, that really left them flabbergasted.

While the hosts calmly answered and pointed him in the right direction, their discussion soon descended into a round-table giggle-fest and they look like they might wet themselves laughing.

275x250.jpg Felix Baumgartner has been forced to cancel plans to skydive from the edge of space after a legal challenge was launched against his Red Bull Stratos project

The daredevil had been scheduled to complete a stratospheric balloon flight to 120,000 feet and attempt a free-fall jump that would reach supersonic speeds later this year.

But that's now been cancelled after organisers Red Bull received notice that a multi-million dollar lawsuit had been filed against them by another skydiver.

Daniel Hogan claims he "owns certain rights to the project" and that Red Bull stole confidential plans he had developed for the stunt. We bet they now wish they could push him out of a plane.

A man who was told he had terminal cancer and would die within six months, sold most of his possessions and was then informed doctors had got it wrong.

Malcolm McMahon had got rid of family heirlooms, cashed in premium bonds and even given away his dog before finding out he was okay.

When the 55-year-old from Birmingham was told he had severe liver cancer in February last year, he says his mind quickly turned to ensuring his girlfriend was financially secure.

He tried to raise as much cash as he could by selling antique rings, china ornaments and plates left by my parents. He also put his house up for sale.

But three months later he says the doctor called him back with some good/bad news - the scans actually showed harmless lesions on the liver, not cancer.

One day this is going to go horribly wrong, crazed by their own power Improv Everywhere will send their legions of order following hipsters on a murderous rampage across US cities.

Luckily that day was not yesterday. Instead they got people to tidy up New York stores, give out cheerful high-fives and hold a surprise birthday party.

More than 3,000 people took part in 'The MP3 Experiment Seven' where they all simultaneously followed recorded audio instructions.

After gathering in a selection of New York stores they all pressed play on their MP3 players at the same times and followed a series of directions.

You know the drill, they stand still, people without headphones look confused... it's really probably better if you just watch the video.

Real-life cars being rigged to be remotely driven via the internet - it sounds like an idea which could only have been dreamt up for Top Gear.

But Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have got nothing to do with this. It's actually a marketing stunt by car manufacturer Mitsubishi.

The Japanese firm have used a combination of remote control software and hardware modifications to make some of their Outlander Sport vehicles into giant remote control toys.

Using technology similar to that featured in a Top Gear challenge they will soon let members of the public take control of the cars via their personal computers at home.

During the online test drive, users will log-in to control the £14,000 car by using their keyboards as though playing a computer game -- what could possibly go wrong?

A new cat-sized carnivorous mammal has been discovered in Madagascar -- and promptly threatened with extinction.

Researchers say they found the speckled brown carnivore swimming in a lake in the marshes of the Lac Alaotra wetlands in central eastern Madagascar during a 2004 exploration.

After rigorous comparisons with other animals, experts from Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust have now confirmed the critter is previously unknown creature.
Dubbed Durrell’s vontsira (Salanoia durrelli) it weighs just over half a kilogram and is said to belong to a family of carnivores only known from Madagascar.

But in a case of good-news/bad-news the experts claim it is already one of the most threatened carnivores in the world and could soon be extinct.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the we

Thieves dressed in gorilla and chicken costumes have stolen a bike from a teenager in New York. Apparently one of two gorillas punched the boy before the chicken rode off into the distance on his bike. (Aol Weird News)

We don't know too much about this video. Just that somewhere today there's an very angry truck owner, and an equally lucky mechanic. (YouTube)

Have you ever wondered why there isn't a CSI: Kent? No, neither had we, but we think this could be the answer. (Asylum)

A kangaroo which was involved in a road accident 18 months ago now lives as a pet in South Australia where he enjoys Vegemite on toast for breakfast, drinking cider and watching TV. (Daily Mail)

A hermaphrodite dog has undergone a sex change to make it a bitch after it was abandoned by her owner when they learned of its sexuality. (Telegraph)

The typical Brit now spends more than NINE HOURS every day fiddling with gadgets, it's been found.

Researchers discovered the average adult uses a computer for four hours a day, plus another hour and a half on a laptop.

In addition they will also surf the web, text and use email or social media on their smart phones for another 56 minutes each day.

Computer games take up another 38 minutes of the average day, while the same amount of time will be spent using an mp3 player.

The study also showed the average Brit spends 16 minutes switching channels on the television… when they can prise the remote from their partner.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has unveiled his latest installation at Tate Modern's Turbine Hall - he's filled it with 100 million sunflower seeds.

But the bizarre work gets even stranger when you realise the seed husks, covering the east end of the Turbine Hall, are in fact a unique porcelain replicas.

Weiwei says the porcelain seeds were specially produced by hand for the commission in the city of Jingdezhen, China, and they took thousands of people two years to create.

Each ceramic seed was moulded, fired at 1300°C, hand-painted and then fired again at 800°C.

The artist says the work is representative of the Cultural Revolution... or it could just be used to confuse the world's hungriest parrot.

275x250.jpg An asteroid which is larger than a double-decker bus will today pass within the Earth-moon system in a cosmic near miss.

But before you run and hide in your concrete bunker, it's worth noting NASA say there is zero chance of it hitting the planet.

The space rock, labeled TD54, will travel within 28,000 miles of Earth at around 6:50 EDT and will pass over southeastern Asia in the vicinity of Singapore.

NASA say even if TD54 were to enter Earth’s atmosphere, it would be expected to burn up high in the atmosphere and cause no damage to Earth’s surface. Which makes us wonder why we're reporting it.

Hobbies such as stamp collecting, train spotting and model making are dying out, a study has revealed.

Researchers found the quintessential British pastimes are now considered 'boring' or 'for anoraks'.

Other hobbies which modern kids turn their noses up at include collecting marbles, completing jigsaws and constructing train sets.

Instead  youngsters now count 'watching television', 'playing computer games' or 'Facebooking', as their 'hobby'.

The trend emerged in a study of 1,000 adults and 1,000 children aged between 11 and 18… now we are not sure how they got the kids off Facebook for long enough to answer the question either.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A group of scientists in China say they want to launch a thorough search of a mountainous region - to see if they can find the "Yeren," or Chinese Bigfoot. (Aol Weird News)

A police car was accidentally involved in a crash with a Transformer during the filming of Transformer 3. The police SUV was responding to reports of a suspect package when it sped across the movie set and collided with Bumblebee. (MyFox)

A pair of blood-sucking 'vampires' have been arrested after attacking a homeless man. The man had previously let the duo drink his blood, but when he refused this time and mocked their 'religion' he was stabbed. (NY Daily News)

A Sesame Street spoof of the Old Spice man adverts has become an online hit and been viewed more than 2.6 million times. (Asylum)

A skydiver had to be rescued after he got caught by a gust of wind and ended up stuck 40 feet up a tree. (AZ Central)

Boffins claim they've cracked the secret which will enable them to create Willy Wonka style sweets which replicate three meals in a single stick of gum.

Scientist Dave Hart, from the Institute of Food Research, says he can turn Roald Dahl’s eccentric gourmet gum invention into reality -- and luckily, without the unpleasant side effects!

Working with a team from the National Science & Engineering Competition he says nanotechnology can be used to encapsulate and release flavours in a precisely controlled way.

Hart and his team are currently experimenting with boiled sweets which have different flavour layers separated with a tasteless gelatine and contain a final desert taste at the centre, encapsulated in a high-tech gel called Gellan.

While he says a chewing gum might be a few years away, it he proclaims his boiled sweets a success -- and he hasn't even turned any children into blueberries, or so he says.

275x250.jpg Graffiti artist Banksy has helped create a controversial title sequence for an episode of The Simpsons - which takes a swipe at Fox.

The introduction starts off by panning across a graffiti covered Springfield before seeing Bart write "I must not write all over the walls" over the walls of his schoolroom.

But it's only after the family have settled down on the sofa, the minute-long opening takes a trademark Banksy turn to the sinister, with a sweatshop of foreign animators painting cells for the show.

Kittens are also shown being thrown into a wood chipper to produce the stuffing for Simpsons toys and unicorn, chained to the factory wall, is being used to punch holes in DVDs.

SpaceShipTwo, the world's first commercial spaceship, has successfully completed its first piloted free flight.

After being taken to an altitude of 45,000 ft (13,700 metres) over the Mojave Desert, SpaceShipTwo was released from its mothership, WhiteKnightTwo.

After successfully gliding for 11 minutes, pilot Pete Siebold and co-pilot Mike Alsbury then landed her on a runway at Mojave Air and Spaceport.

SpaceShipTwo is currently undergoing rigorous testing before being used to carry tourists to space. In the latest test, it did not fire its rocket engine which will be used to climb into space.

It's hoped the six-passenger craft will be fully operational soon -- especially by the 370 people who have committed to each paying £125,000 for a ticket.

This baby was born on a date to remember after arriving early on the tenth day, of the tenth month in the tenth year of the millennium… and at 10.10am and 10 seconds.

Little Niamh Bond couldn't wait any longer and was born eight weeks premature on what some have hailed as the luckiest day of the century.

The tiny tot weighed just 3lb 7oz when she was delivered at Good Hope Hospital, after her mom Keelie, 20, was rushed in on Saturday evening.

Niamh had not been due for another eight weeks -- but obviously thought it would be better to have a birthday no-one has an excuse for forgetting.

Proud Mum Keelie Hearne said she couldn't believe it when she realised the timing and was just glad her partner Dean Bond was there… yes, he arrived 10 minutes before Niamh was born.

275x250.jpg X Factor boss Simon Cowell has officially changed his name from 'Simon Phillip Cowell' to 'Lightning Cowell'… but only for 24 hours.

Cowell had been annoyed at having to call X-Factor contestant Storm Lee by his legal name, and joked with fellow judges about changing his moniker to  "Lightning".

Unbeknown to him, Cheryl Cole contacted the UK Deed Poll Service and had the paperwork drawn up for Simon to legally change his name, which he was presented with live on ITV2's Xtra Factor.

After a few moments thought, Simon agreed to make the change for 24 hours by signing the contract in front of named witness Cheryl Cole… but only if he was allowed to hold the contract.

WNWDW: Skeleton decoration was human bones

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When a guy in Orlando bought a skeleton decoration for $8 at a yard sale, he intended to use it as a Halloween decoration… until he realised the box of bones was a real human skeleton. (Aol Weird News)

Armies often make exaggerated claims about their military might in a bid to make themselves appear more powerful. But the Russian military really is full of hot air… they're investing in hundreds of inflatable tanks. (BBC)

A racing pigeon from the West Midlands which went missing during a six hour race has turned up five weeks later… and 5200 miles away. (Telegraph)

The winner of the annual World Conker Championships says his victory is down to a mathematical formula for "kinetic energy theory" which he calculate. This is the second time Ray Kellock has won the event. (Press Association)

Chocolate covered bacon goes on sale. That is all. (Daily Mail)

Researchers have discovered why men often look more sweaty than women at the gym -- and it doesn't mean they are working out harder.

A team from Kobe University in Japan looked at the difference in sweat gland response to changes in exercise intensity across men and women.

It was found women need much more work to build up the same level sweat which can be achieved in men and they also needed to be considerably hotter.

Boffins claim the difference becomes even more pronounced as the level of exercise intensity increases, due to the efficiency of the male sweat gland.

The study also explains why mens trainers smell so bad… but it's no excuse.

A worrying number of British kids reckon Buzz Lightyear was the first person to walk on the moon and 24's Jack Bauer blew up the Houses of Parliament.
The terrifying statistics emerged from a study of 2,000 schoolchildren where they were asked about key events in history and the people involved.
Twenty percent of kids believe Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear was the first person to set foot on the moon rather than Neil Armstrong while others thought it was Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

One in twenty thought Jack Bauer was behind the Gunpowder plot and a third didn't know Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone (9% said it was Deal or No Deal's Noel Edmonds).
It also emerged one in twenty thought Christopher Columbus discovered liposuction, NOT America, while one in ten wrongly believe Rolf Harris painted the Mona Lisa.

Hollywood movie star Johnny Depp shocked pupils at a London school by making an impromptu visit as his alter-ego Captain Jack Sparrow.

Taking a break from filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Depp  was responding to a letter sent by a pupil at Meridian Primary School in Greenwich.

The 47-year-old said nine-year-old Beatrice Delap had written asking him to lead a mutiny against her teachers -- and he was only too happy to oblige.

Along with other members of the cast dressed in full costume, the actor walked into a specially called assembly to address the children.

He suggested that if he were to take over the school, they could all eat sweets until their teeth fell out… he must have forgotten he was already in England.

The once iconic Bowler Hat is set to make a fashion a comeback, according to tailors who say they are being inundated with requests for them.

Worn by Charlie Chaplin and the headwear of choice for civil servants and bankers the bowler dropped out of fashion in the 1960s.

But now tailors Austin Reed say they have has so many customer enquiries about the quintessential British headgear they will soon stock it for the first time in 12 years.

Celebrities including Jude Law have recently been pictured wearing one, which is thought to have sparked an interest in the hats which date back to 1849.

However, as a word of advise for anyone tempted to buy one, you really need to look in a mirror and check you look more like Jude Law than OddJob before purchasing.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A firm has started producing 'happy coffins' which are designed to take the stigma and fear out of death with messages like "Don't cry, I had a good life" printed on them. (Aol Weird News)

A college student had hoped his extra credit chemistry project could help him secure an A grade. Instead it prompted a bomb scare, caused the college to be evacuated and could now see criminal charges brought against him. (NBC)

What do you get a former KGB officer turned Russian leader for his 58th birthday? A group of female journalism students in Moscow have stripped off to find the answer. (Metro)

We like watching our teams play as much as the next man -- unless the next man is the guy who recently told doctors delay fitting him with a pacemaker until after he's watched an American football game this weekend. (KBOI2)

120 professional base jumpers from 22 countries have hurled themselves off the KLTower in Malaysia as part of the annual Kuala Lumpur Tower International Jump. (Asylum)

275x250.jpg He is inextricably linked to the phrase "You're fired" -- but Lord Alan Sugar is far more likely to utter the words 'team' 'good' or 'leader' it's been found.

During of the current sixth series of The Apprentice, a website will be transcribing every word the diminutive businessman says, to discover his most common words.

They will then publish a word cloud of the words he uses most after each episode of the hit BBC1 reality TV show.

Bosses at MyJobGroup.co.uk say this will allow would-be Lord Sugars to model themselves on the business supremo by copying his lingo. They haven't said if you need to attempt the accent too.

275x250.jpg Barack Obama was left red-faced when the presidential seal fell off his lectern as delivered a speech in Washington.

Obama was mid-speech as he addressed the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit when there was a large clunking sound.

Leaning forward over the top of his lectern he said: "Oops. Was that my err… " before shrugging his shoulders.

Dismissing the prop failure the president then added, "It's alright. All of you know who I am." He has a point.

A woman in Arizona required emergency treatment after accidentally mistaking a bottle of superglue for her eye-drops -- and using it.

Irmgard Holm, who had cataract surgery last year, said she reached for her eye-drops and applied them without paying much attention to the bottle.

It was only when she felt a burning sensation that she was aware something was wrong - the next thing she knew her eye was stuck closed.

The unfortunate woman quickly phoned for an ambulance and paramedics were able to wash her eye out before the glue caused any major damage.

Irmgard now says she'd like to see glue makers change the shape of their packaging to avoid others being involved in similar accidents -- she should be glad she can see anything.

People in Britain are so in love with their iPads, iPhones and other gadgets they experience sadness comparable to the break-up of a relationship when they stop working or are lost, it's been found.

A recent poll quizzed 3,000 people about their attitudes towards technology and found many experience a emotional relationship with it.

For example, 46% say they have similar feelings when buying a phone as when falling in love and 10% dream about a new gadget before getting it.

Over half claimed they also felt experience genuine emotional distress when tech breaks down and 10% admit they love their gadgets more than their partners.

This could explain the one in 20 who say they have been dumped due to loving technology a little too much.

The Bolivian president has been caught on camera kneeing a political rival in the groin during a 'friendly' football match which was on TV.

Evo Morales had been taking part in the game against a group of political rivals to raise money for charity.

But the match quickly turned nasty and after being riled by a tough tackle to one of his team-mates, the President stepped in.

And by "stepped in" we mean kneed his victim, Daniel Gustavo Cartagenam, in the groin, sending him falling to the floor. All in front of TV cameras.

The foul-tastic game ended 4-4 and two players from each side were sent off -- making the match the only thing dirtier than politics itself.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A series of UFOs which have forced several Chinese airports to close show that 'great events' will soon take place, claim astronomers. (Aol Weird News)

A Parisian flat which was left uninhabited for more than 70 years has been hiding a €2.1 million painting under layers of dust, it's been discovered. (Telegraph)

Staff from airline Cebu Pacific Airlines say they're surprised a video of cabin crew performing a safety demonstration dance to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry went viral. (Yahoo)

A chimpanzee which became famous after developing a cigarette smoking addiction has died at a South African zoo, aged 52. It's a sad day for cigarette addicted chimps everywhere. (Asylum)

When the doors of an elevator closed before he could get in, a man on a mobility scooter was so angry he tried to smash through the doors. On his third attempt it worked… and he fell 15m to his death. (Boing Boing) (YouTube)

275x250.jpg A healthy (and very purple) variety of potato has gone on sale in UK supermarkets and is set to make your dinner look decidedly different.

Purple Majesty potatoes are said to contains up to 10 times the level of antioxidant, anthocyanins compared to the traditional pale variety.

They were developed at Colorado State University and after being grown in Scotland have today gone on sale in 100 Sainsbury’s stores.

Growers claim the odd spuds taste just like normal potatoes, are more appealing to children and can be mashed, roasted or made into chips… like kids need another reason to eat chips.

An tiny apartment which measures just five square meters has gone on sale in Rome… for a not so small price.

Said to be the world’s smallest apartment, the micro-pad is situated on the prestigious Piazza di Sant' Ignazio in the Italian capital and has amazing views.

But it's barely big enough to fit a bed, and the apartment consists of a ground floor bathroom with a shower, sink and loo, along with a ladder to a raised single bed.

However, despite this the bijou property is currently on the market for €50,000 (£42,000) and the current owner says he has been besieged by interest.

That said, we imagine much of that interest consists of people asking, "Really? £42,000 for that, and it's really just this big, really?"

A team of British scientists will this week begin their search for alien life in the Earth's atmosphere.

Boffins from Cranfield University plan to launch a ballon from Sweden which will carry an array of scientific instruments 20 miles into the sky.

There it will spend five hours collecting samples, hopefully including examples of microscopic alien life -- or non-Earth bacteria and micro-organisms, as the CASS.E researchers call them.

The extreme conditions of the atmosphere, a near vacuum with extreme radiation and freezing -90C temperatures mean that if life can survive there, it would be more likely to also exist on other planets.

It's claimed such a find would also suggest life on Earth originated from somewhere else and arrived on the back of a wayward asteroid… meaning aliens are already here, you.

275x250.jpg A football player in Germany has been caught sneakily groping the boobs of a female referee -- during a game on live TV.

Hertha Berlin defender Peter Niemeyer claims the incident was an accident, but many claim this TV footage suggests otherwise.

Niemeyer was playing in the second division Bundesliga game against Alemannia Aachen and after a ruling from ref Bibiana Steinhaus, says he went to pat her on the back.

But Steinhaus - who was refereeing her first live TV match - had stepped backwards meaning the player instead ended up cupping her left breast. He didn't end up scoring… the game ended 0-0.

When Katie Price recently claimed in court her poor driving was because she was a 'typical woman driver' - many couldn't believe she had pulled the sex card.

But according to a recent study, she's not the only one and 88% of women have used their gender to excuse their actions or avoid situations completely.

What's more, just over half (52%) of the 1,451 women polled, claim they do it regularly, and for a variety of reasons.

Problems parking the car are the top situation in which gender excuses are cites with 67% of women trying it on, followed by catching insects (56%).

Carrying heavy items (48%) cam next, then opening jars (40%). 35% also say they use gender to 'avoid confrontation' -- which could be harder after the results of this poll.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A cancer patient in the US claims she's experienced a miracle because she can see the face of Jesus in a MRRI scan she had. Admittedly curing the cancer would have been a better miracle. (Today's THV)

Divers in Austria are currently exploring a park which has flooded. Every summer Green Lake becomes submerged and divers get to swim through trees and past park benches. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

An Australian woman has been left in critical condition after a wallaby leaped out into a road and collided with her bike. (Aol Weird News)

A group of daredevils have abseiled into a live volcano and stood perilously close to boiling lava lake -- to perform heat suit mobility tests. (Asylum)

Amazing amounts of beer always gets consumed at Oktoberfest. But drinkers this year got through a record seven million litres, it's been claimed. (MyFox)

275x250.jpg Run for your lives, Piccadilly Circus has flooded, there's a shanty town encircling Buckingham Palace and camels are being used in the Horse Guard Parade.

Well not quite, but these are some of the nightmare possible futures faced by London according to artists Artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones.

The duo considered what London could become if global warming, food scarcity and rising sea levels were to spiral out of control and created the photomontages.

Other terrifying images include city skyscrapers housing climate change refugees and Parliament Square being put to work as a rice paddy… we know, the idea of work getting done in Parliament Square is hard to believe.

Four out of ten Brits have already started planning next year's summer holiday, a study has revealed.

Researchers polled 3,000 Brits about their holiday booking habits and found this week's heavy rain and autumn chill will have millions already thinking about their 2011 break.

Of the 40% who say they're already planning the holiday one third of those heading abroad will make their way to France or Spain.

But it might not take too much thinking about, the average family enjoy five holidays at the same location.

One in six families even visits the same resort ten times or more during their lifetime… perhaps confusing 'holiday' and 'home'.

Computer games where players control the action by swinging a remote control around are producing a unique brand of injuries, doctors claim.

Medics say using devices like the Nintendo Wii and the new Sony Playstation Move can lead to sprains in feet, shoulders and ankles.

Researchers from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia say there's a growing number of people admitted to hospital with games-console injuries each year.

But injuries are not limited to those overdoing it with their Wii -- many of the patients were to bystanders who had been clobbered by a swinging Wii-mote.

We are now wondering what game has caused the most injures. If you've come a cropper while Wii-ing let us know in the comments.

A photographer has taken some amazing video footage from 19 miles above the Earth - by attaching a camera and an iPhone to a balloon.

Luke Geissbuhler decided he wanted to take a look at the Earth from above without having to rely on the usual NASA equipment, so he built a miniature spacecraft. As you do.

The tiny ship featured a high-definition camera, an iPhone for tracking via GPS and was built to withstand the extreme conditions experienced travelling to the edge of space.

After eight months of fine tuning, the camera-ship was attached to a weather balloon and released from New York… with the obligatory countdown provided by his kids.

High-tech washing machines which contact users by EMAIL when the cycle is complete have been installed at a string of British universities.

Makers believe the digital launderettes will mean students no longer lug their dirty laundry to the washing block only to find all the machines in use.

The Laundryview machines, were first installed at Leeds University where students accessed a website to see if machines were free before taking their washing.

Students then load the machine as normal but later receive an email when their washing finished and ready to collect. The scheme have proved so successful it's now been installed at 28 universities.

However, we can't see how the new high-tech solution is any easier than waiting for the end of term and getting your mom to do it.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It's been claimed that an airport in Inner Mongolia has been forced to close in a bid to prevent  passenger jets from crashing into a UFO which was hovering above. (Telegraph)

Superwoman has been run over by a car in Brazil! Well okay, she might not really be Superwoman, but that's the only way we can think of to explain how anyone could have walked away from this accident suffering just minor injuries. (ABC Local)

A man has accidentally shot himself in the face while trying to target a skunk. Daniel McDaniels slipped while loading his .22-caliber rifle and shot through his right hand and into he cheek. (Metro)

Tourism bosses in Tasmania have come up with an unusual way to lure more visitors to travel there -- offers for Australians and Europeans to tour the prisons where their ancestors were incarcerated. (Aol Weird News)

A video of a homeless man performing an amazing puppet lip-sync to Under Pressure with two Kermit the frog puppets has become an online hit. How could it not. (Asylum)

Firefighters were called in to help rescue a clumsy cow which accidentally fell down a three metre well in Wiltshire and become trapped.

Emergency bosses say they were contacted after the 12-month-old bovine had fallen through the cover of the 10ft deep well and could not be easily recovered.

Luckily for the cow, she had somehow remained upright and the impact of the fall had been softened by the water at the bottom of the well meaning she was okay.

Vets used a ladder to climb down into the cramped space and sedate the cow before attaching ropes which were used by firefighters to lift her out with a JCB teleporter.

They then turned the hose reel jet on the dozy cow in a bid to wash the worst of the thick mud off… they say cats in trees are easier to deal with.

When a US congressman took his grandson to the House of Representatives, he probably expected the lad to be fascinated by watching his granddad speak.

Not everything went to plan. As this C-SPAN video shows the young boy wasn't quite as engaged as Ted Poe would have liked… in fact, he fell asleep.

Reports state the representative for Texas and former judge had taken his grandson on the floor to hear him speak about domestic violence.

But by the time it was his turn to stand, the boy was already dozing off and as he speaks his eyes can be seen slowly closing before his head falls to one side.

We think someone will be double checking theme-parks and ice cream are on offer next time granddad says "Do you want to do something fun today?"

275x250.jpg Five hundred people from around the world have gathered in Orlando to create the world's largest human body smiling face as part of celebrations for World Smile Day.

Wearing yellow and black ponchos the smilers stood shoulder-to-shoulder for ten minutes to create a familiar smiley face in the car park of NBA's Orlando Magic.

This meant that to anyone who happened to be passing overhead in a plane, they appeared as a 50ft diameter face,nearly the size of a basketball court.

However, not everyone was left grinning -- spare a thought for the 200 people who previously held the record and have now had the smiles wiped off their faces.

A footballer has received one of the strangest bookings in the history of the sport -- the ref gave him a card for pointing out a dead mole on the pitch.

Winger Sean Williams was playing for Cradley Town in a recent game against  midlands rivals Shawbury United when he noticed something odd on the pitch.

After taking a closer look and realising it was a dead mole, the 28-year-old tried to get the attention of the ref and have the mole removed.

But the referee thought the player was contesting an earlier offside decision and issued him a yellow card for dissent.

It wasn't until half-time the ref realised his error, apologised and had the mole taken from the pitch … he is now bracing himself for a few choice 'blind' chants next weekend.

The secret to a happy life is a six hours sleep a night, a 20 minute commute and two hours a day playing with the kids, a study has found.

Experts examined the lifestyles of 4,000 adults and asked them to rate their level of happiness on a scale of one to five.

It was found those who were happiest in life work just over seven hours a day, enjoy five cooked meals a week and jet off on two holidays a year.

They also head out once a week with mates, watch three episodes of their favourite soap and exercise four times a week.

Happy people also enjoyed almost four hours with their husband or wife… yes, many of the happiest people were married. Surprising isn't it?

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A photographer showed ultimate professionalism at the Ryder Cup when a stray ball from Tiger Woods came flying at his £4,700 camera and lens… and he kept shooting. (Daily Mail)

Officers in New York have seized a pet alligator from a liquor store after shoppers noticed the 3ft long illegal animal. (Aol Weird News)

A stunt cyclist has travelled up 48 flights of stairs on his bike. We don't know why he did it, but it's hard not to be impressed. (Asylum)

It's normally detrimental to your health to be a smoker. But not for a US man was saved by the Zippo lighter in his pocket when a burglar shot him. (Q13 Fox)

Members of Team England winning gold at the Commonwealth Games will hear Jerusalem being played -- but the official victory anthem could have been the Birdie Song if some athletes had got their way. (Mirror)

275x250.jpg iPhone users love downloading apps, they can't get enough of them and often claim there is one for almost every possible situation.

But authors have created a book in which they detail funny apps they think SHOULD exist -- like iGopoo, an app which tells you when you need the loo.

In iTwits, Fintan Coyle and Dan Louw outline a host of possible humorous apps and each is presented like they would be in the Apple App store complete with  screenshots.

Out favourite fictional app is 'Sniff Tester' which allows you to point your phone at underwear, to see if it has got one more day's use in it. Not that we would use it, you understand.

A man left staff at a McDonald's in Swansea more than a little bemused when he made a late night stop at their drive-thru… on a horse.

The unnamed man - who has been dubbed 'the horseman of the Happy Meal' - had calmly trotted up to the window of the McDonald's drive-thru.

Filmed by a group of guys, who appear to have enjoyed a night out, he then placed his order before making his way to the second window to collect his food.

Interestingly, staff act like this sort of thing happens every day and paused only briefly to compliment the rider-diner on his stallion before he rode off into the distance.

For those of you who were wondering he ordered a Big Mac and fries… well horses don't come with a drinks-holder do they.

Motorists are less likely to let white vans pull out at junctions than any other vehicle, a study has revealed.

While nine out of ten drivers regularly give the nod to cars waiting to join queueing traffic, one in three said they would ignore a white man van.

Nearly half the 3,000 drivers polled said they examined a car's make and model before deciding whether to give way.

Other vehicles which have less chance of being let out emerged as BMW 3 Series, X Series and Z Series.

Audi TTs, Ferraris and Lamborghini Diablos also have little or no chance of being waved through… not that drivers will complain about sitting in those cars for an extra few minutes.

A 'miracle cream' which it's claimed can increase a woman's boobs by half a cup size goes on sale in the UK today.

The £125 'Boob job' gel promises to plump, firm and lift boobs by as much as 2.5cm if applied daily for 56 days.

Makers Rodial claim it works by blocking fat cells as they travel round the body, increasing a woman's bust size.

Celebrity fans of the gel are said to include Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Victoria Beckham and Kelly Brook.

Before you ask, no, we don't think Scarlett Johansson will need to take you up on your kind offer of rubbing it in for her.

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

We've all had left-over pizza for breakfast. But would you order a fresh one with eggs and bacon? Domino's thinks so. (Aol Weird News)

Some people see a dune buggy and can't help but imagine themselves hurtling around a beach, pretending to be Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair… others just want to decorate them with diamonds and gold. (ITN) (YouTube)

A Russian firm has announced plans to open a four-room guest house in space by 2016. They say it will offer wealthy space tourists a more comfortable stay than the ISS. (BBC)

The annual bizarre science awards the Ig Nobel Prize have been announced including a study into fellatio in fruit bats and the discovery that symptoms of asthma can be treated with a roller-coaster ride. (Asylum)

A pig in China has become a local celebrity after learning to walk on two legs. Zhu Jianqiang was born with only his two front legs. (Telegraph)

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