Samurai sword umbrella prompts panic on campus

275x250.jpgArmed police were called to investigate a student in Atlanta who'd been seen carrying a Samurai sword… which turned out to be an umbrella.

Officers were put on alert when a man was spotted wearing his umbrella - which has an authentic samurai sword handle - on his back and entering a building.

A SWAT team was dispatched to the college campus and, fearing a loopy student going on a sword rampage, the residence building was quickly evacuated.

But the student had already left (without the brolly) and it was only when he returned to show the heavily armed cops the umbrella, they believed him.

The umbrella, which is now being sold with a "May incite SWAT teams" warning, has now been banned on the campus.
Writing to ThinkGeek, where the Samurai sword umbrella was bought, the man's girlfriend said: "When my boyfriend arrived, the officer questioned him about the umbrella.

"He was then told to sit in the chair across from me, and another officer with a big gun was told to stand over my boyfriend.

"Two police officers escorted my hall director up the stairs to retrieve the "artifact in question."

"After a couple more minutes they came back down. The officer was carrying the umbrella.

"He then unsheathed the "artifact in question" and popped it open. Another officer said, "We're done here."

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