50,000 bees trapped US cop in car for 3 hours

A police officer in the US was trapped in his squad car for more than three hours when 50,000 bees landed on the vehicle.

Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Jenkins had been called to a broken down lorry in North Carolina in the early hours of the morning.

However, when he got there he found the cargo - 60 boxes of bees had escaped - and as he approached they all swarmed towards him.

The officer ran back towards his car and managed to get inside but the thousands of bees proceeded to land on his car trapping him inside and forcing him to call for help.

He probably asked for a 'swat' team to come and free him in a 'sting' operation. 
The force arranged for two beekeepers to attend the scene and use smoke and a sugar water strap to move the bees back into containers.
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