Masked robbers learn not to pick on geek gamers

A gang of robbers have found out the hard way that you can only push a geek gamer so far… trying to take his Nintendo DS.

The would-be robbers had stormed into a Hawaii gaming cafe and assaulted staff before making demands for cash from gamers.

And the robbery was all going to plan - with people begrudgingly handing over their money - until one of the raiders told a game fan to give him his Nintendo DS.

The irate gamer reacted like he'd just received a power-up and struck back, first by charging at the crook fists swinging, and pulling him to the ground.

At that point other members of the gang fled… probably to go back home and play GTA where it's a bit easier to get away with a crime.
Police say that three teenagers were caught a block away and arrested.

Hawaii Police    
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