Dutch brewery produces world's strongest beer

275x250.jpgA Dutch brewer has revealed what they claim is the world's strongest beer -- with a whopping 60%ABV.

That's even stronger than 'The End of History' by Scottish firm BrewDog, which was named the world's strongest beer with 55%ABV just seven days ago.

Brewery 't Koelschip say their new "Start the Future" beer is so strong because because of the way it's brewed in three parts and later combined.

Initially they say they will produce just 50 litres of the strong stuff, which will be sold for £29 per 330ml bottle.

However they warn would-be drinkers the brew should not be consumed like a 'normal' beer and instead treated more like a spirit. Yes, they've heard about you. 
A spokesperson for 't Koelschip said: "Start the Future is a heavy alcoholic beverage made from ingredients with water, malt, hops and yeast.

"It should be drunk from a small glass and not from a regular beer glass."

Brewery 't Koelschip  
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