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275x250.jpg A movie buff and petrol-head has spent the past 25 years (and presumably a lot of money) building up an ultimate collection of movie motors.

Mark Perkins owns cars including the Batmobile, James Bond's Aston Martin, The Ghostbusters 'Ectomobile' and Starsky and Hutch's Ford Torino.

Insured for £500,000 the collection - stored in the basement of of his home in Ascot - mixes original vehicles used in films and TV shows with exact replicas.

The 47-year-old say he gets great enjoyment out of owning the odd cars -- and loves seeing the look on peoples faces when he nips to the local drive-thru in the Flintstones car.
275x250.jpg 275x250.jpg Speaking of his collection, Mark said: "I have been doing it for more than 20 years now and have got a nice collection of vehicles which I store in my basement, but I am starting to run out of room.

"It's all right to have a Ferrari or a Bentley but it's not my cup of tea. Classic cars from films and unusual things are my hobby."

Original vehicles include  Del Boy's Reliant Regal van, The Flintstones car, Batman motorcycle, Mr Bean's Mini, Starsky and Hutch's Ford Torino and 007's Aston Martin from the film Goldfinger.  

Alongside these are exact replicas of Ghostbusters' cadillac style limo and Noddy's Toyland car.

275x250.jpg 275x250.jpg 275x250.jpg But the property developer is running out of space and has decided to to part with his prized Batmobile, which he bought in 1988.

Based on a Lincoln Continental chassis it was built to a similar specification as the original car in the sixties and when it goes under the hammer on June 2 in Surrey it's expected to fetch in the region of £40,000.

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