Christmas lights cause 440,000 road accidents

275x250.jpg Residential Christmas light displays are responsible for nearly half a million road accidents each year, it has been claimed.

Experts claim that as many as 73 percent of drivers get distracted by houses with brash light displays - which can sometimes look like a seasonal version of Las Vegas.

As a result they say 2 million drivers have had a near miss, and that 440,000 have actually crashed their vehicles as a direct result of staring at dazzling illuminations.

So if you do insist on having that giant inflatable and illuminated Santa in your garden, leave a space for the couple of crashed Volvos which will end up in there too.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for MoreThan - which also compiled a list of the top ‘accident bright-spots’ - said: "Outlandish Christmas light displays are becoming more and more prevalent in the UK, but as our research shows, motorists need to be extremely careful when looking at them whilst driving.

"Our advice to people is that if you want to take in the festive light shows this year then pull over, stop the car, and observe by foot."

Top 10 Accident Bright-Spots

1. Lower Morden Lane, Morden, Surrey
2. Churchmoor Lane, Arnold, Nottingham
3. Croxteth Park Estate, Craven Lea, Liverpool
4. Squirrel Close, Huntington, Cannock
5. Crindledyke Estate, Kingstown, Cumbria
6. Firwood Lane, Tongue Moor, Bolton
7. Savoy Road, Brislington, Bristol
8. Trinity Close, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset
9. Longford Road, Melksham, Wiltshire
10. Skelton Road, Diss, Norfolk

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