Man throws away £10,000 in busy London street

275x250.jpgAn internet boss has given away around £10,000 for Christmas -- by throwing wads of cash into a busy London shopping street.

Bertrand Bodson of - an online community for daring and bragging - was challenged to give away the cash by users of his site. And he did.

Perched in a window above Carnaby Street in London earlier this week, he started throwing banknotes down onto unsuspecting shoppers and users of the site who had been warned in advance.

But as shoppers went crazy grabbing at the cash, they realised that mixed in with the £10,000 were some fake £6 notes… we guess Bodson needed something to make him smile as he threw money away.

Alice Young, PA for a Soho salon, said "I didn't think they would actually do it again - I work just around the corner, so thought i'd go and have a look in my break - and ended up coming back with £110! I couldn't believe my luck."

"It’s incredible how fast so much cash can go. A little gesture, but merry Christmas to all," said Bodson.

"We saw some people at the end who had got hundreds of pounds. There was even a guy who came with a fishing net as you can see on the video."

Last year Bodson gave away £10,000 by projecting an image of his credit card on walls around London and telling passers-by they could use the details to buy anything they wanted.

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