Odd foreign laws every tourist should know

275x250.jpgSome of the odd and downright weird laws holiday makers should be aware of, have been published in a new guide.

Did you know there are places where it is illegal to not have your swimsuit inspected by the police, carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket (on a Sunday) or sing whilst wearing swimming trunks?

Experts are now warning that - while many of these laws are not enforced - travelers should be aware of them, so they don't end up behind bars for an odd misdemeanor.

Recently a British mother got arrested in Phuket for stealing a beer coaster and a couple were arrested in Malaysia just for holding hands in public.

Other odd rules in the guide include somewhere it is illegal not to smile or flush the loo after 10pm.
Odd laws for tourists

Milan - It is a legal requirement to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits
Massachusetts - Taxi drivers are prohibitedfrom making love in the front seat of the car during their shifts.
Denmark - People are legally obliged to honk the horn and check for small children underneath the car.
Thailand -  It is illegal for anyone to leave a building without wearing their pants
Michigan - Anyone bathing in public must have their swim suit inspected by a police officer.
Florida - Any unmarried woman who parachutes on a Sunday could be jailed.
Florida - Singing while wearing a cossie is strictly prohibited.
Portugal - It is unlawful to urinate in the sea
Hong Kong -  A betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill the mistress in any manner desired or kill the cheating husband with her bare hands.
Switzerland - Flushing the loo after 10pm is illegal.

A spokesperson for sunshine.co.uk who have produced the guide said: "We aren't sure how serious these countries are when it comes to prosecuting on the above.

"But it's quite mind boggling trying to figure out why there was ever a need to have a law against carrying an ice cream cone in your back pocket on a Sunday or looking at a moose from an airplane!

"All jokes aside, we are very committed to reassuring our customers about the rules and regulations of their chosen destinations and we welcome the enquiries from Brits predominantly visiting locations like Dubai, Turkey and Egypt."

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