Miniature pig and giant rabbit become friends

200x190.jpgA miniature pig called William has found an unusual friend in a giant white rabbit.

The pair have become best buddies at Pennywell Farm in Devon and spend most of their time together.

Bosses at the farm attraction say the friendship developed after ten-week-old William was moved into a pen next to the rabbits.

He instantly took a shine to floppy-eared Charles - who is double his size -  and now whenever they are let out, he follows him around.
200x190.jpgChris Murray of Pennywell Farm said: "To keep William the miniature pig happy, he is given time out on the grass.

"When they are out Charles heads for a quiet spot in the sun and William seeks him out and tries to play with him.

"The cheeky  piglet seems to have no fear of something so much bigger than he is and he will also help himself to any food that Charles has.

"William is far keener on the friendship than Charles but Charles is tolerant, even when his food gets taken"

William will eventually grow to the size of a springer spaniel, which wilhe small for a pig is two or three times the size of Charles.

Pennywell Farm Activity Centre 
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