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Nailympics: Hands-down the oddest contest

275x250.jpg Hundreds of manicurists have battled it out in an odd annual event where they are judged on the quality of their fake nails.

The Nailympics 2010 saw teams from 24 countries compete in events ranging from nail sculpture and fantasy nail art to nail embellishment.

Some of the entries even saw intricate sculptures and figurines attached to the nails of contestants.

Competitors say the elaborate faux nails show amazing quality of a nail technician's craft… and mean they never get asked to do the washing up.

275x250.jpg More than a hundred of the world's fastest waiters have taken part in an annual race where they run with laden trays.

The waiters made their way around a 1.5 mile course in a Brussels park while trying not to spill the glasses of Pineau Charente they were carrying.

The first person to finish while still having three full glasses of the French aperitif was named the winner -- this time the honour went to David Bohne, 25, from Brussels, who also won last year.

The race is now in its 23rd year… but the service at our local is still as bad as it has ever been.

69 Mexican cowboys have set a new world record for simultaneous lassoing, by all swinging their ropes for three minutes.

The charros (Mexican cowboys) made the record bid during the 17th annual International Mariachi and Charreria festival in Guadalajara.

Each with a marked-out area of the stadium they twirled and swung their lassos as best they could while  an adjudicator from Guinness World Records watched on.

At the end he verified they had beaten the previous record of of a meagre  23 simultaneous lassos.

Organisers hope the record will encourage more people to take up the rope-swinging activity… though you may want to check you have room first.

275x250.jpg Hundreds of Russians have competed in a bizarre race where they had to ride inflatable sex dolls down the Vuoksa River.

Now in its eighth year, the Bubble Baba Challenge sees brave men and women jump into the icy water and swim the length of the course.

All contestants are over 16 and are tested for alcohol before the event which takes around three minutes… with the assistance of an inflatable friend.

Organisers say the race was originally conceived as a drunken idea at a party where very few women arrived but the men still hit the vodka… we never would have guessed.

275x250.jpgFor the second year running Dan Brown, who wrote The Da Vinci Code, has been named as the author most donated to charity shops.

An annual survey of almost 700 Oxfam stores found that there were more unwanted copies of his books than any other author.

The charity stores are said to have countless copies of his books which include, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol.

Ian Rankin’s books were the second most donated, followed by Patricia Cornwell and Alexander McCall Smith .

Other writers with the dubious honour of making the top ten unwanted authors include, JK Rowling, John Grisham and Jeremy Clarkson -- who we didn't even know could read.

275x250.jpg A new speed record has been set at the World Bog Snorkelling Championships... after the bogs were cleaned for the first time in ten years.

More than 150 competitors from around the world had attended the event - now in it's 25th year - near Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, to take part.

Once there they had to see how long it took to complete the 110 metre course by swimming two lengths of the murky - and still very muddy - trench.

Organisers said they'd anticipated fast times as the trenches had recently been cleaned but couldn't believe how much faster it was… we can't believe how murky the bog must have been last year.

275x250.jpg A chef from Texas is set to become a hero to beer and fried-food loving men everywhere... after creating a recipe for deep-fried beer.

Mark Zable says he came up with the idea while sitting in a bar (where else?) and being bored by the majority of items on the menu.

Zable then tried countless ways of frying beer including using liquid nitrogen to freeze it before covering it in batter and submerging it in hot oil.

But it was only after three-years of trial and error he worked out beer could be placed in a ravioli-like pocket of pretzel dough and flash fried for about 20 seconds… personally we can't think of a better way of spending three years.

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