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275x250.jpgAnother week, another bizarre Christmas inspired race. This time there were no pantomime horses and few Santas… but plenty of people carrying Christmas puddings.

As part of the 29th annual Great Christmas Pudding Race, runners - each carrying a Christmas pudding on a tray - had to negotiate an obstacle course in London's Covent Garden.

While they made their way around the inflatable course, the teams of six people were sprayed with foam by members of the crowd.

If that wasn't odd enough the 'festive' fancy dress included Medieval knights, cowboys, assorted animals and even a team of Ozzy Osbornes.

275x250.jpgIf you have an unwanted tattoo with an embarrassing back story, we want to see it and hear about it - and you could even the offending tattoo removed.

Entries are currently open for "Tatts Off 2010" a competition the find the UKs worst and most unwanted tattoos.

Judges will look at photos of the tats and then based on the story behind them and why they want to get rid of them, pick two winners to have them removed naturally, for free.

Suggested reasons for getting rid of your tattoos are the break-up of a relationship, a new start in life or because you found out that doesn't really say "strong" in Chinese.

So now could be the ideal time to come clean about why you had that tattoo of a dolphin jumping over a rainbow on your back … right Dave?

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