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Some YouTube videos need a lot of explaining… but for others all you need to say is: "Here's a penguin fetching a newspaper." This is one of those.

Runaway golf cart mows down football coach

An American football coach and several supporters were ploughed down by a runaway electric golf cart as he celebrated a championship win.

The bizarre accident happened at the end of the high school championship football game between Spring Dekaney and Cibolo Steele at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

Willie Amendola had been giving an interview to reporters when the runaway cart shot across the field and hit him from behind.

A stadium worker then managed to jump on board and turn the engine off as it carried the bemused Spring Dekaney head coach.

Type in "let it snow" into a Google search this Christmas and you'll be treated to bit of festive fun from the internet giant.

After hitting the enter button snowflakes will start to fall from the top of your screen and slowly begin to cover the search results in snow.

Users can then use their mouse cursor to manually brush off some of snow or hit a 'Defrost' button to fully clear the screen.

For some other Google easter eggs, try typing "Do a barrel roll" or "Hanukkah" into the famous search screen.

We'll be honest, we don't know what this TV interview is about. But as soon as you hit play you'll realise that doesn't matter.

That's because shortly into the TV chat, a randy camel muscles into view and takes an instant shine to one of the interviewees.

After nuzzling the man's head, the hrony camel chases him away from the camera and tried to mount him. The man was eventually forced to seek refuge in a nearby car.

Of all the things we expected to see go viral today, a quick-tongued lizard playing a game on a smartphone wasn't one of them.

But what do we know, because this video of a Bearded Dragon lizard licking virtual ants in the Ant Smasher game, is fast becoming an online hit.

The powerful-tongued creature even racks up an impressive score as he lashes out at the digital ants on the screen and has been praised by online commenters.

So far around 1.5 million people have watched the 57-second clip and it's expected to have encouraged some people to buy a Bearded Dragon of their own… which is a bit excessive just to get a high score.

275x250.jpg A cheeky seal pup has wandered into a house in New Zealand and made himself at home... by chilling on the sofa.

Video footage shows the moments after Annette Swoffer was gobsmacked to find the creature in her home in the coastal town of Tauranga.

It's thought the seal had travelled from the nearby harbour, across a road, up a driveway, through a cat door and into the property owner's lounge.

Experts say the NZ fur seals are believed to be breeding on Motunau Island, which is approximately 12km offshore and at it's not unusual for weaned pups to wander into odd places.

DOC marine mammal expert Laura Boren said: ""They commonly go up streams, into people's gardens and so on but this is the first I'd heard of one going into a house.

275x250.jpg It's not uncommon for hotel visitors to try stealing a robe from their room -- but a hotel chain in Australia is setting their guests a bigger challenge.

Art Series Hotels are hiding a $15,000 Banksy in one of their Hotels and telling guests that if they can steal it without getting caught, they can keep it.

A spokesperson for the hotels said: "The $15,000 masterpiece is one of just a handful of signed and authenticated Banksy's available in Australia. Find it, as it does the rounds of our hotels, and it could be yours...

The artwork "No Ball Games" will hang in a corridor in one of their hotels for 30 days from today… unless someone get it sooner.

A US police officer has been left red-faced after accidentally crashing his patrol car UP a utility pole.

The cop had been driving in Miami when he became distracted and somehow managed to drive onto a telephone wire.

This meant the vehicle rode on to the tension rod of this pole -- rather than the pole itself -- until it was at a 45-degree angle.

While he managed to escape the accident without physical injury, his pride was a little dented -- he had to wait for emergency workers to free him.

Stephen Conroy is the politician in charge of television and radio broadcast standards Australia -- which is what makes this clip so funny.

You see the blundering minister recently blurted out the F-word while addressing the National Press Club in Canberra, which was being broadcast on live TV.

"I love the debate about sovereign risk," he said. "If a tax goes up, God, that is sovereign risk. But if a tax goes down, F--king fantastic," he said.

Realising his gaffe, a red-faced Conroy added "Excuse me." 

It's not everyday you get to see a bear with impeccable manners -- but it could be from now on if you keep coming back here.

That's because this video shows the moment a bear at a wildlife reserve in the US waved at a girl as she drives past.

Sitting in his enclosure at Olympic Game Farm in Washington, the huge Kodiak bear has presumably been waved at by more than a few children.

Well, it appears he'd been paying attention, because as the girl waves goodbye he picks up a paw and waves right back.

A bizarre police chase in the US came to an even more bizarre end when a naked robber was apprehended by a police dog.

The man has reportedly stolen a stretch Hummer in California and proceeded to take police an wild chase around a residential neighbourhood.

Then all of a sudden the man jumped from the ludicrous vehicle and made a run for it -- while stark naked. As this footage from a police helicopter shows.

He was then chased (and tackled) by a police dog and while he tried to shrug it off, the dog was having none of it and brought him to the ground.

Ever wondered what a cheerleading routine looks like from the perspective of a cheerleader?

No, neither had we, but we're glad someone thought it would be interesting enough to strap a video camera to the head of a cheerleader before she did her thing.

The resulting footage shows how a Louisiana State University cheerleader experienced being flipped and spun around ahead of a recent game against Arkansas.

It's clear to see how difficult and demanding the stunts are to perform and while While only her legs, and occasionally arms, can be seen the cheerleader has already won a series on online fans… one or two of who might not be too creepy.

It can be annoying if you can't find a parking space big enough for your car, but little things like that don't bother this New York driver.

That's because his can-do attitude saw him put on a virtuoso display of parallel parking and squeeze into a space barely bigger than his vehicle.

Caught on CCTV the driver can be seen repeatedly inching forward and backwards to get his silver Honda Acura into the spot in Brooklyn.

And then he had to do it all again a couple of hours later when he wanted to leave.

275x250.jpg Police in the US are on the hunt for Chewbacca after the Star Wars character was involved in a shooting in Palm Beach last week.

Well more precisely they're looking for a man who wore a Chewbacca mask during a shooting incident.

Cops say the Wookie-face-wearing man was the passenger in a car which pulled up outside a house before the occupants opened fire.

It's thought the attack was a gang related incident but police say two of the men who were arrested (only the Wookie escaped) were extremely uncooperative.

For the record, neither of the other men were dressed as Star Wars characters.

Okay so it's not exactly 'Jesus Christ, Fenton' but this video of a Scottish weather-watcher shouting 'Oh my God, Trampoline!' is certainly up there.

The clip, shot during the gale-force storms of last week, sees a cameraman being shocked as he watches a kids’ garden trampoline blow past his window.

“Oh my God! Trampoline! Trampoline! Oh my God!” more than a million internet viewers have heard him scream in the 13 second clip.

One commenter said: "That’s the first time he’s seen a trampoline in the wild,"  while another added the probing insight: "I like the way he shout oh my god trampoline."

MythBusters is a US TV show where the hosts perform scientific experiments to prove or disprove commonly-held misconceptions or myths… usually.

But the hit Discovery Channel show took an unusual turn recently, when they accidentally shot a cannonball into a home in California.

The team, lead by special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, were measuring the speed of projectiles fired from a cannon when a cannonball missed the target.

The errant cannonball instead bounced off a hillside and shot through the wall of a house, hit the roof of another and smashed into a van.

Some people want to swim with dolphins, but for others that's not enough and they want to swim 'like' dolphins... and for those people there's the Flyboard Jetpack.

Created by Franky Zapata, the Flyboard Jetpack is a bizarre device which users strap onto their feet and is connected to a jetski via a huge hose.

They then hold a pair of hand-guided nozzles which are used to stabilise the flight as water is blasted out letting the user fly like a bird hovering above the water, or swim like a dolphin.

As this video shows, the £4,500 Flyboard (you'll also need a jet-ski to attach it to) allows users to pull a series of impressive stunts… and presumably have some impressive wipeouts while learning to master it.

If there is one thing the internet loves it's cats, if there's another it's dare-devils -- which is why Espen Fadnes is set to become an online hit.

The Norwegian extreme sport fan has just released a video showing him hurl himself off cliffs wearing a wingsuit and proceeding to 'fly' at 155mph.

After jumping from the top of the cliff Fadnes rockets through a gorge in Stryn, Norway almost smashing into a cliff face as he descends from 1240 metres.

Then, when the time is right he opens his parachute and makes a calm landing like he does this sort of thing everyday -- though he probably does, in 2010 he took the title at World BASE Race in Infijorden, Norway.

Can't decide whether to go and sit on a bar stool at your local or go water-skiing? Why not do both!

This intrepid water sports fan from Missouri opted to combine his love of sitting at the pub and zipping across lakes at high speed.

After attaching the wooden bar stool to the back of a speed boat the  man was towed along as he held on to it.

He then jumped up and sat on the speeding bar stool, before performing a series of stunts including standing on top off the seat and spinning 360°.

Dog owners are usually forced to battle their pooch when it comes to bath time, most simply don't like the experience -- Casper however, appears to love the water.

In fact, the adorable Labrador Retriever likes being bathed so much that a video of him enjoying a soak in the family tub has become a hit on YouTube.

The clip 'Casper the bath loving dog', which shows owner Chris rubbing Casper's soapy belly as the dog lies in the bath, has already been viewed more than 250,000 times.

It's also made Casper -- who seems in his element with just his snout and paws sticking up from the water -- something of a star and has been featured on US TV shows.

It was meant to be a special moment for children with Santa making an impressive entrance at a shopping centre in Florida.

But it didn't quite turn out that way, because as Father Christmas descended on a rope, he fumbled and got tangled in it.

After initially struggling to get going, the rope rappelling equipment got caught on his faux beard and red hat.

This meant he was left suspended mid-air for about three minutes as children (and the occasional elf) watched on. Maybe he's more used to chimneys.

The dad of French rugby international Imanol Harinordoquy ran onto the pitch during a match in France's top division -- in a bizarre bid to defend his son.

Harinordoquy's father was worried his 6ft 3in and 17st son was taking a beating during the Basque derby clash between Biarritz and Bayonne.

So after running down from the stands, he charged onto the pitch and faced up to the player his son had earier been involved in a punch-up with.

However, his stand didn't last long -- he was tackled him to the ground by Bayonne fly-half Benjamin Boyet.

We all know that when you hear a fire alarm, you're meant to drop what you are doing and calmly exit the building in an orderly manner.

But not NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams, when a alarm and siren sounded while he was delivering the news, he just carried on with what he was doing.

So as viewers heard the ringing and a fire alarm announcement, he continued talking about American Airlines' bankruptcy protection application.

Before passing coverage to the NBC Washington studio, he said: "You'll forgive us, we have a fire alarm announcement going on in the studio." 

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you sat in an office swivel chair, held a high-powered leaf blower and flicked the on switch?

No, neither have we. But the internet being the internet we all knew it was only a matter of time until someone did… and here they are.

After setting themselves up in a garage, Tad Sieber and Mike Brubaker put it too the test by strapping on the leaf blower, sitting down and starting the engine.

The result is that the dumb guinea pig spins around as the engine whirs… and then is inevitably thrown to the ground, collecting thousands on YouTube views in the process.

A video of two idiot motorists racing each other drag race style at a set of traffic lights (and failing miserably) has become an online hit.

Filmed by another driver -- who says he had a feeling something bad was going to happen -- the action happened in The Woodlands, Houston.

Gerod Rush said he watched the drivers of the C5 Corvette and C6 Corvette rev their engines before speeding away as the lights turned green.

Then, as they headed off into the distance at 60mph one swerved into the other and both cars were sent crashing into nearby trees. Oops.

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