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275x250.jpgIt's safe to say that Don Gorske enjoys a good burger, or to be more precise, it's safe to say he is a fan of the Big Mac.

We know this because the McDonald's fan just ate his 25,000th. That's right 25,000 Big Macs since he first sunk his choppers into one 39 years ago.

Thought to have eaten more Big Macs than anyone else on the planet, the 59-year-old says he can't get enough of the two patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions all on a sesame seed bun.

Gorske ate his first ever Big Mac on May 17, 1972 and was so taken with the taste he ate nine that day alone.

Since then he's tucked into at least one on most days - he's only had eight Big Mac free days - and despite his slim figure, consumed a whopping 13.5 millions calories.

A drunk driver in Russia had so much to drink he tried to trick police into thinking he was making an important phone call using a packet of cigarettes.

When he was pulled over for driving erratically, the boozed-up motorist proceeded to make a phone call in which he asked if his father was on duty.

He then told the person he was speaking to, to "just deal with the situation" in the seemingly influential call.

And it might have worked and persuaded cops to go easy on him… if he hadn't been so drunk he'd just spent a couple of minutes having a chat with a packet of cigarettes.

As such the officers could barely contain their laughter in the video which is currently going viral on YouTube.

We've seen some fairly odd products, but brain wave controlled emotion indicating fluffy cat ears for humans, have got to by up there as some of the most bizarre.

Japanese firm Neurowear say their odd 'Necomimi' ears are a great way to exhibit your innermost feelings and could become a vital communication tool.

Using a sensor which is worn on the forehead, the ears - due to gon on sale later this year - are said to respond to the wearer’s emotions and change their shape.

If the user is sad, the ears will apparently flop down, if they're amused the ears will wiggle but if the wearer is tired the ears go flat… we don't know what they do if you are confused by seeing people with ears.

275x250.jpg This unlucky motorist seems to have paid the ultimate price for making the error of telling his partner she wasn't as attractive as Pippa Middleton.

The red-faced driver of the Peugeot 206, was caught on camera driving through Birmingham with 'Is Pippa's Bum Still Better Than Mine???' daubed across the side of it in white paint.

It appears the scorned woman took revenge on the unknown man, who looks to have made the mistake of expressing his admiration for the royal maid of honour's most talked about asset, her bottom.

The scruffy message was painted in bright white letters down the passenger side of the blue vehicle which was spotted on Wednesday afternoon… onlookers said they thought the driver had received a bum deal.

We've never had the desire to make our morning shave any more dangerous - given our bleary-eyed state it's often perilous enough - but Mikhail Nadimov obviously finds shaving boring.

That's because he recently took extreme shaving to a new level when a pal gave him a shave… with a razor attached to a flying helicopter. Yes you read that correctly.

And even though his mate, Sergey Piskunov, is a skilled helicopter pilot who'd just been showing off his aeronautical ability by manipulating his chopper to open a bottle, we're not sure we'd have been so brave.

Just ssk yourself this, would you trust a friend to shave you... even if it didn't involve blades attached to a helicopter?

A rollerblader who set off a speed camera by racing down a road at more than 40mph is sure to confuse people reviewing images from the Gatso camera.

Prankster and professional in-line skater Sam Tuffnell recently decided to see if he could build up enough speed to trigger a speed camera in Hastings.

So the 28-year-old got pals to film him speeding along the downhill road past the camera in a bid to trigger the flash which is normally the bane of drivers.

And on his fourth attempt - after reaching an estimated 40mph - the camera was activated, meaning camera control centre staff could soon be scratching their heads wondering what happened.

It probably didn't escape your notice that there was the little matter of a certain  royal wedding on Friday.

But while most people were talking about the dress or the kiss, the event of the day as far as we were concerned was the cartwheeling vicar.

Well after the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton had taken place and some 1,900 guests had left Westminster Abbey, one clergyman couldn't contain his excitement.

Thinking the TV cameras had been turned off, the verger proceeded to cartwheel along the red carpet-lined aisle of the abbey… later finding the cameras were still rolling and he'd become a YouTube star.

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